Monday, February 1, 2016

Fall on the First of February.

I'm desperate for snow. Somehow my area of upstate was over the cutoff for the big nor'easter that hit downstate a few weeks ago. I had been waiting to photograph (or even wear) this cape/coat in the snow, since I love a big fur collar in snow! But it's not happening and I need to hop on my blog photo opportunities when I can. 

Even if that means posting images where all the branches and bracken behind me are in focus but I'm not because I have yet to order a remote. It's fine I'm just being extra authentic in posting my mistakes, or something?

Coat: Laura's Vintage, Shoes: Bass Outlet circa 2014, Hat: J. Crew (old), Pin: Vintage, Bag: Coach, Socks: J. Crew

This is the last piece of outerwear I am allowed to purchase for a long while. I love jackets and coats, and as a vintage collector they are sort of everywhere--stronger materials, not worn as much, you know the drill--but really good ones? They're extra good. This one showed up at Laura's Vintage while I was there on a little shopping trip, just stopping in before a dinner and movie date, I think my boyfriend saw my eyes light up with want. It worked out--he had gotten me a gift certificate I didn't know about then for Christmas, so I was able to make this beauty mine shortly after.

I haven't worn it until today though. It's heavy, with that nice collar, but it doesn't actually have sleeves which is kind of a problem in a part of the Northeast where close two or below zero happens on the regular. I already can't wait for next fall though to wear it in the changing leaves! If it does snow though I can pretend to be an alternate-universe 1960s style member of the Stark family (book vibes, I'm still praying to the old gods and the new that the show gets axed).

I've got one more cape to photograph (and let's be honest, to wear in public) before the season is over, so maybe this is my winter of capes? The next one is decidedly more Fellowship leaning, so I suppose this one is my toe-in-the-water to normal daily cape wearing.