Monday, September 8, 2014

Golly Magazine.

If you follow me on other social medias, you've probably seen a few little reposts or retweets and things about this, but here's a proper little blog note to help a bit!

A few of my absolute favorite gals on the planet are making dreams come true with Golly Magazine, and you can totally help fund this pretty fantastic thing on kickstarter! Of course I'm excited because I've had the super-intense luck to hang with these women over the last few years, so I know it's going to be something amazing, but I'm pretty pleased that there seems to be a real movement to fill a void I've lamented in the magazine world, and lo! Along comes Golly to help out!

I finally tossed my little pile of pennies towards this today, my first payday purchase of September! I couldn't be more excited to see what happens with this, because I'm certain we can help get them to issue 2! I really wanted to get my hot little paws on the first issue, but even if you can't swing the 20$ to get that one (along with a few extra treats--it's all detailed on the kickstarter page), any little amount will help. 

Get your Golly and help get to issue 2 here!

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