Monday, July 2, 2012

House Weeds.

I'm not very good at planning. I tend to let a day have a vague sketch of activities and wing it the rest of the way, and as a result I usually end up toting several outfit options around with me, just in case an occasion requires something more practical than what I've put on. It doesn't always work out, and so there are a lot of times when I end up doing something ridiculous in a dress. In the end it's only clothes, and I usually feel like there's nothing so dirty it can't be cleaned, tears can be mended, and eventually poison ivy won't itch (the hardest part is not doing a google image search of whatever you've got).

Dress: Vintage, Sunglasses: Forever21, Bag: Thrifted, Belt: J. Crew circa 2009

Last week Amy and I explored one of the abandoned buildings that sits close to the regularly-used roads. Of course, in my excitement I just pulled into the overgrown driveway, rolling over some tall weeds, and we traipsed through some tall grasses in skirts worrying a little bit about ticks, when I could have pulled around the front of the place and not had to deal with any of that on the front porch. We figured that bit out later. 


Dress: Forever21, Jacket: Thrifted, Necklace: Etsy

Admittedly we didn't go all that far, since there didn't seem to be much around the back besides a couch on it's side, and oppressive heat often gets the better of adventurers when there is the promise of cool drinks and snacks back home. There's that moment when, trailing through the tall weeds I think, yes this is all very photogenic but maybe I should have worn pants.




This dress is one I grabbed a few weeks ago and woke up earlier than I normally would have to mend it this day. It's probably only got another one or two wears in it, so I'll have to choose them wisely, since I already had to go through and give the seams a little bit more reinforcing, fix every single button and replace a few missing ones, and make decisions about which holes to mend and which ones could stay. It has a little bit of life left in it, but I suspect it will soon be sitting in a pile of things too delicate to do much with.


Amy's tattoo for her 3 years spent in Japan, was done by Mel at Lark Tattoo. Please check out the comments to hear a bit from Amy about the story behind it!


  1. I love your dress and these photographs!

  2. The poor delicate dress. It'll be like Colin, taken out periodically to simply enjoy the sunshine and pretty flowers.

    Aaaand yeah, pretty sure at least one ankle got poison ivy'd this day XD WORTH IT.

  3. that dress is so lovely. the little buttons all down the front. i recently bought a dress like that, and the one time i wore it for 15 minutes in the house, a sleeve ripped, right after i mended the other sleeve. but i'm determined to wear it out.

  4. looks like a great spot for photos despite the tall grass and ticks. You should take bug spray with you next time. My brother in law got bit by a tick last year and it was not pretty.

  5. kater i love your writing style! this sounds romantic even if it did involve poison ivy and weeds. beautiful dress, looks like it was made for you.

  6. That makes for a great photo spot...I never mind a bit of adventure, and people have frequently laughed at (or appreciated) all that I can accomplish in a dress...but I draw the line at ticks! I'm not brave enough to brave ticks :)

    <3 Cambria

  7. Wow, what a breathtaking old house! <3 I love abandoned old buildings - especially when overgrown with weeds! My city has LOTS upon lots (!!) of abandoned buildings since the earthquake - but sadly not quite as pretty as this!

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  8. That tatoo is so interesting. Has she shared her story behind it somewhere around the internet?

  9. I shall explain it here, as I didn't want Kater to have to detract from her narrative in this entry :D

    Basically I am a Navy spouse, and didn't really expect to make any *close* friends among the other spouses when I moved with the Husbot to Japan. I'm kind of a weirdo with anxiety problems! But I was happily proven wrong and I ended up meeting two wonderful ladies, one of whom was half-Mexican (like my husbot), and both of whom had grown up on the Southwest border. They were my best friends in Yokosuka, we vigorously explored Japan together with a growing number of Japanese girlfriends, and they taught me to make proper Mexican food at home :D So, Sugar Skull Geisha seemed an apropo memento of that time.

  10. Love your dress!

    Have a great week ahead,

  11. Your dress is wonderful. I love the colors!

  12. So sad that your gorgeous dress is down to its last few 'wearings'. Please tell me you'll make something fabulous out of it instead of throwing it out...DIY really is one half thrify, one half sentimental. :)

  13. There's an orb in the 7th picture; I wonder whose ghost it is?

  14. Ohh I see the orb's very defined and really does look like more than a dust speck....hmm...

    I love this dress, for some reason it brings to mind both Peggy Olsen and Betty Draper all at once, well, the sort of things they wore in the earlier seasons. But yes, ticks really are a worry in skirts, I've been a little careless myself lately while walking around in the forest.

  15. This skirt length works so well for you. I loved the dress and I wish I could rock those sunglasses like you do but I end up looking like a Muppet instead. *sigh*

  16. nice xx :))

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  17. u really inspire me. so glad following you..

  18. I do just about everything in what most people would consider inappropriate attire. I go fishing in dresses and hiking in skirts. The trick is is socks and a walking stick! The socks keep your ankles safe from the worst of it and the walking stick is great for beating things down/out of the way. I always wonder what the circumstances of abandoned houses were and why anybody would choose to abandon someplace rather than fix and live in it.

  19. OMG! i love your blog, amazing post !!! <3


  20. Your sunglasses are so cool. I love the photo setting with the grass and the shed

  21. Man, how fun is it that you two go exploring and photo-taking together! :D
    You look really nice in vintage dresses. Am so glad I stumbled upon your blog.

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    I love it!!!

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  23. Oh I love her tattoo. And all the buttons on your dress!

  24. Pretty photos! Nothing like a little adventure for some cool photos to be taken!
    The dress is quite pretty, with all those buttons!

  25. Love the retro vibe of your dress. You did a splendid job with the tattoo. Love the story behind it.

  26. These pictures remind me so much of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" featuring a young Johnny Depp. Lovely!