Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black Lace.

Oops! Not sure what happened there. October is hard, I wait all year for it and then it's gone, taking all the leaves with it. I've got all manner of excuses for not posting so much (okay, at all) mostly centered around the weather (it's rained so often I'm a little weirded out by the presence of the sun today), but mostly a general discomfort with how to dress. I've been relying on a few outfits that happened early in the fall and rotating them rather than coming up with something new.

Either way, now that it's November I'm determined to get myself more into a routine, and in recent days I've been feeling a little bit more like wearing something besides that same chambray dress over and over. 

In particular I have this one slip that's bordering on a dress that I've been thinking about a lot. It's probably the season, but I don't want to be terribly typical about wearing it (so this isn't a post where the slip in question is featured anyway). It was something I tried on at one of my favorite vintage shops here, but left behind because I already had a pile of treasures to take home. When it was still hanging there a few weeks later, I knew there was no possible way for it not to come home with me. 

blacklaceone copy

After that, I keep seeing black lace everywhere. I like it in a less witchy way, even though my eye really wants to stick it with some plummy lipstick and go for it, so I'm thinking maybe it'll go nicely with shiny things, cropped fur jackets, or something with a ladylike collar.



Eventually the dress will make it out into the world, but for now I'm just going to hang it around on my walls and stare at it until I figure out when and how to wear it!


  1. Ohh your slip sounds like a dream! I find black lace so so so enchanting sometime - but it is turning into Summer here, so I might have to hold my craving for at least six more months!

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  2. I love black lace and the different ways it can be worn: witchy or casual. I can't wait to see your interpretation. x

  3. I love everything about this! Black and lace is greatness.

  4. I especially love Ulyana Sergeenko's black lace getup! Everything she does is pretty great. Lace is something I've never bought much of (I'm more of a velvet girl myself), but black lace might be just the thing! However you decide to wear it, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!


  5. I do love the witchy potential of black lace, but it's also surprisingly versatile. After seeing these gorgeous pictures I'm suddenly wondering how I could possibly wear anything else...

  6. this is so cute! love the blog girl! can't wait to read more!

    ps: if ya want to help a sista out, please enter the giveaway i have going on! it's super cute! :) have a great weekend!

    love, rach.

  7. I definitely get that way about particular items sometimes too. The worst of all is that I bought my dream dress which is super springy right at the end of summer (ie after it went on sale) and now i have to wait all through fall and winter to wear it! can't figure out a way to transition it at all...

    in the book the piano teacher, the main character lives with her very strict mother and buys beautiful, extravagant dresses but never wears them. it's so weird and I love it!