Saturday, November 24, 2012


I suppose I'm at a point where I ought to admit to myself that instagram is one of the things keeping me from taking outfit photos more often. It's hard to have time, and it's hard losing the light, doing it yourself, when you can just snap a quick picture in a mirror. I've gotta find that balance between instagramming and actually posting!

But there have been a few things, outfits or bits of them, that I've wanted to share or photograph for a proper post and have just never gotten around to it. Might as well, I thought, just lump them all together and make one big post. 

And besides, there's no way I can let Halloween costumes go by without a post about them!


For what was hands-down the best Halloween party I've ever experienced at Jess's place, I finally dressed up as my favorite other-people hating Daniel Day Lewis role. I've been wanting to do this costume for years, pretty  much since I saw the movie (which I watch on a strangely regular basis, even though there is nothing about it that should appeal to my usual sensibilities). Then there was that SNL skit, and the other costumes floating around the internet, and every year I wanted to do it.  Plus, you know. dressing like a boy is kind of a weird past-time of mine. I'm on my own, so I got an old baby doll in a basket to stand in for H.W. Plainview, with a milkshake prop and a box of pink striped paper straws. The rest of the outfit was all bits I had in my closet--I only had to buy the mustache and milkshake. 

Then, for actual Halloween I had big plans. Months ago Amy and company decided that we'd all be The Avengers, and I was really excited to be Hulk. It would be hilarious, because no one looks at me and thinks Hulk! I did some research, ordered paint, and promptly discovered that it did not wash off efficiently. That wouldn't do, and my last minute paint came off on everything, so I gave up and pulled out a 1940s suit gifted to me by my hair stylist, pin-curled myself, slapped on some red lipstick and carried around a vintage Captain America comic book to go as a slightly inaccurate Peggy Carter. 

Left outfit: Blouse and Sweater- J. Crew fall 2012, Skirt- Gap circa 2005, Shoes: BC Footwear, Bag-Vintage
Right outfit: Dress- Madewell 2011, Jacket: J. Crew 2010, Bag- Vintage, Scarf- Laura's Vintage, Shoes: Madewell, Knee Socks- H&M 2008

Then I started chronicling outfits at work (one of my jobs allows me to dress up a bit more, as opposed to the bakery where I try to wear nice things that I also don't mind getting flour or egg or cocoa powder on). These two I wore a lot over the fall, repeating them with slightly embarrassing frequency. Who knew a hen sweater would be something I would want to wear twice a week?

Left outfit: Skirt- Thrifted, Sweater & tights- J. Crew Fall 2012, Belt: J. Crew Winter 2011, Shoes- No idea.
Right outfit: Pants & Shoes - J. Crew (current season), Shirt- J. Crew Fall 2011, Sweater- Macy's Christmas 2010

The outfit on the left here is my favorite of all season. I feel very accurate to myself in it, and so I think I've worn it once a week since acquiring the sweater! The right happened because I wanted to wear those blue shoes, and somehow wearing an all-blue outfit seemed the best answer.

Left outfit: Skirt/shirt- J. Crew (current season), Sweater- J. Crew winter 2009, Shoes: Bass Outlet winter 2011, and a men's tie.

These are both from the last week or so. The right outfit you've seen already in this post, with the addition of a coat and cup of tea. The left I wore not realizing I was going to be up a ladder most of the day, and it was not the best decision to wear that skirt.


Some randoms! On the left you see me in a Forever21 fitting room, wearing what I am thinking will be my New Year's Eve dress. The alarmed expression is in reaction to a child hysterically shrieking in the next room over. 

And then you've got something a bit less formal, but a glimpse of what I roll around the house in. Hoodie (complete with polka-dots), blanket-scarf, and a glitter headband.


And finally, back in September I went to see Florence and the Machine! I had elaborate plans for what to wear, which were thrown out the window when I tore the dress I had in mind. In the end I went with my Madewell white dress, a little fur jacket, and a lot of glitter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Favorite Places: Laura's Vintage.

laura's vintage in glens 

I get a lot of questions about where I buy my favorite vintage, and while some part of me always wants to keep those things secret for fear someone else will snag my dream dress before I do, I also really love sharing my favorite haunts with people who appreciate and love clothing (especially vintage) as much as I do! Plus, I've relied on several internet gal-pals pointing me in the right direction when I visit their neck of the  woods too much to keep everything to myself, not to mention wanting to support and share local shops that I love! I'd like to make this a regular feature, and this is my first!

laura's vintage in glens falls

I think I first read about Laura's Vintage a few years ago when I was determined to find more places to buy some special vintage. It wasn't until this past September that I finally made it to the shop, then in a different location, because it's a bit of a hike from where I live (I don't believe in letting a drive stop me from getting out and about, as evidenced by the amount of time I spend in Saratoga Springs, which is a 45 minute drive). Since then I've been back twice in the span of a month, and each time I leave with some new little treasures. 

laura's vintage in glens fallslaura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

This is certainly one of my favorite vintage shops of all time, I think, partly because the entire shop is beautifully curated and arranged by Laura. I love a good rummage as good as the next girl, but there is something really special about shopping or visiting a place that is put together with such love and care. Everything in the shop is in tip-top shape. It's easy to shop and see everything, although it's hard not to flit around in excitement so I've been trying to be better at really looking at everything. There are so many wonderful little treats to investigate, I know I miss some every visit only to find them the next!

laura's vintage in glens fallslaura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

I'm so glad I finally made it a priority to get up there, because this shop is really a wonderful place. Laura knows her stuff inside and out, and will tell you all the little tales behind the pieces. She's great fun to shop with and visit, one of the sweetest vintage shop owners I've ever met! It's also worth mentioning that her prices are really great--so often I fall in love with this or that piece, but find it falls wildly out of my budget--but in her shop it really seems that Laura strives to make it so everyone can bring a piece of vintage home with them. There is a real range for all budgets, which has proved a little bit dangerous for my pennies as I've already amassed quite a pile of things from here (a few will be making their blog debut soon!)!

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

laura's vintage in glens falls

If you're ever in the area, or if you're from here, you must stop here! A giant thank you to Laura for letting me get snap-happy in her shop, and for spending a nice little afternoon trying things on and geeking out over vintage!

You can visit Laura's Vintage at 19 Ridge St. in Glens Falls, NY, and visit the shop on facebook!

Friday, November 9, 2012

White Dresses, Black Tights.

I suppose I've got a weird, gothy, ghosty vibe going on for this post and the last. Although today at work I kept catching myself in the mirror and feeling like some weird Burton-y character in an orphan's uniform.

Or maybe I'm just trying to dress like my cat. It works for her. 


I love color, I do. I love staring at certain sweaters, sometimes sticking colors next to each other that don't particularly go but something about the brightness next to each other is pleasing. That said, there's something comforting to me about black and white (or black and cream). Black tights are especially nice, no matter what I feel good in them, as though attached to some kind of anchor.

Dress: Madewell, Shirt: J. Crew, Shoes: BC Footwear , Bag: Vintage, Necklace: Lawrence (chain added), Lipstick: NARS Terre de Feu


I bought this dress in late summer, and rationalized the purchase by saying I would wear it all the time come colder weather with black tights and chunky sweaters. I then wore it once and promptly forgot about it. I think that's a sign I need to do the winter-summer wardrobe switch-out, and maybe pull some of the old forgottens forward again. 


All of the sudden it's winter. I should probably start calling this a personal style slash weather blog, for all I talk about the latter. I used to try very hard not to, because complaining or talking about the weather is one of the most boring things ever. It's my least favorite small-talk topic, but there I am every post thinking about it. It's only that it so dictates what I end up wearing, to a certain degree. And it's a strange thing, especially given recent years on the East coast where suddenly everything is going a little bit nuts.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Black Lace.

Oops! Not sure what happened there. October is hard, I wait all year for it and then it's gone, taking all the leaves with it. I've got all manner of excuses for not posting so much (okay, at all) mostly centered around the weather (it's rained so often I'm a little weirded out by the presence of the sun today), but mostly a general discomfort with how to dress. I've been relying on a few outfits that happened early in the fall and rotating them rather than coming up with something new.

Either way, now that it's November I'm determined to get myself more into a routine, and in recent days I've been feeling a little bit more like wearing something besides that same chambray dress over and over. 

In particular I have this one slip that's bordering on a dress that I've been thinking about a lot. It's probably the season, but I don't want to be terribly typical about wearing it (so this isn't a post where the slip in question is featured anyway). It was something I tried on at one of my favorite vintage shops here, but left behind because I already had a pile of treasures to take home. When it was still hanging there a few weeks later, I knew there was no possible way for it not to come home with me. 

blacklaceone copy

After that, I keep seeing black lace everywhere. I like it in a less witchy way, even though my eye really wants to stick it with some plummy lipstick and go for it, so I'm thinking maybe it'll go nicely with shiny things, cropped fur jackets, or something with a ladylike collar.



Eventually the dress will make it out into the world, but for now I'm just going to hang it around on my walls and stare at it until I figure out when and how to wear it!