Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Drive-in Date.

I love the drive-in. Despite all the things that could go wrong with it (ankle-biting mosquitos, stale oversalted popcorn, sound that may or may come through clear, backaches if you didn't bring enough pillows), it always ends up being that nostalgia-tinted summer-night activity that feels pretty hazy and dreamy while you're still in it. I wouldn't want everything to be picture Kinfolk-perfect (and goodness knows I eat that vibe up like so many seasonal picnic dinners) because the cheesy off-kilter kind of crappy parts are the whole point, aren't they? I'm lucky enough to have three drive-ins in the area (varying distances, of course), but it's one of those things I worry about going away!

Last year we went to the drive-in late, not until late August or September, but did manage to pack in several visits into fall weather (which is kind of ideal in it's own right, when the nights get cool and hardly anyone remembers that the place is even open). This year we started right on time, and if you follow me on instagram you saw some of these snaps a little while ago. 

drive in couple :p
On me--Dress: Laura's Vintage, Shoes: thrifted. 
On David--Jacket/Jeans: both vintage (thrifted), Sunglasses: Eddie Bauer

We like to dress up for the drive-in. It's kind of a pointless activity because it gets dark, and then you sit in your blanket nest and no one sees you, and I have to say most of the time my outfits of choice aren't super suited to lying around snacking on sour patch kids until I feel sick. But that's part of the whole fun right? And kind of, I mean, the point of this whole blog (that trudges on, a funny little collection of outfits through the years, updates sometimes sporadically and with varying levels of interest). 

I had a totally different outfit planned for this day, but with some time to kill in the area I of course stopped at Laura's Vintage. Glenn's Falls is a halfway point for us, so it's a good spot for dates, and gives me an excuse to hang out trying on dresses for an afternoon if I get out of work early! 

Drive in night.

This is the second time I've left the shop in a dress different from what I went in wearing! I thought this was a bathing suit at first---the neckline and ruffle detail somehow gave me that impression--and it looked pretty small but, something told me to try it on anyway (also, Laura was sure it would fit). I zipped it up and knew there was no way it was staying behind, that I couldn't even bear to take it off to leave the store. 

Plus, it was perfect for drive-in night! This added to the fact that David had managed an absolute steal on a vintage deadstock Levi's denim jacket earlier that same day. The vintage stars aligned just in time for two kids who cite The Outsiders as a formative years book/movie to live the dream. 


  1. Such a pretty outfit. I've actually never been to a drive-in (the one here closed when I was really young) but I've always thought it seemed neat!

  2. So lovely! you look so pretty in this dress and the drive through must be such good fun xx

  3. I love the drive in! I always feel like I'm in Grease or something.

  4. You look so perfect Kater <3

  5. You look amazing! Drive ins aren't a thing in the UK so I've never had the experience!

  6. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo