Monday, November 21, 2011

Wearing the Book: Ulysses

I've never read this book. I've never attempted it (I think--I might have attempted it once for a class where I was required to attempt parts of it). But I have two copies of the same edition of it, because I loved the cover and typeface too much to leave it behind. The blue one, pictured here, is the first one I bought and I was beside myself with joy at the cover. I have it in green also, the same exact one, which I am less in love with but I had to  have it so that they could be twins. 

Dress: Anthropologie, Sweater: J. Crew 2010, Shoes: Nine West 2008, Belt: J. Crew

It's also one of the first covers I knew I wanted to dress like. I suppose this outfit is a bit literal, I was hoping to be a bit more abstract with it, but if I keep trying to find the perfect match I'll never get a move on with posting in general or this little series! I've been feeling lately that I want to wear more complicated outfits--more layers and things as though being able to find the perfect arrangement of clothing and accessories will make me seem an expert dresser. But most of the time, I don't really know what exactly to do to achieve what I have, vaguely, in mind.

I also don't know why I'm being a real Misery Bear in pictures these days. It's just so hard to get used to the self-timer again, and to run around my neighborhood looking like a loon in heels. But the light disappears early now (it was gone by four thirty today!) so I've got to buck up and figure it all out again!

P.S. Ever since Emily's pig-tail tutorial it's been my go-to hair-do! My curls are a bit short, but for now that's alright!

Look at the inside! It is amazing!


Monday, November 7, 2011

We are not a Codfish.

But apparently we are, because we can't seem to keep our mouth shut in pictures! In defense of myself, I've gotten sick, again, and after a week or so I finally feel as though I can dress like a human being again. I'm still facing the challenge of blowing my nose while wearing lipstick (it's second in difficulty only to putting a shirt on while wearing lipstick--which SEEMS like an easy thing to do, but not so much when you're in a fitting room. Or maybe that's just me) but I've got to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back into blogging regularly again!

Jeans: Gap, Shoes: H&M, Socks: Haven't the foggiest, Shirt/Sweater/Hairthing: J.Crew
 (Kater, you should have ironed that shirt.)

Instead of blogging, I've been doing things like working (all the time), being obsessed with eyebrows (Michelle Dockery's), listening to new music (Florence), buying books but not reading them (Mindy Kaling's new book), and grumbling about the weather (it SNOWED, on HALLOWEEN. I was sick as a dog anyway, but the whole thing was really insulting).

I also bought the above shoes, even though I really do not need another pair of oxfords/brogues. But I've been meaning to wear something like this for ages, and things were just the right mixture that day for me to buy them. There are certain times when I can go ages without buying anything, when nothing feels right, and then one day I'm in a totally different mood and open to everything. 

I also have a lot anxiety about things. Actual things, not the vague, cryptic kind of things but honest-to-goodness objects. Suddenly these kinds of shoes are everywhere, and I love them, and we are perfect together in all their many incarnations, but what if they go away? What happens when I wear them out? I will be left heartbroken. It is good planning and forward thinking to buy them up now.