Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Dress You Never Wore.

I've had this dress for almost a decade. My aunt bought it for me, I think to possible wear to a Freshman semi-formal dance, or maybe for 8th grade graduation. Since I was a skinny twig with all elbows and knees and head, it didn't fit. Finally, in the past few years it has been snug enough to look right--even if I have to admit this is because of snacking on sweets and not form some other magical garment-fitting-into ability. I should have gotten a proper shot of the back, since it's way low and has two bows affixed near the zipper.

It's a huge quandary of a dress. It's so obviously vintage, so obviously of it's time, that I've always had a hard time with it. I hate getting too costumy or too obviously 50s or 60s with it, and yet it doesn't seem like there is much option. No matter what I was never able to get rid of this dress, and tonight I finally wore it out. It's too dressy for most situations, but there was a work occasion to wear it, and so out it came (mostly because the gorgeous satin numero I wanted to wear fit me--ten pounds ago, and I had to adjust accordingly).

I figured I might as well be sort of carelessly literal about it. So poof went the hair, some red lips--which did not last, because of snacking--and my favorite pair of uncomfortable shoes. I'm still not sure about it--it makes me feel so sort of, aware of my body, in a strange way, which I guess is a good thing. I mean, I guess clothes should make one aware of something like their own body, yes? There is a line I think, between being self conscious in a bad way and aware that I think I'm thinking of. Because clearly clothes are no good if they obliterate that sense, and yet if it's too obvious, it's equally miserable.

In any case, velvet dresses are lovely.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Falling About.

(In real life I buttoned the cardigan, which looked infinitely better, but I forgot.)

Last weekend, or maybe it was the one before (I lost count) I found myself facing a weekend with no work. With that in mind the boyfriend and I trudged down to NYC, a week earlier than Fashion Week (which I'm not really fashionable or confident enough for anyway--it was nice enough to see the tents up early and sort of ignored) and ran around like mad cats. I escaped with a few things from Anthropologie--this mildly insane bag that I'm not so certain I would have bought if it wasn't 9pm and trying to get back for a train. But it's quite nice, and sort of fall-ish. I also have to admit that I'm quite excited to see how loudly it clashes against my bright winter coats, or even the solid black ones. It's kind of hideous, but I think that is what makes it awesome.

Don't worry, of course I still keep fussing over totes (which I almost spelled as 'toats') since no matter what they seem to be best for me. I think I forgot to mention that I ended up with this one, even if I wanted to twigs on as well, as a lovely birthday present from the aforementioned boyfriend.

I also must apologize for the slowness in my blogging. Sadly we lost our little kitty this week, my baby girl, and I am a little heartbroken about her. It seems also that all of the tragic things happen in one week because we've also had some other terrible emergencies. I'll be back to blogging regularly ASAP, because nothing makes anyone feel quite as good (even just a little bit) or forget about being cat-less like a nice little outfit. I'm also, of course, inspired and excited by the weather, and I finally got my hands on that movie I posted about so long ago, and even though some of it isn't very good, it's a nice little film.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Drawn to It.

(Factoid: I originally, wherever originally is, wanted to go to school for illustration, but because it is frustrating and not as easy for me as writing and also because I--as you can see--never finish anything, I scrapped that idea and the self from the above doodle. Much happier in the English/Writing sector of the world, even if it does make one a bit bookish and mad.)

My new favorite thing (for right this second) is the What I Wore Today (drawings only) group on flickr. It's basically awesome, and nice for those days when I cannot be bothered to take pictures of my outfit or none of the ones I do take come out satisfactory.

It's also nice for imaginary outfits. It's like self-paper dolls, although I have yet to do something like this, so that when the planned outfit gets spoiled or pushed back because of impending rain or weather that is warmer than the weather website said it was going to be (no bitterness here), one can doodle oneself draped in that ideal outfit and pretend it all went according to plan. There is that whole world of fashion illustration besides, with those big tomes of books that are so fun to look through, not just the finished products but the patterns and little jotted ideas. The latter are almost more charming than the glossy finished artworks, but that might just be in that they are so akin to our own funny little scribbles. It seems like fashion illustration exists in this really strange place of whimsy (not to subvert it's importance or anything) that is a little bit more entrancing, at times, than photography.

Kate of little doodles has posted to the group a few times and it's so quaint and awesome! And pssst, flickr user (that's a weird term but I can't come up with a better one ASAP) interludio is one of my instant faves.

I'm also reminded of a few posts from clever nettle. Not just doodling when one is without camera but also her fantastic frocks painted for her show. There is this funny thing that happens, like drawing the clothes or objects we want but can't, for whatever reason, does somehow work to make them ours anyway. I'm feeling a bit strange at the moment since we're coming out of the second week of classes and all sorts of lectures about objects and what objects are and objects of objects and all this weirdness that makes the word 'object' look and sound really strange the more times it happens.

Not to mention Fifi Lapin.