Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow White Vibes.

More pictures hanging out in the snow! I find it so difficult to post much in the winter--everything just gets covered up with a coat anyway, and for the most part I spend my days in stretch pants and big wooly sweaters.

But then when we get that significant snow I'm somehow thrilled. My fingers and toes are frozen, cheeks and noses get all red, and yet hanging out in the snow is almost as exciting as it was as a kid, and somehow all I want to do is wear a crazy outfit and blog about it. I'm also trying to, you know, figure out what I want to do with this funny little space on the internet. Things have slowed down for the past few months as I think and re-think, and I don't want to abandon it but somehow I'm not entirely sure I want to just do outfit posts all the time.

And then I thought well, no, it doesn't have to be just the things I wear in real life. I spend a lot of time writing weird little stories for myself, making pinterest boards for characters and concepts and weird ideas, I might as well start doing the same in my backyard, with the bits of my closet that don't get to see the light of day too often because it's delicate, or I bought it out of love because it reminded me of something fantastical. 

I've had this dress for two years or so, mostly just hanging on the wall. I've never really worn it for more than a few minutes around the house to make some adjustments to it here and there, and it's not exactly the most flattering frock in the world. Which, is not exactly the dress's fault. It's a 1910s child's dress, so you know. The waist hits in a strange spot and as usual my shoulders, a tricky body part for me and vintage anyway, don't quite line up with its lines either but somehow I rather like it anyway. 

I got it because it was a reasonable price, and it reminded me of the linen dress Briony wears in Atonement, something silk and perfect for summer in a 1920s sipping something lemony under some trees on a dock somewhere. Because, you know, I can never resist telling myself a little story. 

The warm-weather dream is out of reach at the moment, we're sitting in the crux of winter where there's enough time left that I'm trying very hard not to let my mind wander to the days of shorts and novelty print bathing suits, camping, and walks home from work at dusk, gelato season, music on porches (see? I can't help it, I spend one minute loving the snow and the next missing freckle-weather). I just didn't want to hide this little number under a coat or sweater, and really it's not that cold anyway! After those negative temperatures, 30 and snowing seems positively balmy. I grabbed some woolly over-the-knee-socks, shoved on my clompiest snow boots, and let the snow encrust my curls. 

Dress: Vintage, Earrings: Dogeared

This dress will get to summer eventually but for now I figure I might as well take advantage of the Snow White Vibes I try to cultivate on a somewhat daily basis, indulging in a little bit of fairy tale costumery. 

All that said (gosh, I'm feeling so rusty with my blog-writing skills! I'm tempted to go back and delete this whole thing but I'll leave it, a testament to myself not to fall out of practice), there's nothing I love more than the outtakes that result from blinking:

It's just a little bit hilarious, which is always nice.