Friday, September 30, 2011

Jeans and Gelato.

During the summer, I unintentionally stocked up on thick cotton sweaters. The kind that you think, yes, I will wear this to the beach! I will wear it hanging out on the porch during summer nights, with shorts and dirty sneakers and maybe a sparkler, some ice cream, tall grass at dusk, that sort of thing, but then you end up wearing it never because the reality of the weather where you (I) live is that it's 92 degrees with a humidity of four-hundred-and-seventy (which looks much more impressive and oppressive if you write it out), so you don't wear the sweaters all summer.

Thankfully, I'm stuck in that weird place season-wise when there is no committing to anything. Wool sweaters are the worst idea (tried it, was miserable) but a nice cotton one will do nicely if it's a bit breezy and there are equal threats of sunshine and rain. I somehow ended up with this sweater in two colors (the other I wore earlier this week to go get lunch in
super casual outfit), but I have no problem admitting that the mustard stripe is, marginally, my favorite. 

Jeans: J. Crew (circa 2008); Sweater: J. Crew (Summer 2011); Shoes: Seychelles by way of Anthropologie; Pin: Vintage, ebay; Bag: Vintage, mom; Glasses: Forever21; Gelato: from my work!

I'm starting to notice that there are also things in my wardrobe that have stuck around for a while. For so long you're growing out of things or destroying them because you're twelve and you run around and spill things and things either don't fit or are unwearable before long. Then, all of the sudden you realize you've had a pair of jeans for four or five years and that suddenly just seems weird. 

I think I've had these since 2007 or 2008? I hardly wear them, although I do really love them, mostly because they require heels. I also feel a bit self conscious on them, I feel like my legs are more on display somehow than in a skirt. Thankfully, I didn't toss them into a bag during one of my Oh My God I Have To Get Rid Of Everything moments, and suddenly flares are resurfacing a bit. 

And of course, where would I be without my little fox friend?

Pictures by John M.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Borrowing the Gibson Tuck.

I know, the last time I posted was just over twenty days ago. In my defense, I contracted the world's most persistent sinus infection--but mostly I've just felt a little restless with my current wardrobe and can't be bothered (most days) to wear something that merits and actual post. But now it's just gotten awkward (and of course, I feel the need to call attention to it) and I figure I better post something before things get really even more so! 

What I'm most frustrated by right now is my hair--after cutting it months ago, I decided to grow it out (I might be doing so partially so that I have at least some-what decent length locks for the premiere of The Hobbit. Maybe.) and I think there is at least one moment in every day when I grab fistfuls of the stuff and chant, "Grow hair grow!" hopefully into the air. This doesn't seem to be helping in the least. So most of the time my hair gets ponytail-ed, but thankfully I found a new favorite way to tie the silly stuff back without resorting to getting horsey. 

I had seen the picture of the resulting hairstyle floating around tumblr and pinterest, and in one of the rare instances where things are linked properly on one of those sites, I discovered a really wonderful tutorial on Simply Stardust detailing how to style the simple Gibson tuck. 

It's easy-as-pie and what I've been wearing for the past few weeks. 

(and there is my little carrot pin, rescued from ebay!)

Mine generally ends up a bit messier, since I've been doing a bit of teasing at the crown just so it's not so flat on my head, and sadly I don't have those gorgeous red locks, but it's making me quite pleased with my hair for the moment. It's also very helpfully channeling a bit of Downton Abbey hair, which is helpful as it seems the entirety of the corner of the internet in which I live is totally obsessed with the show. I'm just glad the second season is on it's way, even if I am terribly worried about what's going to happen in it!

My bangs are still being really stubborn and refusing to grow. I'm at that point where I'm thinking it might just be easier to cut them again, but so far I've been good and kept the scissors to themselves. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out and About.

Despite my little pause for however long that was, I am really and honestly trying to update with more regularity. At the moment I've been struck down by some kind of cold that is making the rounds, and also, it is raining almost as much as possible. Normally I am perfectly pleased to roll around in puddles but at the moment I'd rather have some mild sun.

I thought though, I'd take the opportunity to offer the other places on the internet where you might follow me!

The tumblr to go with this blog can be found here. It's still on wobbly little legs, but it's there. If you followed my tumblr back when I first started it, you probably noticed it quickly devolved into internet-screaming about Harry Potter and cat gifs, with a healthy dose of my deep and inscrutable feelings regarding whatever book, object, TV show, or dress was making me feel things. That tumblr is still up-and-running, but it has little-to-nothing to do with my blog, really, so I pulled the two apart. 

The blog's facebook is over here and I do use it pretty regularly. I throw a link up when I've updated the actual site, and also use it for pictures of things that don't really belong in an individual post, or that are just cell-phone pictures, but that I still want to share. 

Twitter is, of course, here although it is going a bit of the way of the first tumblr. Lots of caps-locking and losing my mind over things like Harry Potter, lack of Pottermore e-mail, Downton Abbey, and what I am eating. I also post blog updates and sometimes things that are clothing-related. 

I tried using lastfm but couldn't stick with it. Thankfully, 8tracks seems to have rescued me. I don't make a whole lot of mixes on there, but I pop in now and then to put up whatever I'm currently listening to or things I think fit together nicely. 

Since I talk about books fairly often on here, I got myself a Shelfari, because I liked the way it looked better than the other personal library-cataloguing sites out there. It's generally correct, but I tend to update it in bursts. 

I recently hopped on the pinterest train, and while I love it, I am getting really, really frustrated with the places I find images from that don't credit the source. A lot of things I've pinned are from my tumblr favorites, which inevitably don't include credit so I tried to include a link to the original post that I found it, at the very least, but if it's something that has pretty much no source I usually just won't pin it. The Cats board is getting a lot of pins from me, as is the Hungry one. 

Flickr is still running pretty much as smoothly as ever!

I think that's it! I have a terrible habit of signing up for everything, but these are my most frequent or useful haunts. Please feel free to add or follow me, I try my best to add or follow back, but I'm a bit slow so introduce yourself on any of these sites if you'd like! Hopefully all these links work, phew!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Stop Staring Dress!

After seeing the Stop Staring dresses on calivintage and Vixen Vintage, I definitly jumped at the chance to try a dress myself when offered! I ended up picking this one, partly because I liked the little sleeves and neckline, but mostly because I've noticed a strange hole in my closet when it comes to black dresses. I used to have dozens (well, maybe a dozen) and then all of the sudden, the disappeared and became outnumbered. Which isn't surprising, if I think about it. I skip over the black sections when thrifting or shopping for vintage (bad, I know, but patience is not one of my best virtues) and normally am so entranced by some other neutral or color that black gets left behind. I suppose it's the Lady Mary in me. 

Dress: Stop Staring, Shoes: Nine West (2007)

The dress comes with a matching black belt, which I left off here because I felt in the mood for less somehow. I suppose it's the silhouette of the dress, which is one I haven't worn much since last year's Mad Men pictures, and which is certainly not for the shy (not that it's revealing or anything like that, only that it makes the shapes I have going on from my daily croissant more shapely than in regular old outfits, it's thankfully a flattering material!). 

I'm mostly looking forward to wearing it in cooler weather (where we're heading, judging by the looks of things out the window), especially with tights, but I've been sitting on it since August (in my defense, we went on vacation, I ate myself into a new dress size, got hit by a hurricane, got sick, and am now getting around to behaving like a human being again rather than some kind of bed-ridden amoeba) and realized it's high time it at least showed it's face on here! So be prepare to see it again with some foliage and trench coats!

And of course, I didn't know what to do with my hair so it's in my favorite funny little bow again, accompanied by my little ghosty lens flare.