Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chambray Saturday.

Outfit details: Shirt and Jeans: J. Crew; Shoes: G.H. Bass; Bag: Vintage; Scarf: J. Crew circa 2004 (I think, it's older)

I had to resist calling this something like cham-brain, although I putting it as the starting line of a post isn't much better.

I have plenty of chambray dresses. In fact, most of them that are have become my favorites, and yet I've really resisted the chambray shirt. I don't know why. I never saw one and thought, yes, I want that! I need it to be in my life! Hanging on racks I never found myself inspired by one, clinging to it in sadness, leaving it behind, united at last in purchase.

But the thing is, lots of people have them and wear them with almost anything. Calivintage, comes to mind. I suspect it might be her that pushed me over the edge into buying one.

I think you can also tell that I was reading Tomboy Style this morning. This is one of those outfits that stumps me. Most of the time my aesthetic is something dreamy, floaty, beribboned or bowed in some way, and then every now and then I feel the need to be bookish and fusty, like old furniture, I need something downright boyish.

Pictures taken by John M.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Berry Picking.

Yesterday was a real true-blue summer kind of day. I woke up early, ate candy for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch before heading our for the first embarrassingly typical summer activity of the day: berry picking.

My 'tourist' shot by the sign.

If I'm being honest, I feel pretty lukewarm about strawberries. They're very nice, but I'm a raspberry gorger at heart who occasionally dabbles in blackberries (I do not like cherries, and will almost never reach for a blueberry unless it is all that is there), aside from the fact that the berries gleaming under the little plastic boxes in grocery stores are strange, freakish behemoths compared to the little gems of normal strawberries. Coincidentally, I will eat strawberries in their natural state one stained handful after another.

Outfit details: Shirt: J. Crew; Shorts: J. Crew; Sneakers: Bensimon; Watch: J. Crew; Hat: Forever21

For two or three summers I've been envisioning a blog post of berry picking, with some winsome summer frock, a straw hat, or something properly farm-ish in nature. Instead, I ended up in my trusty gingham shorts and a ratty striped t-shirt that ripped at the sleeve (hidden, cleverly, in these pictures) when I put it on. In the end it seemed more right to be less prim and a little torn at the edges for this sort of elbows and knees in dirt activity.

This is also a much more typical outfit than what usually shows up here. Most of the time, especially because of work, it comes down to what is best for moving around in the heat while not looking like a dehydrated leaf.

We visited some goats and sheep before heading home, to plop strawberries with cream on top of pound cake, fall into the pool, and ride bikes around the neighborhood. My arms are properly pink, despite liberal application of a usually trusty SPF, my legs are heavy and tired, so it seems it was all meant to be for the eve of the first day of summer.

Pictures taken by John M.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I have a lot of memories of places that I only barely remember in the way where I can't tell if they're real or just images from books or movies that I've stolen for myself. A lot of these places are historical sites or other picturesque places that I visited as a child or adolescent, that I'm certain exist, but of course I hardly paid attention it when I was there or was only barely cognizant at the time of anything other than my current, phase-ful, obsession.

It's hard to get back to places when you don't remember their name.

I have a very (well, relatively. It's not that strong, it's just distinct I suppose, in the general feeling I get from it, but the image itself is fuzzy and sort of lacking in definition) strong memory of this place. I remember wearing a white t-shirt, playing with a necklace made of a plastic lanyard that I had looped through a bangle, sitting on the railing on front of a stone lion (I might have been sitting on the lion. I did a lot of sitting on sculptural animals for a while there). I think I remember wandering into the house, the entrance hallway, because doors were open on both sides, and I ran into a woman who was a tour guide or something, but I don't remember talking to her or anything at all. I remember some cracks on the ceiling, or a watermark, or something. In my memory of it, I spent a large part of the time there wandering around waiting to do something else.

Eventually, it turns out the place I remembered is Clermont, with it's deeply sloping hills and the frighteningly wide view of the Hudson River.

Outfit details: Dress: vintage, via Five and Diamond; Shoes: J. Crew; Bag:fieldguided

It might be one of my new favorite places to go. Optimistically speaking, I suppose I should warn you that there will be future outfit shots taken here, since I imagine summer picnics and wandering of trails. In the end though, I'm never sure if I'll follow through on those kinds of daydreams, but we did end up back there this time, so that's hopeful.

I do wish my hair would hurry up and grow. I'm so wistful and sad for long hair in the summer. There is that thing that happens, like when people who want have babies but haven't suddenly see them everywhere, I keep seeing these long, floaty braids streaming all around and all I can do is shake some strands and hope it loosens some length.

Pictures taken by John M.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Thick of Summer.

I don't actually think we're in it yet, the nights are still cool, but days are breezy and warm (when it's not raining) and I'm spending my time reading books I feel guilty about, because I'm not reading the ones I ought to be for writing and all that.

Yes! I grabbed another fieldguided tote. Hot pink! Somehow I don't think there is anything more summery and nostalgic than hot pink.

Outfit details: Dress: vintage; Shoes: goldenponies on etsy; bag: fieldguided

Most of the photos for this outfit came out out-of-focus, and the ones that were just seemed strange anyway, so this is just a short little hint of a post, with little to say except to try and set the mood.

Pictures taken by John M.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Giveaway: 100$ Shopbop Gift Card, Featuring Tory Burch!

Hello dear friends! I know I just posted a giveaway not too many posts ago, this one is really too good to pass up, so here we are!

Shopbop has kindly offered to give a reader a 100$ gift card to shop to their heart's delight from designers like Tory Burch!

To enter the giveaway, take a gander at the Tory Burch Hobo and the Tory Burch Totes, and leave one comment comment telling of which bag you like best!

Please make sure there is an e-mail attached to your comment in some way so we can get back to you if you're the winner.

Entries for the giveaway will be open through Thursday, June 16th.

Enjoy, and good luck!
<3 Kater

Updated 06.17.2011

Hello again!
Thank you so much to everyone who participated, ahh! I'm a little shocked at how many comments we got on that one, hello to everyone! I'm pleased to announce the winner is L of Hey Nancy! Congratulations, lady!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Edwardian Underwear (not really though).

When I first saw this dress I said aloud, "I have to have it right now! It looks like Edwardian underwear!" Sometimes I forget that I am not surrounded by people who understand this kind of statement, and so I am not entirely sure anyone else in the vicinity saw the appeal of this.

Ouftit details: Dress: J. Crew, Bag: Vintage, Ring: Mom, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Slip: Vintage

I hoarded it, I think I might have worn it once, until today. I was originally saving it to go visit a 1700s house downstate, but the rain thwarted our last plan to visit it, and I figured today was as good a day as any.

The thing is, I've been looking for all kinds of Edwardian things lately. It's part of the whole Jane Eyre thing. I know that isn't Edwardian, but the little lace collars and bits poking up from the tops of dresses made me think of it. I lost out on a lawn dress with not buttons on ebay (it ended up going for 17$. I forgot about the auction and watched Parks and Recreation. I'm trying very hard not to think about this tragedy), but most of them go for higher prices or have really tiny waists. Nevertheless, when something latches on to your brain there is little to stop yourself until you get the thing you're looking for.

And then, on the day I decide to wear this dress--not vintage, but decidedly antique and vintage inspired--I found a really quite perfect Edwardian-ish (I'm not entire sure on the time frame for it, maybe 20s) cotton nightgown with lace sleeves and neckline, complete with a tiny yellow bow. Happenstance made it all come together, rather inexplicably!

The bag is from my mother. She had it for years, and I think I borrowed it a few times, but always had my eyes on it. One day it was on my stairs, waiting, and I grabbed it and scurried away. Since then we have scarcely been parted. The ring was also mom's, but when it didn't fit her it became mine! She had it engraved with my grandmother's initials. I wear it on the opposite hand from the pinky ring that has my initials, and I'm pleased to have this tiny collection of them now.

Of course, this dress being white and my coordination skills and nervous energy being what they are, I've already blessed this dress with some tea stains. I'm certain that they'll come out, but if they don't it's to the tub with this one, to get some new color.

Pictures taken by John M.