Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Ages ago I posted a bunch of the pictures that were collecting on my phone, but haven't bothered much in recent months because it seemed like the kind of thing everyone was doing, and I don't want it to seem terribly repetitive for people who've already seen them. But then, there a lot of little bits of outfits and accessories that don't ever make it onto the blog, so I thought it was high time I threw them on here. 

It's a lot of flowers and food, especially these days!

 -Some of the goodies I snatched up at an estate sale last weekend
- One of my favorite things is when I can flip to the new month in my lunar calendar (from KinOfKin on etsy).
- Snapping some outfit and hair details before leaving for work.
- Picturesque logs hanging out and waiting for next winter.

- Watching Downton, again, and staring wistfully at Michelle Dockery's perfect eyebrows.
- All gussied up in my favorite shorts and antique blouse to go gallivanting with some gal-pals (including a trip to Target, of course).
- Minnow inexplicable climbing into my closet and hanging out in my shoe collection.
- And climbing in and out of hat boxes.

- Flowers in the driveway.
- Snapped an outfit picture on my way out of work, wearing my new shoes out of the store!
- A look into the life of Minnow.
- Another outfit picture, things I should probably blog properly but never seem to get around to doing. And I also wear this dress about 4 times a week.

- Splurged on some nail polish (Chanel's 'June') and took some quality claw-hand pictures.
- Bloggin' snack wrappers and some cat tchotchkes on my desk.
- Deliriously pretty 1920s beaded dresses at the museum.
- Pancakes for dinner!

- Lily-of-the-valley bush that we didn't buy while flower shopping.
- Making meringues at work.

In the past two days I've managed to take almost nothing but pictures of flowers, since it's been so humid and hot here that everything is just oozing petals all over the place. We got hit by a bad rainstorm tonight so I ran outside and grabbed handfuls of roses and peonies, worried that they would be pelted to bits, so we're surrounded by them at the moment. My username is katerspie if you'd like to follow, or you can just watch on instagrid! Someday I'll make some non-internet friends and they'll be in my feed, but until then it looks like I'm best friends forever with flowers and cats!


  1. I will follow you till the ends of time. You always make me smile and your taste is exquisite! xoxoox

    ~Auntie Pamela~

  2. Such a beautiful collection of pictures. You always look exquisite!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Downtown Abbey is my favorite show EVER> Mary is incredible.


  4. Hahah, I have my dress that I wear about four times a week as well. Hey, different events/places, different people looking.

  5. Lovely pictures! I've never seen Downton Abbey but apparently I need to check it out. :)

  6. These are lovely! And how fun to get to make meringues as part of any job :)

  7. worderful pics!

  8. I am so obsessed with Downton Abby as well. Love the show!

  9. lovely , lovely, just lovely:)

  10. beautifull picture.. I love this post.. :)

  11. gorgeous pics - all of them!!!! :)

  12. you take really great pics. I have yet to get a fancy camera phone so I feel kinda out the loop here. Im just gonna go wallow in some self pity now.

    Stop by & enter my eShakti Giveaway!

  13. I love your high-waisted shorts. They are darling! Where did you find them?

  14. I just realized that you look a lot like Michelle Dockery!

  15. Lily of the Valley is my favorite flower, but I have NEVER seen them in the form of a bush before! Want one!!! A BIG one!!! :) xox

  16. oh, cats. sometimes when I can't find mine, I have to check the back of the closet, where it's dark. I always get scared when I feel something warm - it's Lizzi the cat!

  17. Sometimes I think I should call my kittygram. Also that yellow dress=love.

  18. Hello sweet Kater! I enjoyed all of your beautiful photos! You are gorgeous and I love how you dress! Your outfits, flowers, kitty, food and finds are all wonderful! I love Downton Abbey! I wish you a beautiful weekend! xo~Paula

  19. great photos kaitlin <3 yikes! feels awkward being the only guy in here

  20. hi! i follow your blog because i enjoy reading it...

  21. Kater, your outfits are amazing! I love those shorts. Great post (:


  22. Hey, lady! It's Cara, the girl who asked about your blog yesterday at Crisan. I love it! You have AMAZING fashion sense. Where do you like to vintage shop around Albany? I'm having trouble finding good consignment shops, but you seem to have mastered the drill. I added you on Instragram. Also, please check out my blog http://everydayintrigue.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think! I'm totally open to criticism, it helps!

    Anywho, good work. I'll be following you blog from here on out!


  23. Its ace that you are on Instagram - i love your blog so it will be good to see little snippets of your fashion on Instagram

  24. Good old Downton. I just ordered the Christmas special from Amazon, I'm so excited to watch it!

  25. Gorgeous pics!
    That's the wonders of instagram, including snippets of your life or unphotographed outfits in your blog!
    Makes life so much easier!

  26. I absolutely love this post, your instagram pics are awesome ! thanks for sharing :)

    Kisses sweetie,


  27. has anyone told you that you look like mary from downton abbey?

  28. I love your instagram too much! I'm illbeyourmirror :)