Monday, June 14, 2010

Spotted Moth

Hello my dears!

I'm just popping in, amidst these rainy days and broken computers, to drop off a little treat! The nice folks at Spotted Moth have sent me a note offering a coupon code for my lovely readers! I'm partial to the golden noodle necklace (and the name of their Oh Barnacles! dress makes me chuckle), but they've got lots of pretty little dresses, jewels.

Spotted Moth is a stylish online store featuring unique clothing and accessories for women. Since launching in the spring of 2010, we have been very hands-on. Everything in our store is hand-made or hand-picked.

We make and sell the items that we, our friends and new friends (you!) would want to wear. You’ll find our catalog to be a mix of chic and sweet. We know (from experience) that staying stylish can sometimes be costly, so we make sure that our items are reasonably priced.
(from the Spotted Moth site)

To get 15% off your order, use the coupon code HAPPINESS.
(Good till September 14th, one use per customer).


  1. Good to know!! Thanks! I will definitely have to go and check out this sweet little shop :)

    - A Victorian Cowgirl

  2. Thanks for sharing.


  3. How have I never heard of this lovely store before? Thanks for the coupon and the link!

  4. Thanks for the discount. Cute store.

    Christy Dress Rehearsal

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    have agreat day,

  6. Love your style!

    Just came across your blog.

    It is lovely!

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  8. omg i adore the pollyanna coat! have you ever bought from this website before? i am sorely tempted! x

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  10. i'm wondering, when rainy days will go away?

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