Monday, April 2, 2012

Floppy Bow Headscarf Tutorial (kind of).

I've gotten quite a lot of questions about and requests for a tutorial on how I tied my scarf in this post. I got out of work early today for good behavior and decided to try and throw something together in under half an hour (the time constraint is so that I will go do things like fold my laundry).

I wear this fairly often, since I have to keep my hair pulled back at work. I'm usually just wearing jeans and a tee shirt, so I like to have something pretty on my head to make me feel a little less dressed-down. Plus the risk of getting egg white or butter cream on my scarf if it's on my head is minimal (though it has happened).

You will need:
A scarf (I prefer very thin silk or chiffon ones, as the bow is nice and floppy).
Some bobby pins (sometimes I don't need any, but you never know).
A hair elastic.

My hair is usually lightly curled (it's naturally pin-straight) and I find that helps keep it manageable. It's also nice to have the ends curled so that if they fall out or stick out it just looks romantic and wispy and on purpose.

Step one: Grab two sections of hair on either side of your head. A fistful is plenty. Keep these bits in front of your shoulders and away from the largest, back, section.

Step two: Situate the scarf (if it is a square you'll want to fold it into a triangle and then over itself so it's only an few inches wide) underneath this large section so that the ends of it come out between it and the two front sections.

Step three: Wrap the scarf around your head and tie in a bow. I normally slide it over to one side (I like the bow on the same side as my bangs). Once you have the bow in place you can arrange it nicely, pulling it out so that it's fluffy and moving it as you need. I have bangs so I try to keep those tucked behind the scarf while I tie it.

Step four: This isn't a step, it's just what things should look like at this point. This is not complicated so I feel sort of silly making a whole thing of it, but there you go. You could leave it like this with your hair down, but my ears stick out on the sides and it bothers me (that's why you keep the two sections of hair out at the start--you use them to cover up your ears).

Step five: Pull all the hair, the two front sections and the back, into a low, messy ponytail-bun kind of thing. I like to keep it quite loose. 

Step six: If necessary, pin here and there. I usually have to pin the front bits that hang down a little up a bit. I pin them to the scarf, and that helps the whole thing stay in place.

So there you go! Easy as pie! Possible this whole post wasn't necessary, but people asked, and pictures are much easier than trying to explain it all! I've done something similar with a higher top-knot type hairstyle, but the scarf often slides off. With this one the hair sections in the front keep it from popping off your head.


  1. Very cute! You pull this look off so well.


    (kind of like so + well). OK, I'm leaving now!

  2. Great tutorial! I've always had difficulty with scarves - they always seem to slide off. Having extra hair to help secure it is a great idea. Thanks for posting this! It may not be necessary for some, but as a scarf-impaired individual, I appreciate it :)

  3. You are so beautiful Kater! I shall have to try this when my hair is being unruly O_O most of the time it looks a little like im wearing a wig cos i have so much hair heh. xx

  4. Great tutorial. I wonder if it would work with my short hair. I'm excited to give it a try!

  5. Eee this is WONDERFUL - thank you so much for sharing Kater!

  6. Well I liked the tutorial and thought it was completely necessary. I have such a hard time with hair really help :)

  7. I, too, feel the necessity of this! I love wearing headscarves but am constantly nervous that they're falling off my head, I like the two-sections-of-hair trick. Will be trying this soon :)

  8. This post is absolutely necessary! I have a bunch of pretty scarves lying about in my drawer, but usually don't wear them because I can't think of a way to style them. Whenever I try to put them in my hair they are constantly falling off. This will be great for when I'm in a hurry and want to look cute (which is just about every morning).

  9. Yaa....Ya.... I will try!
    Thanks for the tutorial. i like this! *2 thumbs

  10. I don't know how you manage to make this look good- I would love to wear a scarf like this but I always feel like a ninny with a big bow on my head. I worry my head looks tiny!

  11. Ack!! Thank you so much for this. I've been all about bows and headbands...but I've yet to attempt a headscarf. Now I think I to find a scarf big enough for my giant head!

  12. so sweet! you look great!


  13. We LOVE this! We have sooo many scarves that we treasure and we think that the best way to wear them is around the head! Very retro and chic, classy, feminine for day or evening. Perfect accessory and spruce up to any outfit.

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