Monday, June 24, 2013

Wearing the Book: Stardust.

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Last Thursday something happened that I was really, really excited about. Neil Gaiman, a favorite author since middle-school-dom, was going to be visiting one of my favorite local cities for a reading and book signing. The second I heard this I frantically snatched up a ticket, as did my best gal pal and her husband, and we spent the next few weeks being really excited about the whole thing, trying to decide what to wear (costumes?), and wondering over what books we should bring to be signed. 

Originally we thought we would go in costumes (as the personification of War, horse-person of the apocalypse, and Anathema Device, both from Good Omens), but time and procrastination, and really hot summer days along with neither of us possessing a sword appropriate to bring to a public event, made us rethink it. 

And then I realized, I owned the perfect dress to mimic one of my favorite book covers. 

Wearing the Book: Stardust
Dress, belt, and headband are all from J. Crew from various seasons. Necklace is Lulu Frost for J. Crew, shose are from Madewell last summer.  I try not to make all the pieces come from one place but oops, it happens anyway.

It's not the kind of thing I normally wear. I bought it because the color makes me thirsty, because it has pockets, and because it's the kind of simple silky throw on and go to battle kind of dress that I always want, but never quite seem to be able to pull off. In the interest of stepping outside of comfort zones I snatched it up.

So far in this series (which I have both woefully ignored for a while and seem to have mostly dressed in books that are blue) I've just tried to mimic the aesthetics of the cover without alluding much to the contents, but given that this was for a special event, it made sense to wear a dress that not only matched the colors of the cover, but that also had some kind of Stardust-y fairy-tale-esque quality to it. So, you know. Perfect dress, I guess.

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Wearing the Book: Stardust

Wearing the Book: Stardust

The event did not disappoint. I'm still working my way through The Ocean at the End of the Lane, but it's quite lovely and quietly heart-breaking. We giggled in our seats and listened to a favorite author read to us, in a room chock-full (1,500 people!) of people all of a similar mind and fandom (there's nothing better, or I love nothing better, than a room full of dorks whether it be about fashion or books or movies).  

I even got really lucky, when they chose my question to close out that portion of the event, which earned me a laugh from most of the audience as well as a handshake in line when it came to be my book's turn to be signed (for the record, I got my battered, taped together, underlined and yellowing copy of Good Omens signed, as well as the special edition of Stardust pictured here).

My question was: "How many secrets can you keep in your hair, and is that where you get your metaphors?"  The answer, I believe, was "All of them". For the rest of the night I was The Girl Who Asked the Hair Question!

I was so happy and excited for the rest of the evening and day, and I'm still pretty thrilled by the whole thing!

Wearing the Book: Stardust
Wearing the Book: Stardust

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Thank you to Amy for stopping and snapping these shots for me!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Lady of Absentia.


I know that starting off blog post with 'omg i am so sorry it has been forever' is pretty lame but--omg I'm so sorry it has been forever! I don't really have much to say about it, except that a defunct but now patched-together and hopefully fixed for-the-moment computer and sadly deeply on-the-fritz camera have really killed my blogging time. For now I've borrowed a camera while I try to figure out what to do about mine, and so hopefully we'll be on track again soon!

In the meantime I tried to get back into the swing of things by setting myself up in the backyard with some new-to-me things and a really lush rose crown. The last two years the roses in our yard have been especially ridiculous, flopping around with their petal-drunk heads, blooming and falling to bits before we can even grab any for inside. 


Like last summer I'm still in a big flower-crown and white blouse kind of mode. I guess it's all gotten pretty trendy since then, but I can't really resist the occasion to dress up.



The blouse is one that I snapped up at an estate sale with Jess a few months ago. We trekked about 40 minutes away in a snowstorm (ish) at the promise of something Edwardian, and left rather happily with a few treasures. This is my favorite of the blouses I ended up with (a few of the other ones made an appearance on instagram that day).


There's also my newish little Catbird ring that I picked up on a quick NYC visit to hang at the mall with Anabela and Geoff of fieldguided, and a funny little necklace from a favorite shop in Saratoga Springs that looks like it's just a straight line pendant, but is actually a tiny sword. I'm really feeling girly outfits with brutal weaponry jewelry these days.

It feels good to give myself a jump start again. Hopefully it won't be too long till next time! For now I have a crazy backlog of e-mails that is threatening to bury me alive!