Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Favorites.


This is the third time this week I've worn this dress, I think. It might be the fourth. I've mixed things up a little bit each time, but for the most part I haven't bothered with too much layering or adding of belts. These days I find I'm waffling between being really ridiculous with my accessories and outfits, all flower crowns and pink blush, high heels and floral bags, and being relatively simple and keeping the frills under wraps. I have to have a bow somewhere, but it's this little striped ribbon (it came on the sweetest little package from dearest Jen), and the polka-dots are pretty un-cloying even if they are a bit (relying on an over-used word here) whimsical. 

Dress: Madewell, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: also Madewell, Earrings: Cube as can Be Earrings gift from  Modcloth



Of course, I've never met a chambray dress I didn't like. Liz understands, especially when it comes to this particular one because we both bought the same version of the dress last winter, and tweeted about how much we both needed it when it popped up at Madewell.

The nice thing about this one is the waist, nice and nipped in, whereas my other denim dresses tend to be a bit more billowy and shapeless. I'm pretty good at rationalizing a purchase when I have to, which explains why a lot of my wardrobe looks the way it does. I suppose I've never been able to get out of dressing in a uniform, no matter how many years push my farther and farther away from the ones I wore in school. 



This post is a bit all over the place--I just have a lot of thoughts on things I'm wearing right now, because they're sort of simple, and yet I actually feel pretty put-together without too much fussing. Despite my loyalty to hot pink and coral lipstick, my new favorite shade is this one, because it's kind of perfect for the airy, summery, dreamy kind of day I want to have.


My low ponytail, with a little bit of a puff at the back, is pretty much my everyday hair. My crown braid might have finally, for the most part, worked last week, but in the early morning when I'm all bleary-eyed and trying to gather myself together when I'm already dangerously late to work, I really can only be bothered with a little bit of hair-teasing and a ribbon. 

I'm pretty minimal with jewelry these days, hardly ever do I sport both a necklace (even a tiny one, since I'm partial to those) and earrings. Most of the time I stick to the latter. For years I've been wearing a tiny pair of floral studs, but I've been on the lookout for something a little cooler. Since they came in the mail I've been throwing on these, courtsey of a gift certificate sent to me by Modcloth, and they're kind of perfect. I always think I want bigger jewelry, but hardly ever do much else with them besides start at it in my jewelry bowl, so these will probably be getting a lot of wear for a while. 


And of course, my beloved leather tote, coming apart a bit at one of the handles, filled to the brim with books and pens and a lot of things I only think I need with me for the rest of the day. My feet are suffering, if you can spot it, after made an unwise shoe choice last week. It's the summer of blistered toes in a good way though, so I'll keep complaining to a minimum.


  1. UGH, I know how you feel XD I have worn my perfect chambray dress everywhere this summer. As you've seen. YOU ARE A PRETTY.

  2. So pretty! Love your outfit x Sushi

  3. i tried this dress on this past weekend and i almost fainted. so. perfect.

  4. I am also a sucker for chambray and have been eying that dress myself for a while. Your outfit is fantastic, every last detail of it!

  5. that dress looks flawless on you. oh my gosh. you're making me want the striped songbird dress even more. i'm like, dying that i don't have it.
    i love how well you can switch back and forth between the two styles. frills and simple. adorable kater.

  6. You look classy.


  7. I don't think I've mentioned this, but your profile is gorgeous. This is probably also a reason why I love your hair pulled back! It's so effortless chic when you add a little decorate elastic or ribbon. :) And of course blue is always lovely on you.

    I need to get a big tote like that. I always pack everything I could possibly have the slightest interest in doing throughout the day and a purse simply cannot hold that amount. lol


  8. Adorable dress. Coming to your blog always makes me so happy. Everything you post is lovely.

  9. Wow, really beautiful! I can understand you, sometimes we just need to dress a little more simple as usual; it happens to me in summer 'cause of the hot weather; you don't want to think somedays what to wear and just choose something that simply fits... I guess that's what happens with that lovely dress!

  10. You´re so cute in that dress and dotted balerinas!:)

  11. So simple but so cute!!. Every time I try to make a ponytale like yours I end up with a mess that I can´t even explain, haha. I´ve been obsessed lately with small earrings too, and found at H&M a set for 1€ that has bunnies, foxes, apples, horses and cats!

    XX http://miramodernonosoybethditto.blogspot.com.es

  12. You're so pretty! For no apparent reason you make me think of April, the character of Revolutionary Road...without the craziness, of course.

    Giulia @Giules.

    new post on http://giulesss.blogspot.com

  13. love the utter simplicity of this dress, it's perfect!

  14. Can't decide whether I like the denim dress or polka dot shoes better...would love to wear both! You look charming.

    <3 Cambria

  15. Usually when I think of denim dresses I think of moms and Walmart; you've changed my tune, the outfit looks lovely!

  16. Love the shoes!


  17. Amazing outfit! I can see why you love it so much!

  18. love your dotted shoes!


  19. youre such a timeless beauty girlfriend

  20. You would be perfect for a brittish movie located in the countryside with english roses, 50s dresses, cute lads with nice haircuts and small cottages. Perfect!

    xo, Kajsa

  21. You look amazing! Love your blog:)
    Hugs and kisses