Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Summer of Spots.



I think I've found my theme for the summer: polka-dots. I've had soft spot for them for ages, but stripes always won the battle and outnumbered the little circular beasts in previous years. Suddenly they're catching up, spilling all over everything I own. My rationalizing kicks into overdrive because yes, you do need this cream and black polka-dotted dress even though you already have have this one.

Dress: J. Crew, Shoes: J. Crew, Necklace: Alphabet Keychain from Lawrence on a ribbon, Watch: Thrifted

It's not just dresses either. I bought these shorts in one color, and I've already worn them so much I think I need to go back tonight and get another. I'm sure they'll show up on here at some point.

If I think about it's only the most appropriate thing, this dot fixation, seeing as it's freckle-weather out there and I'm collecting them like a pro anyway.


This dress I knew I wanted the second I saw it in the store. It was cream, it was silk, it had that inexplicable effortless look to it that I always wanted in a summer dress. I had visions of coastline sunsets an boardwalks, straw hats, mountains, grass, barbeques, strolling down the sidewalk, all visions of summer vacations and destinations I was pretty sure I would not be getting to. It didn't matter, I wanted it, and this dress was my gateway to daydreaming. 


Sometimes I just can't deal with posing. I think, this is so weird, what am I even doing with myself!

I held off though, and waited for it to go on sale. When it finally did I tried it on, and yeah, I loved it, but the pockets were doing something weird. Maybe it was the kind of dress that worked better if you weren't blessed with hips. I waited, and it didn't go on sale further, until one day I was at work and I hated my outfit. I felt all wrong and weird in my own skin, so during my break I snapped up this dress and felt myself again.



The shoes were another impulse buy. They're much, much higher than anything I've been wearing for the past few years, for more than a dinner or other function anyway, but I couldn't bear to leave them behind. Mostly I've been searching for a bright blue hued pair of shoes inspired by both this pair on Ashley of Fancy Fine from months ago, and all of the gorgeous blue in this post from Anabela. I've had blue on the brain for months. 

And they were on sale, so they had to come home with me, even if I only ever wear them for pictures or special occasions. 

I'm also pretty excited because my bangs are finally, at long last, integrating into the rest of my hair! Every few weeks I get the itch again, but then I remember how many months I've been letting them grow, and I think no, I will not. Or I think of all the ladies with hair that's all one length and how I wish I had that, and I get my fingertips away from the scissors post-haste.


  1. love the spotty dress


  2. those shoes are such a pretty colour! i'm wearing polka dots today too. :) they're so playful and fun. i'm glad i've been seeing more of them in stores lately.

  3. You look so gorgeous! And I love the bright blue shoes. I really want to find myself some brightly colored shoes for summer.
    And hooray for bangs that finally integrate into the rest of your hair! I 'm still waiting for mine to do that.

  4. Such a cute dress! I'm not surprised you had to have it!

  5. I love the blue shoes with this outfit! And the pockets are the dress are great. Such a good find!

  6. spot! yeah, i'm ma maniac for dots... cute dress.

  7. Your polka dot dress is so adorable!!
    I want something just like it :)
    It's ladylike and cute without being overly sweet or cutesy. It's elegant and fun but most importantly, just right for summer.

    There's something about polka dots that just feels carefree and effortless if you know what I mean. I personally don't own much stuff with polka dots. Actually, scratch that, I don't think I own anything polka dotted!
    Maybe it's time for me to learn from you and get myself some polka dotty goodness stat!

    Those shorts you bought are pretty adorable. Since they're on sale, it won't hurt if I just pop by a store and take a look.... :)

    I love how you paired your new dress with those bright blue heels! They add an awesome pop of color that's classy and crazy.

    Looking good my friend. Looking good.


  8. Well I'm glad you picked up both J. Crew pieces, because they look perfect on you and your porcelain complexion.

  9. i adore your dress! so perfect x

  10. I love everything about this. The background, the dress paired with those shoes... TOTAL perfection.

  11. The whole outfit is divine! I want those shoes very, very much...

  12. Fantastic! I really love the blue heels with the dress! I am a fan of the impulse buy! I rarely regret mine, haha!


  13. i love this whole outfit. polka dots are taking over everything i own as well. stripes are coming in the fall. LOOK OUT WORLD.

  14. I love how you've teamed this with the blue shoes. Great dress.


  15. Gorgeous photos, your skin is so pretty! Haha I feel the same way about posing for photos, I always end up making stupid grinning faces x Sushi

  16. Love the dress with the blus shoes! The outfit is effortlessly chic!

  17. You remind me of Mary from Downton Abbey! Your style is so pretty & lady like. Just wanted to put that out there.

  18. I love that dress, can see why you were so drawn to it. I know exactly what you mean about not feeling like yourself in a particular outfit - I always used to feel that way if I ever dressed up 'corporate' for work.

  19. I love polka dots and stripes too, and I guess in my closet it's a draw because they get along quite happily together. ;)

  20. The black and white polka dots are so pretty and ladylike...but fun :) I love the splash of blue on your feet too.

    <3 Cambria

  21. I have come to the conclusion that I need a simple pump in every single color under the sun. How fun it would be to line them up like a rainbow.

  22. I love polka dots too. Your dress is pretty. Cute blue shoes with it too.

  23. Awesome dress. I just found you blog and I followed right away, I hope you follow back:)