Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The All this Happiness Dress and Blogger of the Moment!


As usual, this has taken me several moments to post about, but as the weather and my schedule have finally seen fit to cooperate with each other, I'm really thrilled to say that Modcloth has picked little old me as their blogger of the moment! 


You can read my little interview here, and check out my favorite Modcloth items here, an activity I've become kind of addicted to since starting it and which will probably be very dangerous for my wallet in the coming months since I keep going back and gazing over my faves!

Mostly this post is late because I wanted to get some decent outfit pictures of the dress named after the blog. Somehow everyday I reached for it was a day when it wanted to rain! That just wouldn't do, this dress has sunflowers on it for Pete's sake, something sunny had to happen! And then when I did get these pictures, the sun was so bright it was revealed that I am truly a summertime ghost, and my Photoshop skills were really tested! I think it came out alright though, even if that top picture looks totally different from the rest! Always learning, I guess!

Dress: All this Happiness dress c/o Modcloth, shoes: Chelsea Crew, Bag: Thrifted, Sunglasses: My floor

As you can see, I'm pretty skilled at grinning like and idiot. I tried taking serious, fashion-y pictures but honestly not one of them seemed right. This dress is just the right mixture of ladylike and summery, without being too flimsy or short so I can still run around and get things done and not worry about a thing. Plus it's super flattering. At first I was a little unsure of how often I would wear a sunflower print (I love it, but, you know, sometimes I feel a bit too girly), but that worry was all for naught, since this is easily one of the most comfortable and flattering summer dresses I've got in my arsenal. 

A big thanks and love to Modcloth for including me and for everything, this has been such fun and I couldn't be a happier clam!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Shorts: J. Crew summer 2011, Shirt: Vintage, Shoes: J. Crew summer 2011

Every few months I start to feel weird about my clothes. It's a little bit of what I expressed in yesterday's post--suddenly I can't be bothered with cloying things like belts and fussy jewelry. I waffle between wanting to dress and be ridiculously girly and that cool, effortless almost tomboyish thing. Maybe it's the impending heat.

I've been throwing on my favorite shorts and some variation of a blouse lately, going back to my tote bags instead of purses (I think I said that already, yesterday) and wearing the same grungy flats just about every day. I've only gone back to wearing my usual swipe of eyeliner in the past two or three days, and I've been letting my hair go straight instead of clinging to my curls. I switched to a makeup with a little less coverage after seeing some pictures and feeling a little too done. I've started using my summer blush every day, now that it's warm out and the light is all apricots.

I wouldn't say this funny shirt is the catalyst for such kind of behavior, but it's one of the recent purchases that is enforcing it. It needs a better soak than the one I initially gave it, but a little wear around the edges and discoloring hasn't ever stopped me from wearing something before. I've got a weakness for nautical details, and this was one I left behind at my favorite vintage haunt so that I could bring these two tops home instead. It was waiting for me a week later, and now I've already worn it three or four times. 

So we'll see. Looking through the archives (which I've got to buckle down and organize more soon!) this seems to happen every few months. Dresses for ages, ridiculous pinks, curls, lace and then all of the sudden it's cuffed jeans and button-ups. I try not to think about it too much, and just wear what feels right for the day, because there isn't anything worse than getting dressed and realizing halfway through that it's all wrong.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Puppy Days.

I know, a puppy, on this blog! I generally categorize myself, and am categorized by the world at large, as a cat person but that isn't to the exclusion of other animals. My dear, long-time, once-internet friend Amy moved back into my area recently, and after a few while she and her husband procured the sweetest little corgi puppy! Of course this means I need to run up to her neck of the woods as often as possible so that we can be unabashedly girly in our outfits, eat delicious meals and snacks, and hang out with the little corgi puppy named Sansa.

I've been struggling lately with accessories. I'm suddenly sick of necklaces, belts, all the extra bits that I normally love so much. I just want easy summer dresses and blouses with minimal frills (but a few, because I feel so unlike myself without something of a bow somewhere) and flats. I'm back to tote bags instead of little beaded things, and my hair is staying either down with minimal curl (who can be bothered when the threat of humidity is around every corner?) or plopped in a ponytail. I've forgotten how to do things like belts and jewelry.

 Kater- Dress: Cumulus Laude Dress c/o modcloth, Shoes: Urban Outfitters circa fall 2010, Hat: Forever21 circa 2009
Amy- Dress: Vintage, Shoes: random mall store in Japan, Belt and hair flower: Forever21, Necklace: gift

Like this dress, I kept trying to belt it or put things over it, but nothing really felt right. It just seemed better on it's own, with a sunhat, with some simple flats.

I was really excited when Amy moved back to the area after being gone for ages, partly because we were friends in high school when I didn't have a car so even though she wasn't that far, neither of us could drive. But it's really nice to have a gal-pal to hang out with who has a defined personal style and always looks adorable. 

Things devolved into silliness about ten pictures in, because we're girls incapable of being totally serious and graceful.

Hopefully this is only the first of many posts together! I'm still getting the hang of the self timer in more public spaces, and of course of posing with other people, so we'll have to do more posts to practice!