Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Always & Never

Yesterday the lovely Anabela of fieldguided tagged me! I'm never sure what to do with the never half of the list, because I can always think of more always-es, and you know. Never say never, but I came up with a few!


1.)Black tights. I used to be all about the colored tights, which are still lovely, but this past winter and fall I just lived in black tights—opaque and sheer—even though they're kind of expected. I love how they sort of ground an outfit, if that's the right word for it, and they're a kind of force that manages to pull it all together and make what doesn't work, work. That, plus they're a nice kind of shroud for days when I just can't deal.

2.)Curly hair. As is the curse for all hair-types, I want what I don't have. My hair is just about pin-straight, which I don't really mind, but I constantly find myself curling it instead! Even when I was a kid, I used to go to bed with foam rollers to end up with insane mounds of curls. These days, I tend to stick to curling irons and pin-curls, but somehow I always feel best if my hair is curly. Even with the worst outfit, curly hair makes it all better!

curtains by seventytwOdpi

3.)Mascara. Is, besides blush, my favorite piece of makeup. Every day, no matter what, mascara is a must! At the moment, I'm favoring divide and multiply mascara from The Body Shop and over it, Rimmel waterproof mascara.

4.)Light, airy blouses. These have become my stand-by thing. I've been wearing jeans a lot, and somehow they don't feel right unless have a cute little blouse to wear with it. I particularly like ones that are sheer and floaty.

seethroughyoudip by danske

5.)My teapot necklace. I'm not sure if we're supposed to get so specific, but I am anyhow. I got it at a garage sale a few years ago, and have worn it every day since (almost!) even though the chain has changed a few times. Somehow, it's just perfect. It's simple, unique, and I really identify with it a lot. It used to be black-ish, then it got pink as the top layers got rubbed off, and now its turning gold as it gets down to the brass. It's probably my one go-to piece for every minute!


1.)Any item of clothing with words on the butt. I feel this is self-explanatory. I do not see the purpose in wearing anything with phrases that are allegedly sexy on the butt, especially in public. I still maintain that jeans are just as easy to put on and wear as sweatpants, or PJs, and so there is no reason to wear the latter in public at any point in time.

2.)Ripped jeans. I'll probably eat my words at some time, but for now and a while this is just not something I can get behind. It's not really in my style realm I guess, because other people pull it off wonderfully.

3.)Dresses over jeans. It is unnatural to me.

4.)Tiny, tiny purses. I hate them so much. You know, the ones that aren't a clutch, but they tiny little bags with tiny little handles so that they look like armpit burritos? I hate them. It looks like a third boob, only not really. Oddly enough, I have no problem with bags so enormous they could double as a living space, or something to keep the whole universe in.

5.)Buffalo plaid. It is lovely on lots of other people, but when I wear it it makes me feel angry. I think my main problem with it is, in this particular area in which I live, it's donned by lots of hipster types. Boys who wear girl's Hollister jeans with hurricane hair (you know, where they put the styling putty in it and then go outside in a hurricane so that it all blows to one side. Pretty sweet) and girls with dirty looking makeup and plastic hair accessories. I know that's really bratty of me, but sometimes it just comes out like that.


Darling Darling
Elyse Holladay

And now, I will go back to writing papers due tonight by 9pm. I bought a new dress today, but that is all I will say about it now, because otherwise I will be too distracted to do what I must get done!


  1. I love love LOVE black tights too.. Makes every outfit look complete! And boooo for dresses over jeans, I agree with you, it's a bit unnatural. And it's unfortunate that buffalo plaid has been ruined for you, I rather like it! I'm not at all a fan of boys in overpriced girl jeans, though.. Ick!

  2. I agree about words on the butt! There's a shop here called River Island and it makes quite nice clothes until you realise the jeans have words on the bum pockets on sparkley diamante. Gross. They also spoil a lot of clothes this way - putting unneccesary embellishment on them. I'll do this tomorrow, thanks for the tag!

  3. Hi, I'm delurking to say AMEN to your Never #1. Sweatpants in general are only appropriate at the gym and if you're running a marathon. Yoga pants have a few other places where I won't cringe, but in general no. And with words, never.

  4. Shen-Shen: I'm not sure what my dislike for it is. I've seen some other bloggers pull it off beautifully, but somehow the second I try to wear it it just makes me so unhappy!

    Lisa: I can't lie--I've worn yoga pants out in public. Mostly it's okay, because it's when I'm like hooping. Or, in total opposition to that, when it is imperative that I have ice cream ASAP!

  5. oo i'm jealous your adorable teapot necklace

    jeans over dresses never work period

    hurricaine hair lol, hipsters...shudder ;)

  6. We clash on some dresses over jeans is something I have loved to do since early high school when I first began to see the style in fashion magazines. All my peers teased me for it but ate their words years later when they started to do it themselves. I also feel uncomfortable both bare legged AND in tights because people may see something when I bend over (especially at work). My dilemma is that I LOVE dresses! So dress over jeans was always my comfortable solution. In fact, it's my favorite outfit! Though it is annoying when people are like: "That's a nice shirt!" And I'm like: "It's a dress, do you have eyes?"

    Oye, and there was this girl sitting next to me on the train yesterday who was wearing nothing but pajamas (bleached blonde type) and she smelled horrible! She obviously just got out of bed. Since when did it become "cool" to refuse to get dressed in the morning?

    Lengthy reply! Woops!

  7. Lorelle: I know, but you pull it off so well! It is so weird for me, the other day I was like, this dress is short, I will try it over pants! And it just felt so strange and not-me! Even tunic tops make me feel awkward though, so it's probably a length thing!

    Booo to smelly people! I feel like just, ugh. It's not like everyone has to be super fabulous every day, but I mean, don't wear PJs in public in the middle of the day!

  8. this is a great tag!!

    and AMEN to the always curly hair .. i have a friend who straightens her hair EVERY DAY because she swears up and down that her curly hair makes her look 12. i wish she'd just leave it natural!

    also AMEN to writing on the rear! tacky tacky tacky.

  9. i see your never #1 far too often. on one hand i find them hilarious, on the other hand i wish they would be banned! ^-^

  10. I lurve
    that picture with the two red heads.
    That's what attracted me to your post at first. But also, your essentials, I agree 100%.

  11. Your #1 should be the world's #1...unfortunatly this is not so. Pooh. I just chalk it up to low self esteem. "Sexy? I'm sexy. Luscious? That applies to me. Juicy? I'm juicy, I guess."

  12. Love the idea of Always vs. Never- I can see how Never can be difficult because you never know what will work and have to keep an open mind when it comes to style. :0)

    Good luck on your papers!( I am avoiding writing mine!)

  13. Your nevers are dead on! I agree with most of them, especially dresses over jeans and words over butts.

    The ONLY reason a person would wear pants with writing on the butt is so people can look at their ass, which I don't want people to do.

    Thank you for the tag! This seems fun and I will do it soon.

  14. I loved your tag! Especially the point about curly hair - I have it!
    And I love your teapot neclace too :)

  15. I've been in love with the teapot necklace ever since I've seen it on your blog!

  16. I agree with words on butt. Not cool. ever. period.

  17. I fully agree with every single one of your nevers. No one should ever have words written on the butt of their shorts or pants. Ever.

  18. Funny you should say that...I adore black tights and branched out because I feared I wore them too much. So I bought yellow ones... can see the results on my blog (posted it today)...back to black I go!

  19. PS I too don't like ripped jeans either, I mean they look fab on some and maybe I could deal with a tiny tear (ONE tear) and some fraying but that's it. It's not my style either. Ditto useless tiny purses!

  20. Agreed with black tights. I have naturally curly hair, I want straight hair.


  21. I agree with no writing on the butt!

  22. It's a little creepy when a ten year old has track pants with 'U Wish' across the bum. Who produced them and who lets their child wear that? And ugh to dresses over jeans too!

  23. teehee great answers! words on the butt = ick!


  24. i just noticed you tagged me! thank you :)

    i used to be really anti skinny/highwaisted jeans, until i discovered that they actually look amzing on me? ha.

  25. black tights are totally a must!
    and i couldn't agree more about the words on the butt!

  26. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


  27. haha I laughed at the armpit-burrito-never. I, too, cannot stand the small logs some women insist on shoving under their arm. It must be slightly uncomfortable.
    Also, I remember when I was in 6th grade and wore a pair of sweats with a heart on the butt. I am disappointed in myself for that. Needless to say, they should be left in the past.