Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Del Rey.


The thing about summer is that I always have pretty specific, strange, nostalgic expectations for it. I almost said it's got more than any other season, but I live in the Northeast where fall reigns supreme, so that's not entirely true.

Going into any summer, or those days when I'm wearing 47 layers of clothing and my leggings are tucked into my socks, there is this feeling of longing and haze. I know that my memories of summer are a lie but the backlog of them is always really idyllic--all bike rides and thick, bare-legged in the grass, long into the night-time talks with stars and popsicles, lens flares and gauzy dresses. They waffle between something akin to Picnic and Hanging Rock-The Virgin Suicides and the kitsch amusement park bubble-gum smack versions of summer. And it was never really like that, it was hot and sticky like it is now, exhausted from withstanding sunshine, but I somehow can never keep myself from thinking that's how it's going to be.

Blouse: H&M summer 2011, Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: Anthropologie 2009, Sunglasses: Faces, Flower thingy: DIY


Besides all that, there's always the music of summer. The stuff you listen to with windows down, hair a mess, sometimes singing because it's dark out and you feel like you're in your own universe in the car, even though the person driving next to you can hear every good-intentioned attempt at singing.

This summer it's a few bands but I feel down the Lana del Ray rabbit hole right on cue when the weather got hot and sultry. I'm not alone, it seems like a whole Lana del Ray girl gang has popped up on my various online outlets, suddenly we're all wondering why we're listening to this album on repeat, and why do we suddenly have the itch to wear piles of eyeliner and flower crowns in denim cutoffs?


The good thing is I'm not alone. Once again, my bosom friend and kindred spirit Amy is right there, on the same wavelength, so of course we tried out best to channel this whole Lana Vibe and be totally ridiculous in public.

I have large and small flower crowns for no reason, so it was quite exciting to be able to actually use them. If I had the nerve, I would wear this sort of thing (the smaller one, anyway) out and about, but I never seem to have the gumption to do it unless I'm with someone else. At some point I'll get a proper picture of my shorts, because they were twenty-five cents and are so high waisted they make driving a grumpy activity.

Shirt: Ancient family relic, Shorts: Forever21 altered by Amy, Shoes: Bought in Japan


I have to say though, that this is already one of the best summers in a long time. My room is a mess and I'm not entirely certain what I'm doing with my life at the moment, in a month I'm going to be on the other side of twenty-five, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm having exactly the kind of summer I dreamed about. It's somehow living up to my expectations, even if some days it's so hot all I can do is lie on the floor and thank my lucky stars for air conditioning.



This summer is all kinds of listening to cheesy music in the car, hanging out on porches until long after it's gone dark outside, flopping around in the pool with little to no sense of grace or poise, lounging on the grass, heartbreaking books, new people, horseback riding, short shorts and popsicles. 



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Summer of Spots.



I think I've found my theme for the summer: polka-dots. I've had soft spot for them for ages, but stripes always won the battle and outnumbered the little circular beasts in previous years. Suddenly they're catching up, spilling all over everything I own. My rationalizing kicks into overdrive because yes, you do need this cream and black polka-dotted dress even though you already have have this one.

Dress: J. Crew, Shoes: J. Crew, Necklace: Alphabet Keychain from Lawrence on a ribbon, Watch: Thrifted

It's not just dresses either. I bought these shorts in one color, and I've already worn them so much I think I need to go back tonight and get another. I'm sure they'll show up on here at some point.

If I think about it's only the most appropriate thing, this dot fixation, seeing as it's freckle-weather out there and I'm collecting them like a pro anyway.


This dress I knew I wanted the second I saw it in the store. It was cream, it was silk, it had that inexplicable effortless look to it that I always wanted in a summer dress. I had visions of coastline sunsets an boardwalks, straw hats, mountains, grass, barbeques, strolling down the sidewalk, all visions of summer vacations and destinations I was pretty sure I would not be getting to. It didn't matter, I wanted it, and this dress was my gateway to daydreaming. 


Sometimes I just can't deal with posing. I think, this is so weird, what am I even doing with myself!

I held off though, and waited for it to go on sale. When it finally did I tried it on, and yeah, I loved it, but the pockets were doing something weird. Maybe it was the kind of dress that worked better if you weren't blessed with hips. I waited, and it didn't go on sale further, until one day I was at work and I hated my outfit. I felt all wrong and weird in my own skin, so during my break I snapped up this dress and felt myself again.



The shoes were another impulse buy. They're much, much higher than anything I've been wearing for the past few years, for more than a dinner or other function anyway, but I couldn't bear to leave them behind. Mostly I've been searching for a bright blue hued pair of shoes inspired by both this pair on Ashley of Fancy Fine from months ago, and all of the gorgeous blue in this post from Anabela. I've had blue on the brain for months. 

And they were on sale, so they had to come home with me, even if I only ever wear them for pictures or special occasions. 

I'm also pretty excited because my bangs are finally, at long last, integrating into the rest of my hair! Every few weeks I get the itch again, but then I remember how many months I've been letting them grow, and I think no, I will not. Or I think of all the ladies with hair that's all one length and how I wish I had that, and I get my fingertips away from the scissors post-haste.

Monday, July 2, 2012

House Weeds.

I'm not very good at planning. I tend to let a day have a vague sketch of activities and wing it the rest of the way, and as a result I usually end up toting several outfit options around with me, just in case an occasion requires something more practical than what I've put on. It doesn't always work out, and so there are a lot of times when I end up doing something ridiculous in a dress. In the end it's only clothes, and I usually feel like there's nothing so dirty it can't be cleaned, tears can be mended, and eventually poison ivy won't itch (the hardest part is not doing a google image search of whatever you've got).

Dress: Vintage, Sunglasses: Forever21, Bag: Thrifted, Belt: J. Crew circa 2009

Last week Amy and I explored one of the abandoned buildings that sits close to the regularly-used roads. Of course, in my excitement I just pulled into the overgrown driveway, rolling over some tall weeds, and we traipsed through some tall grasses in skirts worrying a little bit about ticks, when I could have pulled around the front of the place and not had to deal with any of that on the front porch. We figured that bit out later. 


Dress: Forever21, Jacket: Thrifted, Necklace: Etsy

Admittedly we didn't go all that far, since there didn't seem to be much around the back besides a couch on it's side, and oppressive heat often gets the better of adventurers when there is the promise of cool drinks and snacks back home. There's that moment when, trailing through the tall weeds I think, yes this is all very photogenic but maybe I should have worn pants.




This dress is one I grabbed a few weeks ago and woke up earlier than I normally would have to mend it this day. It's probably only got another one or two wears in it, so I'll have to choose them wisely, since I already had to go through and give the seams a little bit more reinforcing, fix every single button and replace a few missing ones, and make decisions about which holes to mend and which ones could stay. It has a little bit of life left in it, but I suspect it will soon be sitting in a pile of things too delicate to do much with.


Amy's tattoo for her 3 years spent in Japan, was done by Mel at Lark Tattoo. Please check out the comments to hear a bit from Amy about the story behind it!