Sunday, June 20, 2010

File Me Away.

I save outfits. Sometimes I spend ages thinking about what to wear (in general or with other things) when I ought to be thinking about pretty much anything else, before coming up with an outfit. Then I save it. Occasionally I write it down on a post-it note and wait. In the meantime I wear a lot of striped shirts and rolled jeans, lurking around my closet and waiting for the weather to ship-shape up and stop being a complete jerk.

For a while I stopped doing this. I decided that I would wear whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to wear it and wouldn't give two hoots about what anyone said. That went on for a while, but one does get tired of the wind up your skirt and snow in your boots (not to mention soggy hems and rain-flattened hair), until I relented and decided it was alright to wear a t-shirt sometimes. If I felt really down about it I could always wear something ridiculous on my head (a bow, something floral) to make up for it. I started filing outfits away again.

Dress from this post, one of two from a day's loot at Recycling Red Dresses

I mean, maybe it's because I' m hard on my clothes. All elbows ripping, hems pulled out, holes in strange places, not to mention drips, drops, and spills. What if each garment only has so many wears in it before the poor thing turns faded and sad, looses its shape, and becomes a dejected shade of its former loveliness and glory? If there are a finite number of wears to a dress, what is a girl to do? Especially with vintage, which has survived this long, but is usually a little bit older than anything else in the closet, and so while it can run with the best of them, doesn't it get a little bit winded a little bit faster? Am I wearing out my metaphors and queries here?

I do a lot of sitting around and waiting for the right hair day, occasion, or weather in order to wear an outfit. Sometimes, as is the blogger's dilemma I suppose, I wonder if it's worth wearing a cute outfit if there is no one to photograph it for me to post on here. I'm not saying I dress for the internet or anything but, maybe I do, just a little. I'm not really bothered by that, because I save my little outfits and new dresses anyway, whether someone sees them or not. There's a what if I don't do this dress/blouse/skirt/thingy justice with the rest of my outfit today feeling.

I almost saved this dress even longer. The first time you wear a dress that somehow meets your dreams is always laden with meaning and a bit of dread. It's never the first time you wear it again!

Then I decided I was being ridiculous and tossed it on for an afternoon, even though I had to tie the straps up in little knots because they were far too long and then switch my shoes since they rubbed and we walked up a hill in the heat. Still filing it though, for a more glorious wear.

Photos taken by John M.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spotted Moth

Hello my dears!

I'm just popping in, amidst these rainy days and broken computers, to drop off a little treat! The nice folks at Spotted Moth have sent me a note offering a coupon code for my lovely readers! I'm partial to the golden noodle necklace (and the name of their Oh Barnacles! dress makes me chuckle), but they've got lots of pretty little dresses, jewels.

Spotted Moth is a stylish online store featuring unique clothing and accessories for women. Since launching in the spring of 2010, we have been very hands-on. Everything in our store is hand-made or hand-picked.

We make and sell the items that we, our friends and new friends (you!) would want to wear. You’ll find our catalog to be a mix of chic and sweet. We know (from experience) that staying stylish can sometimes be costly, so we make sure that our items are reasonably priced.
(from the Spotted Moth site)

To get 15% off your order, use the coupon code HAPPINESS.
(Good till September 14th, one use per customer).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Prints.

After I hid this skirt, I thought about it almost every day before I went back and got it. I have the hardest time finding 50s-ish era skirts that are just the right waist size, and the pattern! Then I saw Sally Jane Vintage's post, with her gorgeous peacock skirt and simple white tank, and my need for the butterfly skirt became intensified. Normally I feel sort of strange copying other blogger's outfits--I know we're all about inspiration and influence, but occasionally I worry about outfit copyrights! Thankfully, SJV, along with everyone else I've run into out in the blog world, is quite lovely and my worries are surely unnecessary.

I ought to have taken a detail shot of this dress-it has matching cloth-covered buttons and a little peter pan collar! It's the one I grabbed instead of the skirt (at first). I wasn't sure about it when I saw it. It's not the kind of print I normally gravitate towards, which is appealing for its difference, but the cut was a bit more youthful than some of the vintage dresses I find so I couldn't leave it behind. It's sort of autumnal, but it's been cool enough lately that I wore it a few days ago and almost (almost, not quite) wished for fall. I envision wearing it with navy cardigans and tights and brown boots. Maybe a hat, for good measure.

The electric blue belt is my new belt-friend. I must prevent myself from wearing it with everything I own (except PJs).

(Photos taken by John M.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Strategies of Acquisition.

Here's a quick peek at three new closet dwellers. It's so funny, I go weeks and weeks and find nothing I'm really excited about, and then all of the sudden luck piles up and kisses you on the nose, dropping vintage goodies into your lap (I can never decide if I think it's alright to change from 'I' to 'you' in my sentences, oh dear).

The first dress is spectacular for it's strange print, although I suspect that it's home-made and the hem is a bit dodgy. It's longer on one side, and I think in the back, than the other and the front, but somehow it doesn't look awful. It's such a strange print unlike anything I have (that is, not floral or gingham) that I had to scoop it up.

I found it at the same store where the stripes and dots dress is from. It was hanging at the door, and I knew that, barring it being too small, I would have it. It reminds me of loads of dresses on Etsy that I let go. I've been looking for a dress like this for ages--something with contrasting stripes or stripes and an alternate pattern--in black and white, and somehow luck was on my side.

The butterfly skirt in the middle and I met two or three weeks ago. I was buying a dress instead, and had to leave the skirt behind. I knew it was glorious, and out of fear someone else would love it too, I stashed it in a basket of vintage purses, way down at the bottom. Today I went back, praying and hoping it was still there, and after a few seconds of harried and panicked digging, pulled it out. I don't normally go around hiding things like some kind of manic squirrel in a dress, but I knew how versatile this would be and would have been fitful if someone else got their hands on it!

(The word strategies looks weirder and weirder the longer you look at it, till you go cross-eyed and it means nothing. What?!)

Also, thank you everyone for all your thoughtful comments on my last post! It's such an inspiring movie, and yet at the same time it's so complicated. I really appreciated all your comments and discussions, everyone is quite clever and lovely! It's so nice to meet kindred spirits on the internet <3