Friday, February 26, 2010

Scowling at Winter.

I hate to be so typical, but man, I have spring fever quite bad. Lots of us do it seems. We're very short with winter this year, and the internet is no help--it's very hard for me not to throw a fit and be depressed for hours after reading all manner of spectacular blog posts from places where it is warm. Blast winter! I live in a place where it seems like it's winter most of the time, where we all know we're not in the clear until at least April. At the moment I keep turning around and glaring at the window as though if I looked at it hard enough, it would be just kidding.

I've never had the winter blues so bad! Normally I can't wait for summer to end, I dread those hot sticky days, deflating hair and my crispy skin, freckles, the suffocating heat. But of course right now it's all I want, or at least I want mild days where bare arms are acceptable. I've stopped buying winter clothes and have started stockpiling summer dresses like a little clothes-obsessed pack-rat.

For now though, it's all sweaters and tip-toeing around puddles of freezing cold slush.

I'm also back on a vintage kick. I find that I go through cycles with it. I always love it, but sometimes going through etsy or rummaging through a thrift or vintage store is the last thing I can stand to do. Then, a few weeks later, it's all I ever want to do. I love scrounging around and finding old things, wasting away in front of etsy until I think I might have seen every single dress there.

I've been vintage shopping like mad. Lots of summer things, like the most adorable pink dress that does not fit, blouses, dresses, aprons. The blouse above is something I bought at the end of the summer last year and totally forgot about. It's completely divine. I feel like it looks sort of nefarious, like little horns or something. In a drama set in the 50s or 60s at a college, this is the blouse that the catty girl in literature class wears. Or something. I bought it with a 40s crepe dress in pretty sad condition, but the lovely woman selling them let me tote both away happily for $12! I've been trying to salvage the dress, and it's not too bad except I think someone tried to wash it once, because it's really, really, really short. Oh well.

Monday, February 8, 2010

French Haircuts, Circus Girls.

Dear Anthropologie,

Yeah. You win. For a while there it was touch-and-go. I loved you because I always had, despite the fact that so does everyone else, because you had clever things to bait me like green vintage typewriters in your stores and nice packaging and a general sense of whimsy that beckons my silly little heart. But between the last catalog, with the haircut I can never really pull off, and this little bit of circus imagery, you've locked me in.

Wistfully yours,

p.s. If you feel so inclined, it would be nice if I could afford your bits and bobs without feeling guilty for handing over my pennies.