Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Over It, I Need It.

I'm obsessed with finding a pair of overalls.

 It started several years ago, when a now-defunct music shop I frequented had a rotating pile of vintage in the back. I had overalls when I was a kid (the last time I remember actually wearing a pair I was about 3, and I was rolling around in big piles of soil in the backyard throwing dirt clods at the fence. I remember this because looking down at my legs revealed that the denim knees and thighs were totally caked in some pretty delicious mud).

My foray into wearing vintage was just starting to bloom for realsies, and this pair of dark denim overalls was calling to me. I can't remember enough about them to hindsight-date them. They were way too big. Not even in a fashion-y kind of way. But I wanted them. A week or so later they were gone, which is probably a good thing as they were in no I would have ever worn them at the size they were, and they were pretty awful.

But since then it's been lurking in the back of my mind, a desire usually popping up in the early days of spring. Last year I saw a few on instagram, usually on someone adorable out in a sunny field, or shopping with an armful of paper-wrapper flowers, and of course I get that feeling in my gut that says yes, I want that image in my life!

70s denim overalls by Mayflower Supply Co.

And then Mayflower Supply's lookbook and collection went live, and the desire became concrete. To be honestly they're popping up all over on street-style blogs, and suddenly they're trendy again, but as far as I'm concerned this only means I'll hopefully be able to find a pair that don't give me a really bad case of saggy baby-butt. 

I'm pretty sure I've spent the better part of the last twenty (okay maybe not 20 but at least 13 or so) years actively avoiding this kind of garment. I haven't thought about the click the little clasps make in ages, or the profound frustration when said clasps don't work and you spend most of your time wearing overalls attending to the straps. I'm okay with this trend. 

This one has been going around for a while, but I found no credit, found on tumblr.

I mean, I've been hunting quietly for a pair for a little bit, but it's surprisingly hard to find these things out in the wild (there's no way I can grab a pair without trying on). 

I just have visions of straw hats and white t-shirts under denim for idyllic summer activities. I will find a pair. They don't need to be vintage (in fact I'm pretty skeptical I'll find a vintage pair I like), but I've got a vision going on, and it will be fulfilled. 

Next step, jelly heels. 


  1. I haven't worn overalls since I was a child, I never really thought of purchasing a pair as an adult. Hmmm I might just start my own hunt too now!

    The Impossibly Cute

  2. Love your inspiration pictures! Overalls are something I definitely wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe, but I definitely agree - I would need to try them on first and I haven't seen hind nor hare of them in real life! ;_:

  3. overalls are the best. I'm wearing a pair right now. I found the best ones at Beyond Retro ^_^

  4. I like your second inspo photo and the uneven cuffed legs!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  5. Jelly sandals and overalls... yeah, that's me circa 1997. I never thought I'd get all nostalgic for that, but now I'm having to really restrain myself from picking items that are literal recreations of things I was wearing 15 years ago.
    I feel like it's so hard to find really well fitting overalls. I'd love a 1940s style set, but they're hard to find for a reasonable price. That first pair you posted are pretty great looking.