Monday, April 30, 2012

Sponsor all this happiness!

Brought to you by Minnow being a creeper-cat in a window.

Hello everyone! all this happiness is now accepting sponsors! I've dipped a toe in for the last two months, but seeing as this is the last day of April it seemed appropriate to make a quick post about it! 

You can check out some details here, but as this is cutting it pretty close to the beginning of the month I will be offering slightly discounted rates for the month of May. 

You can help me do responsible things like still being able to make my car payment while working a few less shifts during the week so I can do some honest-to-goodness blogging! I'd love to work with shops, other blogs, or just about anything that fits into my little corner of the web here!

Please e-mail me at for rate information this month if you're interested!

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  1. hy kater...

    I really like your pics and your style.
    what a cute face i just see please tell me about yourself if you don't mind.