Friday, April 22, 2011

Iphone Adventures.

In lieu of a real living-and-breathing post, here are a whole bunch of silly pictures from my phone. If you follow my capslock escapades on twitter, you've probably seen them at one point or another (several of them also find their way into facebook).

My first soft-serve ice cream of the season (I always get chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. Always).

Attempting to dress myself. When the warm days are few and far between, I get anxious that I am potentially wasting the chance to wear something awesome. I think, if I remember correctly, I didn't end up in any of these items.

This is one of my favorite items we make at the bakery where I work--a Savarina.

Pictorial evidence of a habit. In office supply stores I like to write this message on the pen-tester pads. I also type it in empty word documents on the computers.

Flowers, which are now dried on my windowsill.

Easter friends, little demented looking chicks.

Two twin cat friends on my walk home from work.

An inside page of the Marilyn Monroe book, I quite liked this one, but the whole thing had really lovely and strange pages and pages of pictures of paper like this one.

My tote and packaging from fieldguided!

Shorter, darker hair, rummaging through the Easter merchandise in Target.

A favorite movie, awkwardly vignetted.

Today, short hair.

Today's diet.

And so there goes April.

(for those interested, I do use an app for these--it's 'pudding' and I can't read any of it, but I like that it hides my skin flaws and makes life look dreamy.)


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR A LOT. It's what I'm hoping to get to if I can survive this painful growing-out stage. IT'S PAINFUL.

    Also I love all of these, really, especially the CoS one (obviously). :D

  2. Oh, laa... I love your new hair style, lady!

  3. Cute pictures!!!
    And your hair looks great on you!

  4. Oh, are they peonies? They're my favourite flower! Lovely photos!

    x x Michelle

  5. your hair is gorgeous!! ohh and so are those me some?!

    annah xx

  6. dear kater,

    i've been too shy to comment here for a long time, but i thought i'd tell you today that your blog is one of my absolute favourites, and whenever i'm feeling sad or confused i like to look back through your archives because you seem to have such an interesting life. and i just love your clothing sensibilities to bits; you are one stylish gal.

    x MAUD

    ps. that shorter haircut looks great!

  7. a diet of macaroons!? yum, I am jealous.

  8. i loove this little photo post! i wish my phone camera took better pictures.

  9. haha i like your chamber of secret habit. i was at staples the other day and at the register they had oe of those and i wrote "you are beautiful" on it.. hoping it would make someones day :) and i also bought some of those funny looking little chicks form Michael's! wanted to place them randomly around my apartment.

  10. 1) Love your hair.
    2) I WANT that ice cream cone.
    3) And those macaroons.

  11. These are so great! That ice cream cone, OMG.

    You've inspired me to use the pudding app more. I love the name so much you'd think I'd already use it all the time...

  12. These are so great! That ice cream cone, OMG.

    You've inspired me to use the pudding app more. I love the name so much you'd think I'd already use it all the time...

  13. That ice cream looks amazing. And your hair looks very cute, it really suits you

  14. Enormously a fan of your hair...and of rainbow sprinkles on soft serve!

    <3 Cambria

  15. Your hair is adorable!

    I love that you write "What do you know about the chamber of secrets" on tester notepads :)

    Also, the ice-cream looks delish!

  16. Love your hair! It looks fantastic! Also, those macarons... yum! x

  17. All the food makes me angry that I ate too much yesterday to indulge too much today!

    You look lovely in all your photos :)

  18. Your hair! It looks so great. Lovelovelove

  19. "What do you know about the Chamber of Secrets?" made me laugh a lot and smile, which I needed, so thank you! It's good to know I'm not the only girl my age who is in a lifelong HP craze, and loving it.

  20. I absolutely love my iPhone for this reason - sometimes the little hazy snippets they get of my life are so much more in the moment than the ones I take on my real camera!
    Also loving that mustardy yellow spotty number up top!