Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blogging Apathy.

I have plans to do some actual blogging/writing about my feelings/thoughts on the blogger subject lately, for a few months now, but when the time comes I somehow can't be bothered. Mostly I don't feel that I have a space in it anymore, or at least not in the same way, but I also don't want to stop doing it. I like snapping a few shots of an outfit here or there, but it's kind of hard not to feel like I should be making some of it, or that I'm holding on to some weird internet space that doesn't really exist in the same way anymore.

Dress: vintage from jessjamesjake on etsy, Sweater: vintage L.L. Bean thrifted, Shoes: vintage from allencompanyon etsy, Bag: J. Crew (current season)

I also like, kind of don't care? That a lot of people seem to have moved on from it, or that it's a whole new animal now. Maybe I'll just keep doing this funny little thing. 

I've always liked to record things in a somewhat public fashion--blame it on those early days on livejournal. It's nice to have a record of things. My skin is changing, I'm trying to grow my hair out, rewriting resumes, trying to work on little creative projects, reading old favorite books. It's that all the usual while starting to look for change kind of thing happening around here. 

I'm not certain how to uh, style myself lately? I'm constantly switching between a messy layered mess of sweaters and leggings and clothes appropriate for doing something messy, and a pretty polished made-up look. I can't decide if I want milky pastels or darker things, I have days where I absolutely can't deal with vintage and others when I'm totally obsessed with it.

I picked up this dress from Jess over the summer, because I'm a sucker for a dark floral, before she even got it into the shop. It's one of those really good 1970s Young Edwardian dresses I always hope to find in a Salvation Army somewhere and never, ever do. She did though so, I'm lucky enough that way! The sweater is a bit old, I'm not sure how much life it's got left in it but I like it's bulky, itchy character. I didn't realize how terrible it smelled of mothballs till I got it home (one of those, when surrounded by old stuff problems) and away from it's dusty environment. A nice little sun bath, and an actual spray bath of various liquids seems to have done the trick. 

For now I just wish it would snow, although I'm pretty okay with not wearing boots for a little bit more.

Thanks to my very nice boyfriend David for obligingly snapping these before heading out for haircuts and coffee <3 p="">


  1. Your blog is the only one I actually like. So please continue, even if its only sparodically. I usually dont comment on these things.

  2. Please, please, please never stop blogging. You're right, blogging seems to have become a whole new animal, which is why I am happy that your blog still exists. Of course I'd like to see more posts, but even if it's just sporadically, please continue. I don't think I ever commented on anything before, but I think there are many of us out here who enjoy reading your blog a lot.

  3. Great outfit, you look so comfortable!
    And I feel the same way about blogging. I recently started up a new blog, but I had an old one from 2011-2014, and I don't know for some reason I did not feel inspired to update it anymore. But my urge to take photos and journal things came back. I always feel like because things are moving so quickly in the world, things will bounce back to the way it used to be. Everything goes in waves, and people lose interest in things very quickly, so I really wouldn't be surprised if blogging went back to the way it used to be.

  4. I totally get what you mean about blogging apathy:) However I have always adored your blog and love reading each new post....loving the simplicity and warmth of this ensemble!

  5. I know how you feel. I've been feeling similarly lately -- I want to keep blogging, but I realized lately that I don't really want it to grow into some uber-marketed many-sponsored thing. I just like sharing my clothes, talking about whatever is on my mind at that moment, and enjoying the little bit of artistic expression it gives me in putting together outfits and practicing my photography.

    Don't stop, even if it's sporadically I still love your posts!

  6. No, you're amazing, for so many reasons! There's no new animal out there, and we ar still here, keeping you're blog on our read-list! We are just waiting for you to cone back! :)
    And if you on't have the time or the mood for an outfit photo shoot, then just take a picture of a small corner, the life through your eyes is so amazing, romantic, delicate and...little bit o crazy in the same time. A good crazy of course! :)

  7. I get what you are saying. I've been trying to figure out my space in the blog world. I disappeared for months last year during some personal things, and came back to pretty much no readers. Losing that community has been tough, rarely getting comments, but, I still like having a place to document my life. I think IG is the new blogging. I feel like all the community is there now. I still read your posts, however, and I'd love if you continued!

  8. I do love your outfit posts such a great mix of modern and vintage I always click on them when they pop up:) you are good at it and I don't come across the unique and charming pictures you take for them often, you have a place in blogging.
    I have been contemplating shutting down my blog for years but keep at it to keep a creative venue open for future job opportunities.

  9. To echo everyone else, I really treasure your blog for being different, it's far more interesting to read. And I admire that you are keeping it up because you feel like it, regardless of whatever sort of animal the internet is now.

  10. Ditto what everyone else said. I love your blog so much. And I love that it resides in its own category in today's crazy business-y blogging world. It, to me, retains the true spirit of a blog, and nostalgically harkens back to those simpler blogging days.

  11. You look lovely, this is a wonderful outfit.
    I think it's pretty normal to get bored of blogging occasionaly- I know I have.