Friday, January 27, 2012

Wishful Thinking.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the internet. I love it a lot, but these days there are so many vehicles for collecting and sharing things we love and are inspired by, that a lot of my links end up all over the place. My tumblr favorites are out of control (I try to go through and edit them every few weeks, but there are still thousands of posts in there), so I started to use pinterest as a means of making those a bit more searchable, but honestly that hasn't made it that much better. I bookmarks things, star them in my google reader, but eventually they all become so full that I can't really find anything. When holidays or birthdays come up I never know what I want, because I'm certain I saw something, but heaven only knows where that link is buried.

Maybe this will help. I try not to spend too much money most of the time, and generally I'll sit on a purchase for a few weeks before making it (thrifting and food not included) to make sure it's something worth it. Here are a few things I've been eyeing and might hand over my pennies for if there's anything left over after that next paycheck! 

1. I've been much more interested in watches this year, and this initial watch caught my eye a few weeks ago. Most of my watches don't actually work (somehow, I kill watch batteries) but I like the look of them. On the downside, the letter K is sold out in this one, but I could always go with my middle initial and snag the S. And it's from Urban Outfitters. On the upside it's cute, and cheap (but I hate paying for shipping).

 2. I have a pile of tote-bags that is to-my-knees high, but none with a cat on it. How adorable is this black cat tote? Maybe someday I'll graduate to real grown-up purses, but it is not this day.

3. I've felt kind of lukewarm about Madewell for a while now, but I want almost everything that's come out in their spring line. Especially the shoes, and especially these polka-dot flats. Polka-dots, for goodness sake. This is the one purchase from this list I might actually make sometime soon.

4. I feel a little weird posting a bra on here, although I'm not sure why. Whatever. It's pretty, it's mint green, and I want it. I'm also pretty sure the only thing holding me back from ordering things like this (because the price is reasonable, really) is shipping. I really, really hate shipping, totally irrationally. 

5. It was just listed this morning, but I'm a little obsessed with this cat brooch. Someone should buy it before I do.

6. Emily's book is available! Once I get my hot little hands on some extra pennies I have plans to buy this for myself some little kids I know who might just love it. I'm a little bit sad that I can't live in her illustrations, so I suppose this is the next best thing!

7. Ever since Anabela posted the contents of her beautifully curated purse I've been lusting after this wallet. I think I've actually pulled it up on my phone and showed three separate people. It will be mine, I am certain. Mostly because I need a proper adult wallet instead of the flippy thing I've been using that I can't actually fit anything in, and that I have affixed a cat sticker to, but also because between the texture and color I also kind of want to eat it.

8. I could lie and say oh yes, I would like to purchase this tie for John, but really I want it for me. Maybe I could get him the other color, but the pink/khaki is definitely singing some kind of siren song to me.

My next post will be less rampant materialism and more dressing up for a day out by recycling things in my closet. I'm trying to hem something at the moment, but I'm a bit worried that I've cut it too short, so wish me luck!


  1. I feel your pain - I just starred your post in Google reader. And I'm tempted to email myself about it too (but I'm going to resist at least that).

  2. Ohhh i fell in love with that watch but felt the same disappointment when you said the K was sold out! xo

  3. Aww, thanks for including the book in your list of pined-after lovely things.

    You belong in Oddfellow's, I am pretty certain of that much. There are lots of nice clothes and I don't think they would frown on cake for breakfast!

  4. I NEED a new watch but I just cannot find anything I like. I love tote bags but I admit the lack of pockets stress me out since I carry my life around with me and hate the constant rummaging.
    My parents bought me a beautiful cobalt blue spotty leather wallet back from Italy, and I adore it. There is something wonderfully luxurious about having a good, proper wallet.

  5. I love that dang wallet. The rose one is so nice! It has a print on the inside that I'm not super crazy about, but who cares! (Just on the inside of the zippy part, a diamond pattern fabric)

  6. Go for the flats. I have a navy tie with white polkas and it's become a go-to item.

  7. Zappos also carries that sweet little bra and the shipping is FREE! Tempting.

  8. the internet makes me want everything too.
    now i am also following you on pinterest.

  9. Oh, it's all so lovely! I especially love the black cat tote.

  10. great wishlist, adore the tote with black cat

  11. Ack! I want it all! I can't believe my little brooch is on your awesome blog. Thank you!

  12. Don't get me started on urban outfitters s/h to canada. I wanted one of the monogram necklaces they have right now and it was going to be more $$ to ship than to buy. Lovely "wishful" items you chose though:)