Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello all!

I'm sorry for the lack of posting as of late--last week my family and I traveled to Florida for a familial emergency. Upon my return I seem to have contracted some unfortunate bout of cold or allergies, and so have spent the better part of three-days trying to function in civilized society with a box of tissues under one arm and a glazed look about my eyes. I'll be right as rain in a few days though, provided I haven't got swine flu (!), and our regularly scheduled posting of entries and etsy orders will resume.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


I can't even begin to tell you how gloriously wonderful the weather has been lately. It's a pity, because there aren't any leaves or anything yet, so it's a bit sad but the grass is green and if you look close enough you can see the buds on things. Much to my unhappiness, it has been windy. My original plan was to wear a skirt with the second outfit, but it was too windy and the skirt was of such a thin material as to make every movement against the breeze inappropriate! Instead I decided to repeat myself to my heart's content with some shorts and a blouse, and so here are two versions of the same outfit--basically.

I've bought a new purse, in an effort to stop carrying everything I own around with me at once (it's much smaller than what I usually pack myself). And still, I am in love with my hat. I wrote a funny little poem to it (it rhymes) the other day, and I think it is just the bee's knees! I will be tempted to wear it tomorrow also, but I'm afraid I must learn some manner or kind of self-restraint--although one could always discover another hat. I've just, at almost this very moment, finished watching HBO's Grey Gardens--which was lovely, though terribly bittersweet and sad--but I don't think I'm quite ready to take the flying leap into head-scarves.

At some point I will make all the posts I've been planning, the ones that are silly and thoughtful with funny citations and all that, and things of happiness, but for now we have outfit posts and the lingering wish to sleep.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hat, Meet Blouse.

I hit a kind of jackpot yesterday. You'll see a few of the scored items over at the etsy, but this one I had to keep for myself. I grabbed this little blouse last minute, and I am now almost heartbroken when I think that I almost left it behind. It's the prettiest little silk blouse, with a fantastic shape and buttons! And a pleated collar with a tie!

It is very possible that I have been waiting for this blouse for my entire life. And it was only...I am allowed to brag...five dollars. I spend more than that on silly candies! I am delighted, and as a blessing, it is warm and sunny today (it snow flurried yesterday, the ultimate insult) so the skin on your arms may be happy when it meets the sun--and other pretentious statements like that.

I am also doing quite well at wearing this hat every sunny day thus far. Apologies, my DIY boater hat is sitting neglected. I forgot to take pictures of it, and I am too tired to do so. Also, I am promised sandwiches.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Softly Drifting.

Katsuhide Morimoto

Sometimes I would see her with her lovers
walking through the Village, the wind
strapped about her ankles.
Simply being, she fought
against the enemies of love and poetry
like Achilles in wrath.
Her tongue was not a lake,
but it lifted her lovers
with the gentle strength of a lake
that lifts a cove of waterlilies—
her blue eyes, the sky above them—
till night fell and the mysteries began.
My friend I love, poet I love,
if you are not reading or writing tonight
on your Underwood typewriter,
if no one is kissing you, death is real.
-Anonymous Poet, Stanley Moss

Preen Line