Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Mending Pile.

I tried to muddle up the bother to get dressed in something exciting today, but everything I want to wear calls for pools of sunlight and we've got very little of that at the moment. It's really the kind of day for staying inside and doing practical things, like laundry and dusting. Or, struck but a sudden bolt of productivity, for attacking the mending pile.

Everyone's got one, but I think if you tend to shop thrift or vintage it's usually larger than the average. I can't leave anything behind, I feel bad for it, so I've ended up with a funny pile of sweaters and skirts with more holes than should probably be acceptable. I always think I'll fix them soon, and then don't. There's a blouse I own that has a tear in the back for years that I've never fixed. It's quite a big one too, but I've found ways around the hole by throwing a sweater or dress on over the thing. 

My pile is a mixture of damaged goods (that were both acquired that way or torn through my own hard-on-my-clothes way of life) and things that need to be altered. I've finally started hemming on my own, but for the more complicated and difficult items my mother works her magic. These are just a few items, my favorites I suppose, the things I keep wanting to wear before I remember I can't. The whole pile is an overflowing laundry basket kept hidden in my closet.

The polka dot and blue floral dresses up there need to be taken in, while the pink striped one has a large tear near the zipper (it doesn't exactly fit, but I can get it on and it looks acceptable). Downstairs there is a dress hanging on a door that needs to be hemmed in a more complicated way than I'm equipped to do, and another not pictured that I bought with an unfinished hem two years ago not realizing it was also more of a complicated job than I anticipated.

This little lace vest is one of my favorite to-mend items. I got it during a thrifting trip with Jess that we have yet to top (you know that thing where you piqued one week and since then it's never quite lived up to that day? We're struggling with that) over the winter and have been thinking of ways to wear it ever since. The lace has a hole in it at the back, but thankfully that's an easy fix if I ever get around to it. I've been good with this one and not worn it for fear or tearing it more. 

I still call this my favorite slip even though I haven't worn it in about 5 years. It's stupid really, because it's the easiest of fixes and yet there it sits, blue flowers languishing. 

This dress (nightgown, thing) from last summer isn't torn anywhere, but I spilled tea on it and now it's got to be removed or dyed with more tea to hide it. In the meantime, until I get to it, I've hung it on my wall along with my Lawrence initial kechain that I've been wearing as a necklace. 

Today I'll do it. Some of it, the easiest bits. The laundry will stay on the floor (floordrobe) and there are teacups everywhere, but mending is a much more rewarding chore for the moment.


  1. Oh. I just love these images so much!!!! They remind me of the opening credits for the film "Bright Star." I'm not very tall so I'm ALWAYS hemming something and I thrift shop, so there you go.

  2. I have a huge pile of old clothes as well but I don't like to throw them out either. Sometimes I have my grandma help me fix them she's a wiz at sewing. I have sweaters that I need to use!

  3. I have this massive pile of old clothes and fabric that I always mean to do something with but it just sits there, looking pretty. Oh day I may sew it into something...

  4. These picture are so beautiful!

  5. Waw, what a lovely night gown!! Dying it with tea is a really good idea, would be beautiful.

  6. It's good to know I'm not the only one who does this. I've been known to buy things about five sizes too big for me, with plans to remake them (it never happens). I have a nice little pile of moth-holed skirts and torn lace at the moment. Yours is by far prettiest mending pile I've ever seen!

  7. Good luck with your mending! Such lovely pile would be rather enormous if actually piled up, but as it is, it's scattered throughout my closet, neatly on hangers, so I don't feel so bad about it. But it is getting rather ridiculous, so I'm going to pass them off to my sister to fix - she's a much more adept sewer than I!

  8. I love lace shirts!
    This one looks super cute!

  9. oh those items sooo pretty!!.. love the slip!!..
    ha i've got box full of things to mend!!.. i should stop being lazy and fix them!!
    have fun mending xo

  10. Beautiful, I love that lace! xx