Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Plentiful Paisleys Perambulate Passively.

I love paisleys. They are like happy little fish. I grabbed this dress a week ago (or was it two?) at Salvation Army. I spent a good chunk of time there and loved this little thing for its paisleys and colors. It was half-off day, but at 24.99 this was still going to set me back a few bucks (I'm unemployed and cheap!), and when I got to the register the lovely woman said the dress was marked incorrectly and gave it to me for 7$. I was overjoyed! I am thinking I will shorten it--as it is it's just the tiniest bit too long for me to want to wear it all the time--but we'll see if I ever get around to that!

I also believe this is the first actual picture of my favorite tweed blazer, gifted to me for Christmas by my boyfriend. I have a hard time not wearing it with everything. To solve this problem, I attempted to make it different by pulling the belt from the dress and tossing it on top!
Consequently, I do wear the scarf just about every day.

We're back to out-door pictures! We'll run back into the studio now-and-then, but I missed seeing my front walk and the little chronicling pictures of what the weather is doing.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things of Happiness: White Dresses.

Now that I'm sitting, wrapped in blankets, and watching the snow pile up into miserable little piles that obliterate the warm fifty-something degree weather of the past few weeks, I realize that a things of happiness is in order. It's funny, because I think my original idea was for it to be weekly, but I'm not very good at that kind of thing so it seems better to do it when the mood strikes. Ah!

I love white dresses. Not wedding dresses, although those are lovely too but there always seems to be so much pressure involved, but the easy, summery, gauzy white dresses that are dreamy and all sorts of other adjectives and words ending in 'y'.

1. MA14lamb, 2. twinkling fall, 3. Unknown, 4. youroldsuits, 5. ghost dress 2, 6. angelina, 7. Gutter Punk, 8. Going home for Christmas!, 9. in garden, 10. light

Thinking about it, I don't have quite as many as I thought (although I do have a handful) and I feel as though I am constantly in search of the perfect white dress. Loose, ethereal, the kind that wants wispy hair, sunlight, and butterfly nets. Also, sweaty and clingy in summer, stark against black in the winter! And I really like that they can be so debauched (I think I use that word a lot. Not entirely sure why, but it's a fun word to try and tuck into normal conversation. It's a debauched thought in itself!) with things like black stockings and something weird to make them just the tiniest bit tough.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

These Envious Days.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! My boyfriend and I tend to stretch the holiday, however faux-holiday it might be, over the weekend (mostly because we can't deal with the crowds at restaurants and things, trying to get reservations and all that mess!) so we're going out for dinner tonight instead of yesterday! I am excited because it means the heart-shaped cupcake tins at Target might be on sale.

The more important reason for this post though, is this girl:

who was pictured on The Sartorialist this morning. I love it. Love it, love it, love it to bits and bits. It makes me simultaneously thrilled and breathless and deeply envious and greeeeen! It's so lovely, because the weather is just dreadful lately--we had a few teasing days of springy tempratures, and now it's back to cold--but she's found such a great way of layering and being cute. I think my favorite thing is the little bit of shape and volume in the skirt. Plus, it's tweed. I love tweed; I might be having a secret love affair with it.

"But why was the world ever created?" asked Candide.
"To drive us mad," was the reply.

(Also, my pictures are back! I believe I've fixed the issue, fingers and toes crossed it stays that way!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chalking it Up.

Hello! I tried to get a decent outfit shot today, but I forgot to put my blazer on and my feet got cut off. In any case, hello chalkboard! These are all pictures taken in the 'studio' above our garage, and the chalkboard is from my room in my old house when I was a kid! It's not real slate, so it isn't as smooth as it used to be, but it's quite fun and I'm anticipating using it as a fun prop. The studio was used as an artist's studio for the people who lived in the house before us, hence the gobs of paint on the walls. I love chalk, it's so weird and fun and the colors are so pale and pretty. You also get a glimpse of my bipolar handwriting, which still has not worked out what exactly it wants to be!

(Also, welcome some of the first shots with my new camera! I'm still learning and playing with it, but it's so exciting! I think I might have frightened the UPS man when it arrived--consequently moments after the previous post--but ahh! I can barely contain myself!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Fear of Buttons and Links.

This whole photobucket thing has thrown me off! No worries dears, I should have it resolved by this afternoon. I've had an eventful week. Besides classes, which are frightening and intimidating, I've done some fabulous things. My good and wonderful friend Lorelle of Luscious Letters has given me the hooping bug! (So many links in this post, things to do!) It's fantastic! My real, live hoop is in the mail via a Valentine's day gift from my boyfriend. Also in the mail is my new camera. I'm so excited I could die! I've wanted a new one for ages, since the camera I use now is just deeply crappy, and I decided that using my graduation money for a DSLR was a good investment! I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it. Anticipate more posts!

Button your eyes at the Coraline website!

This afternoon I'm going to see Coraline in 3D. Again, so excited that I might pass out. I'm such a sucker for stop-motion, not to mention it's based on the glorious Neil Gaiman book. I kind of love (don't you just adore vague phrases like that? 'I kind of love' and that sort of thing) the button your eyes feature on the website. I spent a goof half an hour trying to decide on what kinds of buttons I wanted. In the end it was between a nice ivory pair or the Other Mother black ones. I went for the black purely for the creepiness factor. But I love that it vintage-i-fies your picture and lets you pick a frame. The music on the website is so weird and creepy. It makes me so thrilled!

And so, the whole point of this post is to send love and note that we'll have exciting things coming! I've got something secret and hopefully fun in the works, fingers crossed that I haven't said too much and jinxed it into doom already.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kicking the Bucket.

Oh noes! My photobucket appears to have fainted. I'm not entirely decided on how to remedy this situation, and since today is loaded with things like hanging out and catching up with friends over tea and shopping (yay!) and class for six hours straight (wtf!) I'm afraid it will have to wait until later this week! I am terribly sorry cupcakes :( It makes things look terrible. Boo!

In the meantime, a wonderful reader let me know that she drew me! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I am so flattered and delighted! The mood is just wonderful, I want to live in the pale pinkness! Her Ringo, have a banana! portrait is also stunning, as is the rest of her gallery :D Check it out!

(I am supposed to be writing a paper. Oops!)