Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Instagram Round 2.

It's August. Somehow that happened, and now I have that feeling I get every year when summer is almost over, worrying that I need to squeeze every last drop of it out before autumn (even though I've started to get those pangs for cool weather). August is the annual hinge where my birthday happens, school supplies and sweaters start making their way into store windows, and towns start to clear out while everyone heads for the hills to slow down before gearing up.

The nice thing is the whole lot of summer so far is chronicled on instagram. I think for most of you this will be a repeat, but I like having them all together neatly lined up in a row!


- Vintage finds from a day out with Jess.
- Our  peonies went crazy this summer, every day I snipped armfuls and threw them all over the house!
- I had a beautiful, wonderful, dreamy day with Courtney that I need to repeat!
- I vacuumed my car and then got some soft serve with sprinkles.
- Inspected creepy houses.
- Saw this fantastic sign with Jess while going on a run for some pizza.
- Hung out with some horses, got nostalgic heart-pangs and thought about taking up riding again.
- Found the label maker at work and decided to Potter-ify the espresso machine.
- Stayed out late and remembered that waking up is the worst thing ever.
- Took many, many pictures of my baby whale of a cat, Minnow.
- Spent most of my weeknights sitting on the porch being traumatized by book feelings.
- Made muffins and ate them all in one sitting.


- Way overestimated the amount of 4th of July cake we needed!
- Spent the holiday in Kim's backyard, until the fireworks started and we all ran out into the street to watch.
- Met this beauty, Sabrina.
- Wore this outfit once and then repeated it about 47 times. 
- Started running at dusk again.
- Made Minnow grumpy so she sprawled out on my dress in retaliation.
- Bought my Lana shorts as a bit of a joke, quickly realized they are meant to be worn every waking moment.
- Sansa the Corgi learned how to go up and down stairs!
- Amy and I started weekly pink lemonade and tart dates!
- But we did switch up the kind of tart a few times.
- All the same, followed suit and went with hibiscus beer, because it's fuchsia (and delicious).
- Discovered that my hair is finally long enough for a respectable crown braid!

Once again if you'd like to follow me my user name is katerspie, although I do usually post these on tumblr/twitter as well!

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  1. That pink lemonade looks amazing! I must follow you on instagram too, can't believe I don't.

  2. I adore all of your photos. They are so pretty. And the espresso machine label is hilarious.

  3. It looks like you've been having the most delightful and sweet of times. Lucky lady!

    <3 Cambria

  4. looks like a fun summer, especially love the cat pictures!

  5. Well it looks you have are having a great summer. That sprinkled ice cream looks especially yummy

  6. Mmmmm, did you make that cake? What a masterpiece!