Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Red Alternative.

I spend a lot of time these days thinking about lipstick. I've really become quite a fan of the stuff, but it complicates several aspects of life. I have to be very aware not to injest 90% of it, to mind that I don't smudge it. It curbs some of my snacking tendencies, which is quite helpful, but it does complicate things a bit. I've gotten a bit sick of the standard red, and after seeing some of the autumnal J. Crew models in their fuchsia (I think that's the color) lipstick I picked up a tube for myself during my weekly trip to Target.

It's my new favorite thing. I like red, but it can get a bit shocking, and sometimes it's a bit too classic for a given day. I'm really awful at giving lipstick advice since my usual mode of choosing on is to hang out in the aisle and grab the brightest version of whatever color I want to wear, but so far I've had lots of luck with this one. It's Revlon, fuchsia, and it's the same kind as the lipstick I wore in my Mad Men casting call photos (except that one was 'Coral'). As much as I swear by my MAC, these colors and tubes are probably my new favorite. The texture is smooth without being shiny, and it doesn't bleed all over my face. It also doesn't do that really horrible thing where you are left with just the rings of lipstick around the edges and without color in the middle. Also, it's six bucks. I can deal with that.

I'm entering into awkward territory outfit-wise. It's chilly outside, and the last thing I want to do is put on anything besides leggings and gigantic socks, but I also don't want to look like your average bear who ought to be hibernating. Such is winter. The shirt was an impulse buy, even though I swore to myself I would not let my grubby little hands get hold of another striped shirt.

The other reason I get bummed for winter is that suddenly outfit shots become much more complicated. I am loathe to take my coat off outside, but it covers the whole purpose of the post, and inside it's hard to find spots that aren't 1.) covered in laundry 2.) have flattering or halfway decent lighting. We will see how I will survive this winter.

Outfit details (I figure I ought to start adding this):
Shirt: J. Crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: No idea

And for those who asked, my coat in the previous post is from J. Crew as well.

Pictures taken by John M.

Dressing the Part: Remus J. Lupin

I really love Harry Potter. I'm one of those people. I go to the book and movie debuts at midnight, usually in some kind of costume, and run around as though I am still in high school hanging out and being incredibly dorky with my best friends. Seeing as we are on the cusp of the last movies, I decide that it would not do to stay in my little city and do the midnight release. I always wanted to go to a big city, to a big theater, and do it with some of the friends I have made on the internet because of Harry Potter. So this year, I did. We went to Boston and I met up with some wonderful friends who I know mostly because of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I still think I haven't recovered, I'm totally exhausted, but it was worth every second.

Every year, thus far, I've dressed up as Hermione for these kinds of events. I have brown hair, and I went to Catholic school so I've already got a uniform (even if it is a bit small these days), that gets properly bushy fairly easily. But Hermione, lovely as she is, is not my favorite. I am a die-hard, deeply-in-love-with, literary-crushing on, Remus Lupin fan.

I dressed the part once for no reason, although it was a less-literal interpretation than a costume. This would not do. I am a bit of a competitive snob and always want to have the best version of a costume I can.

I might have bought several items of clothing over the years based entirely on the fact that it seemed like something Remus would wear. Maybe.

It's not the best ever, and apologies for the quality of the pictures--there are much more important things to do at an event like this than worry about photos--and my yellowish color, but it works in a pinch.

I'm also wearing a pair of grey corduroys and some grey converse sneakers (I needed comfort, and wear a LOT of grey in general). But it's going to be really hard to keep myself from dressing like a fusty, possibly dirt-poor, lycanthropic, wizard/professor. My usual.

And I adored the movie.

Outfit/Costume Details:
Everything is from J. Crew, except for the tie, which is my dad's. Thanks dad!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jackets, Boots, and a Hair-Do.

To be totally honest, I've probably worn this dress six times since I bought it. It's so warm and easy, but I do promise that I don't wear it all the time. Somehow it just happened that outfit posts seem to have mirrored each other.

I have worn my wellies almost twenty-four-seven since getting them. I even wore them around work the other day when my flats were just too painful (in my defense, I was also doing some dishes and have a tendency to splash all over the floor and then slip in my puddles). The coat is new, a bit of an impulse buy, but necessary. I have a handful of ridiculous-ly colorful winter coats, and almost nothing in neutrals save for a black one who is missing several buttons. This green one, I justified to myself, is not only a nice color, but has something akin to toggles and a hood. I promptly discovered that the hood is large enough to pull down over my eyes to facilitate secret naps--not that I partake in such an activity regularly.

Today was one of those days where I can't be bothered with much, and yet I end up pleased with myself as a whole. I spotted this tutorial last night (along with loads of other bloggers it seems!) and thought, I will try that tomorrow! It's a bit different, but ended up quite nice. I slapped on some lipstick--ever since that Mad Men thing I feel sort of weird without it--and a trusty old flannel dress and somehow felt just right with the whole thing.

I'm sure as things get colder and there aren't even any colorful leaves left on the ground my general happiness with myself and the world at large will get a bit more sour, but for now I'm content with my boots and jackets and red lipstick.

Photos courtesy of John's cell phone.