Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Wear.

We've got real snow! So far it's been a weird winter, getting a truckload of the white stuff dropped on us only to have it melt within a week, strange 30 and 40-something temperatures feeling like a bizarre heat wave. It makes for bad driving and wet ankles, but seeing as I'm off from work for a few days, I'm pretty happy to be inside writing and doing laundry (with the occasional Pushing Daisies rewatch, making me ache just a little bit for spring) and occasionally hopping around in the white stuff. 

Mostly I need to talk about these jeans. I've wanted flannel lined jeans for years, but it wasn't until now that I finally got myself a pair, thanks to my BFF's generosity in gifting me a pair as part of my Christmas gift! I almost never take them off. For someone who hardly wears pants, especially jeans, this is a pretty big deal, but I'm pretty sure there isn't anything more cozy, especially on days like today when it's 5 degrees out at 2pm, and threatening to dip into the -20s overnight. 

Jeans: Eddie Bauer, Coat: J. Crew, Hat: Laura's Vintage, Boots: L.L. Bean Boots the 30$ no name version, Socks: Who knows!

I've been much more relaxed this year about dressing for the cold. It means I end up in the same oversized grey sweater more often than not, and my feet haven't seen the light of day besides the time it takes to hop in and out of the shower for all the time they've spent bundled up in two pairs of thick socks, but it also means I can bust out some ridiculous head wear now and then.

I snatched up this puff last spring, I think, from Laura's Vintage but never actually got to wear it. I've been waiting all summer, and then fall, and then the early days of winter, for some sign of proper snow to wear it. Somehow it only seems proper to wear it on snowy days, and especially around or after the holidays. 

I've also finally gotten my daily jewelry in order. My little Catbird Dark Side of the Moon ring has company, with the little gold band I found on the ground somewhere, and added a little arrow ring from a little local shop! 

This all means that so far it's been the kind of season where I reach for my regulars, a favorite coat or sweater, shove my feet into some boots and call it a day, and vowing not to think much more about it. Happy New Year everyone! I know it's been a slow one on here, but thanks for sticking around! Here's to another good one, I hope!