Friday, December 28, 2012

A Fresh Coat.


Over the past two years I've managed to amass a pretty decent collection of coats. My favorite coat was stolen last winter, a black one, so this year especially I've been on the look out for coats that will get me through the winter without bringing my spirits down because I have to cover up my outfit. My coral J. Crew from several years ago is one I end up in a lot, but sometimes the brightness of it is oppressive, and it's something of a fancy coat really.

Coat: c/o Modcloth, sold out two days after it got here, ugh! But you can find a similar one here, which I actually think I want MORE now! Also similar, Dress: Madewell, Tights: J. Crew, Shoes: DC Footwear via Zappos, Bag: Vintage, estate sale, Beret: I think it's my dad's actually.


I picked this one almost right away, the second I saw it, as a gift from Modcloth because I've started to become a parody of myself, working polka-dots into every single outfit possible. I was actually quite good and photographed it right away (something I'm generally pretty bad about these days--I've been recycling outfits a lot more this year than before because I carry my camera and tripod with me thinking that if I have a free second I can grab some quick shots--this doesn't usually happen) and realized when I went to upload this post that night the coat had sold out, ugh! 

I also got caught pretty bad taking these!  I think people are probably starting to notice there are a few brick walls in my area that I tend to favor--this is one of them--but this time I didn't realize the people behind those windows were in there and could see me! I'm starting to feel less awkward about the whole thing, after five years it's about time, partly because it seems like more people are aware of blogs better these days and so explaining it isn't quite as painful as it was before. 

The sad thing about this outfit is I probably won't be throwing it on again anytime soon since we've been buried under some serious snow. I know it's a stupid thing to complain about, and a silly thing to wish for, but I was quite content with last years winter with hardly any snow! I'll regret this statement, I'm sure.  I've also worn these poor shoes down to nubs, the heels are tragic from turning them into my dancing shoes, but thankfully they are at the shoe repair shop being patched together!


  1. That coat is adorable! One of the reasons I choose to go cold in winter (not that our winters are really cold, they are more like what autumn must be like for you) is because I don't like my outfit being covered.

    I hate getting caught taking blog photos too, it is really awkward... People have no idea what "blogs" are in Australia unless they actually have one. So I've been asked if I'm a "photographer" before, and all kinds of stupid questions when I take blog photos. Ahh well!

  2. Tooooo cute. I love that coat. I've noticed polkadots are slowly taking over my closet! haha.

  3. Oh I love your coat! Too bad it sold out~

    Giveaway on my blog!

  4. I love this lovely coat!! an your shoes too!! you always look good with polka dots! ;)

  5. the coat's fantastic, but i just LOVE those shoes! <3

  6. Absolutely the cutest coat! And gosh, that is very much why I don't take very many outfits photos actually. I get too embarrassed to ask my family to take the pictures for me and I don't have a tripod so it makes the whole thing very difficult, haha. xx

  7. Your coat is the cutest!

  8. Your coat is so gorgeous!

    I get so shy taking photos. I ended up buying a tripod and remote so I could take them myself inside.


  9. I need more coats! I just wear the same one over and over.
    Is the bow velvet? It's so cute.

  10. Love Love Love the coat.. it's awasome,