Friday, September 28, 2012

Out and About on the Internet.

I'm starting to settle back into a routine after running around for a few weeks (impromptu trips to the Boston area to visit friends and buy dresses, NYC for fashion week, concerts, premieres of favorite TV shows, you know, all things to keep a girl busy) and realized I've got a few things to share that have been popping up around the internet! If you follow me elsewhere you've probably seen a few links to these, but I thought it would be nice to have a record of them here also!

Picture 1

Back in deep summer I headed down to NYC for a twenty-four hour visit to have a fun little photoshoot with Refinery29 and Clarks! It was a total blast, and in one of those funny coincidences, the slideshow went up about a month later while I was busy having the best time ever during fashion week!  You can see the whole thing here! It's also made me pretty sure I need to pick up those oxfords, because they were so comfortable. I need another pair of those like I need another polka-dot dress, but, whatever.

And then of course, during that amazing week, Erin and the team at Modcloth put together this adorable, hilarious video of a whole bunch of us! Of course, after the fact I thought of about 47 different answers that were way better than the ones I gave, but that's alright! Watching this makes me miss everyone so awfully, and gives me pangs of maybe I should consider relocating after all. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: Polka Dots.

I've given in, you see. I mean, I'll always love stripes with all my tender heart, but there's a corner of me somewhere that will probably always have a soft spot for polka dots. This has certainly been their year, at least in my book.


I tried not to take this one home with me. It isn't even really the correct size (I can fudge it because the hips are free and the waist works, thought it pulls a little at the buttons up the front. Thankfully, the bow hides this fact), but I did the wrong thing: I tried it on. I love every little thing a bit too easily, the stupidest little things even, so I didn't stand a chance against this one. 

Dress: J. Crew, Shoes: Vintage at allen company, Tights: J. Crew 2011, Necklace: Lawrence


It's not even the only thing I've purchased in the last week to be be-spotted! The other was a pair of tights, but in my defense both pairs of polka-dot tights from last year are either ripped to shreds or lost down the same rabbit hole where That One Sock and Remember Your Favorite T-Shirt Because Where is It live. 


I've stopped trying to be logical about it all. Eventually I guess I'll get sick of dots and move on to something else, or back to stripes, and be so sick of the sight of them that I'll renounce the whole trend. It's not something I can really see happening, but, you know. It's like how I don't eat cheesecake because I once, when I was 13 or 14, ate an entire one while sitting in front of the computer (habits, habits) and now the thought of them make my stomach cringe. 

But at least this frock isn't the same colors as all the others I've accumulated since the spring.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Last of the Summer Whites.

I don't trust it completely, but if recent days are any indication of where the weather is going, the day these pictures were taken (big thanks and love to Christina for snapping these!) was one of my last chances to be sans-jacket and bare-legged at the same time. 

Dress: Madewell, Shoes: Just Prance Heel
c/o Modcloth, Bag: fieldguided, Necklace: Lawrence

I first saw this dress when I picked up my chambray songbird dress last month, and fell totally in love with it. It's perfect, really. White, short-ish, with a peter pan collar? A quick stop in Boston on the way out to visit friends and this little lady was all mine.

And yeah, it does wrinkle in a heart-beat, but I've resolved to only worry about that sort of thing for about three minutes before dismissing the thought. That and worrying about spilling things on myself (which is good, because within about 20 minutes of wearing this thing out for the first time I got something on it). There's little anyone can do about it in the moment, and in the end it's only clothes, so I'm trying not to worry about it too much. 


And these shoes? They're a godsend. In the past I've been pretty calculated over the items I pick when Modcloth offers to send me something, hemming and hawing and going through my love list and agonizing over every item but this time I went for it. I saw these shoes and I suppose I just knew I needed them. And then they got here and are perfect. Shoes are a problem for me (you'll notice I hardly ever praise the comfort of any pair really, I might love a pair but that doesn't mean they don't chew my feet to bits) but these are comfortable, amazing, wonderful shoes! I only wish they came in more colors.

Keeping this short today. I'm a compulsive over-packer and am taking my sweet time emptying my bags from New York, the speed of which is only hindered by occasional stops to try on potential outfits for tomorrow's Florence and the Machine concert.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Visiting Family Affairs.

at family affairs

Yesterday was pretty much the dreamiest day of all. A gaggle of us (Emily, Liz, Rosie,Christina, and I all woke up and made our way over to the Family Affairs studio. Once there we were treated to muffins and coffee in adorable mugs by Nina, who hosted us for a little while to introduce us to her newest collection, chat about our favorite movies streaming on netflix, and play a good round of dress-up.

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

Having seen a lot of Nina's previous collections all over the blog circuit, I knew I was going to love everything already, but it was so exciting to see the new things! I can't wait for spring and summer all over again. The prints are all drawn and hand-screened onto dresses in cuts that are pretty much perfect--girly and delicate without being too prim or over done, with just a hint of silliness.

at family affairs

at family affairs
It was a real treat just to hang out in the airy, lovely space, with little touches of inspiration here and there. I think we all cooed over the flowers several times!

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

Out of all the prints in the new spring line I think my favorite are the little yellow phones. As soon as we got upstairs I found myself eyeing that print, sandwiched between the sailboats and gems on the rack. It was even more exciting getting to try the dress on, solidifying my love for it completely.

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

at famly affairs

at family affairs

The gems are also pretty special, and this dress is pretty much a perfect shape. Nina also showed us a plain white version that would make a gorgeous, simple little wedding dress, but most of us have a pretty intense penchant for short white dresses for anyway of the week so that one was a dream as well.

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

at family affairs

Picture 4Picture 3
(via toujours toi on instagram/twitter)

Both Rosie and I tried on the 5th Ray Dress, one of the dresses for this coming fall, and I was instantly, hopelessly in love. I don't know why on earth I don't own anything in this color, and I instantly started mentally saving my pennies for the day when this dress will be mine. It's really hard not to daydream about all the things I want to wear it with!

After hanging around snapping endless pictures with our big cameras and our phones (these dresses are pretty much perfect for instagram and iphone photo filters!) we got to make grabby hands at the clothes from previous seasons and prance around in some of those. This was particularly exciting because a lot of the dresses are ones I've been seeing on other bloggers for the past few months, and it was really great to finally see them in person!

at family affairs

at family affairs
Ladies posing in the Bonnie's Boat Dress and the French Kiss dress.

at family affairs

at family affairs

Rosie in the Peaches Dress, which later she purchased for all her late-summer gardening plans.

at famly affairs

at family affairs

Liz rockin' the Fantasty Skirt and Banana Split top.

And then, besides all the lovely dresses and blouses, there were the housewares (like the lampshade in the feather print that presided over our muffins and coffee!). Little saucers, holding some earrings and rings that are also part of the spring line, and pillows for couches, and later we even got to take a peek at a comforter featuring several of the prints all at once. 

at family affairs

at family affairs

It was a really wonderful morning, the perfect activity to do with a few gal pals on a day when the weather was really pretty much perfect.

For instagram prettiness and hilarity, you can head on over to Emily's post on the day also! I didn't repost many of them here because this is already pretty image-heavy, and I know we have a lot of the same readers anyway so that there won't be too much of the same thing popping up in everyone's readers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blogger Picnic.

Kallie and some of her outfit details//
Cameras on blankets

Emily, dreamiest gal

On Sunday I arrived in New York City, just in time for the annual blogger picnic at Sheep's Meadow in Central Park. I think everyone in this little contingent of blog-friends we have going on has said almost the same thing--the most exciting part about fashion week is that everyone comes to town and we get to hang out with all the people we wish we could throughout the rest of the year.

Emma and Liz taking a break to check up on the internet.

I've kind of been looking forward to the whole thing for weeks! The day was perfect (somehow, the weather has seen fit to be all we knew it could this week, sunny and clear, a little bit cool and breezy) and it was so wonderful to hang out on blankets snacking for hours and chatting.

Christina of For Show hangin' with some balloons.

Katie Louise Ford being flawless.

I'm pretty bad about snapping pictures of things. This year I actually brought my camera, so that's a 100% improvement from the last two times when I left the stupid thing at home because I didn't want to carry it around. I still don't really want to lug it all over the place, but generally it's worth it after the fact. The downside is I'm still pretty bad about taking the pictures themselves. I'll get better at it, stuffing myself into new habits. 

Kennedy Holmes and Wray

Liz and Rosie, discussing serious things.

And of course, between all of us snapping little moments on our phones, instagram is covered in all kinds of this magic!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wearing the Book: The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby book cover via this isn't happiness// Dress: Anthropologie 2010 (dyed), Shoes: Madewell, bag: Vintage, Belt: J. Crew

Oh dear. It's been a long time since I did one of these--almost a year, if I'm going to be truly honest. I tried to come up with things a few times throughout the past several months, but nothing really seemed to come together and there didn't seem to be much point in forcing it. This outfit actually started as an attempt inspired by a different cover, but going through my pinterest (which, admittedly isn't very full of book covers at the moment) I saw this one and thought yes, that is a much better fit. Things just go better sometimes if they happen backwards.

I'm always on the lookout for new covers of this book (aren't we all) because even though it's required reading at some point, especially for an english student, I'll never love it one drop less. I don't even own any interesting coves of it myself, although I do really love this one a lot, and even carry it around like a friend when I visit the bookstore sometimes (I'm one of those weirdos who visits books they already own or have read in the bookstore just to be near them or say hello). And of course this one is great because it's a little bit decrepit.


I haven't worn this dress since last year, but I do still love it an awful lot. It's still my most successful dye-adventure to date (there have been some disasters since then that you've not been privy to), but somehow it's a little too, I don't know. Girly maybe. I'm going through a thing these days where I can't decide if I want to be really frilly and all pink and light colors or low-key with the simplest of jewelry and chambray dresses. There's no reason on any Earth why I can't do both, but it's a thing lately. Maybe it's the entering late twenties-ness of this year.  


Dressing this summer has been interesting, since I've been really adopting a less is more kind of mindset. I just can't be bothered with a lot of accessories or extra bits this year. Every time I tried to do this book dressing thing I always felt like I should be wearing more, like it wasn't a real outfit if I didn't involve more layers. I guess this one is pretty obvious color wise, but I think I'm usually putting too much pressure on myself and the rest of the world to always be clever.

Except that it's summer and sometimes all you need is an easy dress and a pair of flats and all the rest can be forgotten.

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