Saturday, August 24, 2013

Broken Cameras: Instagram Summer.

My camera is tucked away at the camera hospital, awaiting a new shutter, and it seems this little corner of the internet has been quite silent as a result. I suppose I've taken the time to think about what I want it to be here, assessing my closet habits, and imposing a ban on buying any new clothing (gotta save those pennies to fix the camera!). I guess it was a little bit of a blog-vacation, although I do miss it, and I'll be glad to get back into the swing of things (a phrase I rely on an awful lot, but there's nothing so comforting as a verbal cliche). I've been relying on my phone to chronicle the summer, and while I know I should exercise use of the actual camera, I'm still fond of how snap-shotty instagram is, capturing moments and all.


If you've been keeping up with me on instagram you'll have seen these already, but I liked the idea of compiling a smattering of the for a blog post.  It's been a summer better than last, with all sorts of activities, amusement parks and dancing and camping, vintage fashion shows, hikes to frog paradises, slide shows in the backyard, meeting favorite authors, lipstick, bubblegum, writing and wolves, stories, and slurps. 


At the moment I'm stuck in a weird frame of mind. The weather lately has been sublime, perfect to a shocking degree, sun-drunk and breezy with that golden brown tinge that lingers from the slow burn of summer. Nights are cool and a little bit humid, and every now and then I see a tree that is starting to turn at the edges. There's a smell in the air in the morning, autumn is coming, and I'm looking forward to it. Until knee socks and sweaters and donuts crisped in cinnamon sugar though, it's time to fling both arms around summer and squeeze the last of it's sweet drops out. Clearly, the whole thing has got me feeling sickeningly lyrical to a really cloying degree, and I don't care.



  1. Hi Kate, your photos are always inspiring, either with camera or phone. Your own personality transcends the system you use. I also feel that the summer is over, but I feel little pain .... are finished in bright days and bright sun, blue skies so exuberantly, just the warmth, just the relaxed .... Oh, I'll shut up because I'm getting more and more sad! A big hello from Madrid (Spain, Europe ...).

  2. haha i know exactly what you mean about the weather.. I'm enjoying the last little bits of summer! I kinda can't wait for the cold nights to come though and get all wrapped up again!

    Hannah xx

  3. girl, you know how to string together some words, let me tell you.

  4. Love your post! So interesting!
    -Your newest follower

    Letters from The Vintage Club

  5. I wish we had such lovely weather to appropiately say goodbye to the summer..!!! You've done a great job on this collage - and i have the same bag like the one in the upper left photo of the last collage :)
    Please blog more regularly because you've got yourself a new follower :)

  6. I love your photos...It all looked pretty and somehow they're relaxing to the eyes :)

    wayne dyer