Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Dress 2014

Easter 2014

The past two years I've kind of gone a little ridiculous for Easter. Last year was relatively normal but on the prim side, while the year before was positively confectionary. I'm just never gonna get over Easter dresses, or outfits, I think. I don't know why I take it as an excuse, more than any other holiday, to be really traditionally girly in my dress, really pastel. Maybe it's more of an Easter costume but, I kind of look forward to it all year. My Easter dress is up there with birthday dresses in terms of scouting months before for the perfect one. 

Easter 2014
Dress: Vintage from Laura's Vintage
, Sweater: J. Crew (several years ago), Stockings: Forever21 (recently), Shoes: J. Crew summer 2013, Crown: Home made.

Easter 2014

Which is a rather heavy-handed segue but, let's chalk it up to being out of practice blog-writing-wise. Last summer, in the early days of August, I spent a few days preparing and then parading around in a vintage fashion show for Laura's Vintage. It was really a dream, and one of the dresses I ended up wearing came home with me that week, on my birthday. I had every intention of wearing it to some fancy cocktail evening but, as always, things got away from me and this absolute dream-puff of a dress sat tucked away safe in my closet for an entire half-birthday away. 

And then before I knew it Easter was around the corner and I thought, well, I suppose I've already got the perfect dress.

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014

It was probably the most perfect Sunday in a long time, breezy and warm and sunny to blindness, so this lemon meringue dress practically glowed in the sun, and gave us all intense pangs for spring and summer in the deep middle of our bellies (soon enough we'll be sick on sun, the way everyone seems to have collectively hated winter by the end of it).

Easter 2014

I wore the flower crown all day, though I eventually swapped out the yellow dotted dress for a less intense frock for baking purposes, and I anticipate it'll pop up here and again throughout the summer. I still haven't let go of them after the summer of Lana that happened two years ago. 

Easter 2014

Happy spring!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


(Oops, well. Just gonna mostly ignore that two month silence. As usual.)

I bought new white converse this spring (whenever it gets here proper), the first pair in a bout 8 years. I kind of hate, just a little bit, those articles about classic pieces, that go on like oooo, yes this time-tested brand item that everyone should own! I don't know why, I think I used to enjoy that kind of thing, and I still do, it's only that I'm sick of that tone. 

I like the white ones because they go with everything, mostly. In high school I wore purple ones, I think I went through two pairs, with hideously loud shoelaces patterned with rubber ducks or something equally as silly, and even wore the dumb things to gym class (usually a really awesome outfit of boxers, rolled to low-rise at the waist, with knee socks and some kind of t-shirt. The unofficial uniforms that come about in private schools are really strange). Last year I finally tossed the first white pair. I sort of wish I had kept them to at least editorialize their degradation (coming apart at the sides, stained beyond recognition, the insides tearing up so that the plastic bits started to poke through so that even those were getting worn on the edges). 

The problem was I knew if I kept them in the house for a second longer I would continue to wear them, and really they were probably a flourishing community center for all kinds of bacteria. And so they went. In the interim I've tried other sneakers, little keds type shoes and a pair of cushy white something-or-others that got returned at work, but most days when it wasn't time for flats or something fancier I ended up in my grey pair. Which were fine but.

I feel like the white ones are cooler. I totally buy into that cool thing, you know, dark jeans and striped shirt and white sneakers typical kind of thing but, eh. Whatever. 

The problem now is that they're new, this pair, and I feel so profoundly uncool wearing them. Which is totally dumb I mean, everyone has a new pair of shoes at some point, but I feel like I want to carry around a little card to hand out that says I have cred because they're not my first pair okay, the original ones just started cutting into my heels and it's less cool when the blood on your shoes is your own. 

Uncomfortably new shoes

At the same time I'm kind of afraid to get them dirty. Yeah, I know, of all the things to be dual minded about today, I pick sneakers. I'm sucking it up and wearing them to work at the bakery, where I am sure I will drop coffee and buttercream and probably egg all over them. We gotta get to know each other, me and these dumb sneakers, at the very least so that they break in and are comfortable. I figured I better get at least one picture of them before they get all bedraggled.