Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Happiness

I've been inhabiting this little corner of the internet since sometime in 2007 (I missed my blog-birthday this year, but ahh, there is always next!), but I've never gone back and looked at the year at the end of it. I don't really care much about New Year's. I don't make resolutions, stay up late, or get really trashed, so it's a holiday I generally feel apathetic about. But this was one of my favorite years thus far. Despite all my frustrations, there were a few times this year where I was wearing exactly what I wanted to wear, out of all the clothes in all the world.

In January, I started wearing red lipstick on a regular schedule, and have pretty much stuck to it ever since!

My lipstick choices are a bit different now though--I've kind of (for the moment) left my MAC by the wayside in favor of my Revlon shades, although I have ventured into Nars territory this week, but we'll get to that later.

I was really over it in February

There were almost no outfit posts in the cold months, which is a trend I'm partaking in again this year (not on purpose). Those winter doldrums, they're a killer.

We had a really strange warm day in March, where I wore a dress I have since sold, that I remember so clearly I can hardly believe it was a year ago.

I'm linking the whole month of April, because I was and am really pleased with how things went down outfit-wise.

I solicited my boyfriend to start taking my pictures:

And he took some of my favorites, probably of ever:

And went places in outfits that make me miss spring really, really awfully:

By May it was pretty much full-fledged summer, all humidity and flea market dresses to beat the heat.

I was bowled over by that vintage find, until I found my little patterned friend in June.

In July I began the long campaign that was the Mad Men Casting Call. I didn't win, but with all the help in the world, I came close!

August is my birth month, and in celebration my parents and boyfriend took me to New York, to spend the entire day in the museum (heaven!). I became a devoted member of the scarf-on-your-head-gang.

I was ecstatic in September to be featured in a real life magazine! Still kind of giddy about that.

In October I shared some of my favorite pictures of my Grandmother, and was so overwhelmed and touched by all of your kind words and comments. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the pictures <3

And in November, I geeked way out and dressed up as Remus Lupin.

And then I was kind of lame in December. But there is always tomorrow, and, you know, the whole next year looming ahead (though not in a bad way)!

Thanks to everyone for reading, for commenting, for everything! You are all wonderful <3

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dressing Like: Calculette

Ages and ages ago, when we were all free to move our arms about without being hindered by winter coats and other cold weather accoutrement, Kim and I went to see Micmacs (I actually can just barely see my ticket stub on the board above my computer--July 8th, it says!). I really loved it, and have been waiting for way to long for the DVD to come out so I can be sad that I do not have friendly dancing sort-of-robots to hang out with all day.

I was thinking about Micmacs when I was lamenting my ability to find the correct shade of blue Bensimon sneakers. I am a lucky enough gal to have received the DVD for Christmas (and have proceeded to watch it four or five times in one or two days). Consequently, it happens that the blue sneakers were a disgusting mistake—so says the director—but of course I still want them.

But just look at this girl! She is adorable, with her strange glasses and bangs and severe braids! Calculette, as she is named, is my newest inspiration for dressing with her little cotton vintage dresses and cardigans, legs poking out of skirts with giant socks swathed around her ankles. I supposed it's sort of the spring-ier version of the sad-clones-in-sweaters I've been citing as my winter wardrobe, but it makes me feel all antsy for warmer weather already, even though today is the day we are being threatened with mountains of snow.

I'm afraid my caps aren't terribly good, and as someone mostly in the background it's hard to get decent shots of her outfits, but it will just be an excuse for everyone to see the movie rather than looking at my grainy little stills.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh gosh!

I can't believe I haven't updated in almost a month! It hasn't seemed that long, honest!

I've nothing to offer at the moment but this tree, which we realized is missing some lights, and promises of posts-to-come!

I guess the excuse is that it's been cold and miserable, and working in retail and end-of-semester times mean things get a bit hectic, but I feel guilty since this is not the first of my oops! it's been to long posts! Ahh well, soon!

Thank you everyone for reading, and for all your comments always! I really appreciate them, and it's so lovely to meet so many nice people!