Friday, August 31, 2012

Worn Together: Sponsor highlight on jessjamesjake


Well, worn together theoretically at least! Right after my last post I was at the mall killing time and ended up with a tube of dark, plummy lipstick. Just like that I wanted fall. And after all that pontificating about holding on to summer and how much I wanted it to stick around! All it took was a little tube of color to change my fickle mind. 

So of course now all my outfits have a decidedly autumnal tilt to them. As nothing I'm looking at in my closet suits what I want right now (then again, when does it ever?) I thought making an imaginary outfit from my lovely sponsor jessjamesjake would help distract from all the summer dresses and shorts I'm still wearing.


Right now is the ultimate challenge for getting dressed, since we've officially hit cool mornings and nights but the middle of the day is ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure I could wear this exact outfit right now with little difficulty or feeling out of season. 

Mostly I've just had my eye on that dress for a few weeks, I need new leather boots for the fall very much, and I'm really, really (more than usual) obsessed with bows lately. Particularly in jewelry (which is dangerous, because Jess also has this necklace and this hat, the latter which I waned to work into an outfit but I don't think I've got the brain for hats right now. But it's basically perfect and I'm going to be kicking myself in the winter when I've got a coat that would go perfectly with it--because isn't that how it always works out?).

Please hop on over to jessjamesjake on etsy for more vintage goodies!


  1. Oh my word I just found that bow brooch at a yard sale for a dollar! I love it! Those boots are awesome too.

  2. Love the boots! Some boots just like that are a fall basic for me! :)

  3. This is an amazing shop...they obviously take great care in choosing their items, they are al lovely!

    <3 Cambria

  4. That little bow is sweet....and I like the combination of boots and summer dresses... X

  5. I love that floral dress! =)