Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes Spring.

Let us ignore the fact that I forgot to blog for a bit there, and instead I will attempt to visually summarize all manner of things at the moment!

I won a necklace! This gorgeous thing was made by Saorise at spider, spin me a story. I cannot wait to wear it with white summer dresses! Hopefully she will open an etsy soon, because between this little confection and the accompanying drawing, she will be such a smash!

I repeated an outfit, although now with shorter hair and a bow! I am, at the moment, quite fond of tying tiny bows into odd places of my hair. It works best with curls, which are sadly falling out because of humidity, but for a few weeks at least, my follicled life is almost perfect.

Extraordinary efforts are being made
To hide things from us, my friend.
Some stay up into the wee hours
To search their souls.
Others undress each other in darkened rooms.

The creaky old elevator
Took us down to the icy cellar first
To show us a mop and a bucket
Before it deigned to ascend again
With a sigh of exasperation.

Under the vast, early-dawn sky
The city lay silent before us.
Everything on hold:
Rooftops and water towers,
Clouds and wisps of white smoke.

We must be patient, we told ourselves,
See if the pigeons will coo now
For the one who comes to her window
To feed them angel cake,
All but invisible, but for her slender arm.

-Pigeons at Dawn, Charles Simic


  1. that's a beautiful necklace! she should open an etsy shop! i'm a relatively new etsy shopper, but i love it so far!

  2. you are fucking adorable, I love the fact that you're so girlie and necklace is amazing, I agree she should definitely open an etsy shop!

    btw; I love the blog.

  3. You always look lovely no matter what you wear:) Love the curls!

  4. that necklace is so sweet! and I love your outfit, so refreshing and summery

  5. Gosh, you look so wonderfully lovely all the time. I don't know how you do it!

    I can see why you would repeat that outfit because it's perfect! Especially with the little bow. You're making me regret chopping my hair off!

  6. I love the necklace!
    Your hair is co cute in ribbons! you look like a doll <3

  7. I must say that you were the inspiration behind me getting a straw cloche hat to wear this summer. I've never worn a hat regularly before, so I hope I can pull it off - the way you incorporate hats into your wardrobe sets the bar incredibly high!

  8. Oh, the poem is so wonderful! I had to read it out alout to understand and feel it fully... though that is the case of most poems for me.
    Anyway, I love your outfit and the lecklace!

  9. I've been eyeing some necklaces like that on Etsy for awhile now. It looks lovely on you.

  10. love love love the necklace.

  11. pretty pretty pretty curls :)

  12. You look like you are from a lovelier time.


  13. oh that necklace is so beautiful! it must look amazing, like you said, with summer dresses.

    you look adorable as usual :D
    and i loved that poem.
    i must write it down.

    thanks for being so inspirational! :)) heh

    Eliza <3

  14. I love this marine/sailor look. It's adorable. Anyway, I've been following your blog for a while, just thought I would say hi :)

  15. You have nice skin and pretty hair.

  16. LOVE your necklace, i hope she does open an etsy shop!

    also, you completely remind me of someone famous. has anyone ever told you that? because i can't put my finger on who...

  17. wait! i know! it's jena malone! yayy :)

  18. That necklace is the sweetest thing. If all necklaces were like that, I might wear jewelry more often.

  19. i love your little bow.
    i tried your method of tea dying, it worked wonderfully, thanks! My white skirt is now this heavenly peach shade and smells wonderful.

  20. ps. i'm adding you to our blogroll

  21. That necklace looks darling on you!!
    I'm glad you like it dear :)

  22. In an odd way, you remind me of twiggy. Wish beautiful bows and stature, you are just beautiful


  23. The necklace is divine, it reminds me of hard boiled lollies <3 Must keep an eye out for an etsy store soon.


  24. That necklace is divine! Glad to see you blogging :0)

  25. you wear this necklace so well!

  26. Skimming rapidly...and possibly vapidly...through, one particular thought occured to me--you are most desirous of repeatedly posting photographs of yourself.

  27. the curls and bow are simply perfect.

  28. you're such a beauty and i love that outfit and the little bow in your hair! :)

    also, that girl really should open an etsy shop, i'd be there for sure!

  29. that necklace is fantastic! it looks so cool! i love bows.