Monday, April 30, 2012

April Sponsor: jessjamesjake vintage shop on etsy

jessjamesjake on etsy has been popping up around here before, and I'm pretty pleased to wander through Jess's shop (well, wander through in the virtual sense) to showcase some of my favorite things she has in there at the moment! I whittled it down to six because originally I had so many tabs open for all the things I want (pins! so many pins!) that my computer started making airplane noises.

I just had to get a pin in there, and this one has cats on it! The stuff in this shop is always beautiful and exciting, and I regularly have to keep myself from skulking around the things that have already sold because I just get sad about the things I missed.

Don't forget, as today is the last day of April (when did that happen?) readers can still use the coupon AllThisHappiness25 until midnight tonight for 25% off the entire shop!


  1. Oooh. That tangerine dress is super dreamy.

  2. what pretty and delicate pieces!


  3. I am pretty much obsessed with anything on Etsy! This is such a cute shop! Thanks for sharing. If you like eclectic/vintage clothing another great shop to check out is Apples Branches Vintage. Your blog is awesome!


    Molly Jane

  4. I've loved this Etsy shop for quite some time :)