Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Closet Tantrums.

Coat: Gift from Bohemian Bisoux, Dress: Madewell Fall 2012, Shoes: Vintage, Pins: Vintage (ebay, allen company inc on etsy, and Laura's Vintage), Bag: Vintage/thrifted

I'm definitely feeling the end-of-winter slump these days. I spend and alarming amount of time thinking about all the summer dresses I've got in storage even though March is the most frustrating month climate-wise. I haven't given in and donned knee-socks on the 40-degree days just yet, but I'm pretty happy to leave my heavy coats in the car, or to go without gloves or a scarf. Mostly I'm sick, sick, sick of everything I own that's appropriate for cooler temperatures. The urge to toss out my entire closet and start over is getting really bad, and coming up with an outfit I like enough to bother coercing someone into helping me photograph is something of a job these days. 



That said, it's always funny at the end of a season to look back on what I didn't wear. I was pretty sure this coat would make an appearance several times when it came to going out in some manner of fancy outfit, but I was so grumpy about the cold this winter that I sort of pulled back on the getting dressed up to go out! I've also been a bit more cautious this year about what coats I take with me--ever since my favorite coat got pinched at an event, I've been overprotective of the rest of them, like some kind of coat-hoarding mother-hen. 


In the interest of revisiting things I already own I've also been re-discovering my pin collection. I've finally amassed a strange menagerie of animals as well as a few bows and flowers in numbers great enough that they start fitting together within different themes, so I think it's time to pair them up together and see what kind of strange lapel-tableaus I can come up with. 

Thank you to my lovely coworker Eden for snapping these for me!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spending Pennies.

Today I am holed up on the sofa nursing a head-cold, alternating watching Lord of the Rings and Pushing Daisies (which I somehow don't own, instead I've gotten ahold of it from the library and of course, they're late going back as usual), waiting for the snowy doom that is heading our way. It all miraculously (though not in a good way) coincided with days I was hoping to head down to NYC for some fashion week shenanigans. I'm keeping and eye on the weather, and my germs, hoping that tomorrow or Saturday will clear up in both ways so I can make the journey, but in the meantime I'm eyeing the space between my bank account and a few tabs I've left open of Things I've Been Meaning to Buy Eventually.

I'm trying, with mixed success, to be more conscious of what I'm spending my money on in terms of adornments. I'm still letting myself off the leash with vintage because, well, if I find the perfect aqua and blue polka-dotted dress I can't let it out of my sight like I did last time. But I'm learning to be more mindful of what I will wear, what I am most comfortable in, and what will be a wise choice in handing over my funds. If I want something six months later it's probably a good bet that it won't be a silly purchase, so the following treasures are a few things I've been budgeting for over the last few months.


1.)Sweet Nothing Necklace from in god we trust. I've been wanting one of these for, I don't know, a year or two now! I don't know why I haven't gone for it before now, since the price is reasonable. I think it's my love of instant gratification. Getting things in the mail is fun but I want to hold the thing nooow!
2.) MAC 4 lashes. Since autumn, I've fallen victim to fake lashes. I've only worn the full strips once or twice for special occasions, but I've been wearing one or two of the individual ones a few times a week. Maybe it's watching too much New Girl and Pushing Daisies, but I suddenly want to go bigger and try a full strip for a regular day! I think these will be just big enough for some extra eye-batting but not so large that it'll look insane during the daylight hours.


1.) Double Spot Flippy Dress from Topshop. Black and white with polka-dots, means of course I want it. But it's just the right shape, short but not too mini, nipped in at the waist, with short sleeves. It's essentially my perfect dress. 
2.) 5th Ray Dress from Family Affairs. I know, you're sick of hearing about this one, but next payday it's going to be mine! All the pretties from the fall collection are on sale now, including this pretty gem of a dress, so I'm making plans for a few pieces!


1.) Okay so, this isn't a link to an actual thing I can buy. Ever since I saw this picture of Annie Clark of St. Vincent fame on tumblr I've been yearning for the perfect pair of leather shorts. So far everything I've found is either covered in something weird (zippers, studs, inexplicably bedazzled or fringed) or is way too short. But I'll keep up the search, because I have a sneaking suspicion that leather shorts with a white blouse, some eyeliner, and red lips is going to be my end-of-winter uniform if I can just make it all come together.
2.) Lady King print by gingerhaze. I have a few of this lady's prints hanging about my space, but I've been wanting to add this one to the collection. My latest pinterest boards and spotify playlists are all hungry hearted queens of thorns and blood so I've got all things lady monarchs on the brain.