Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Plentiful Paisleys Perambulate Passively.

I love paisleys. They are like happy little fish. I grabbed this dress a week ago (or was it two?) at Salvation Army. I spent a good chunk of time there and loved this little thing for its paisleys and colors. It was half-off day, but at 24.99 this was still going to set me back a few bucks (I'm unemployed and cheap!), and when I got to the register the lovely woman said the dress was marked incorrectly and gave it to me for 7$. I was overjoyed! I am thinking I will shorten it--as it is it's just the tiniest bit too long for me to want to wear it all the time--but we'll see if I ever get around to that!

I also believe this is the first actual picture of my favorite tweed blazer, gifted to me for Christmas by my boyfriend. I have a hard time not wearing it with everything. To solve this problem, I attempted to make it different by pulling the belt from the dress and tossing it on top!
Consequently, I do wear the scarf just about every day.

We're back to out-door pictures! We'll run back into the studio now-and-then, but I missed seeing my front walk and the little chronicling pictures of what the weather is doing.


  1. You've got a fantastic coat AND a boyfriend that knows how to give a good gift. Lucky you!

  2. I was going to say, John certainly does know how to gift you :D Also you look FABULOUS in paisley, I approve whole-heartedly!

    And yaaaaay shoe excitement!!! I have jewelry set aside for you miss, hopefully right up your fun-odd-pendant-alley :D

  3. The colors are so rich, I love this combo. I tend to add jackets and scarves to my outfit, but after I taken the picture, lol.

  4. ok, your calling the paisleys little fish just made my day.
    awesome dress.

  5. i love the dress and the scarf together! beautiful!

  6. you really look gorgeous in that jacket and dress! and they go so well together!

  7. I like your post.
    And also adore your so cute coat!
    That outfit definitely fits you girl..=)
    I congratulate you on that..;D
    You are lucky for having a good boyfriend..
    Nice post,hope to see you on my blog too..=)
    Take care..

  8. Very sophisticated combination. Puts me in mind of something the Duchess of Windsor would have worn out at a country estate.

  9. I love the way that you belt on the jacket, very lovely. I also love paisley - I need more!

  10. I love that blazer! What a wonderful boyfriend you must have.

  11. the belt looks like it matches the scarf, cool

  12. Thanks all :D John (boyfriend) is expert at gifts indeed! I <3 him.

    Cras4: The belt actually matches the dress! I have a terrible shortage of belts--I used to hate them--so I threw that one on in desperation :D

  13. GORGEOUS dress - truly looks like a high-end designer work, such detail.

    Don't you love that? I got so giddy when I went to Kohls and got these Candies flats for what I thought was a bargain at $10. Turned out to be $5! Simple pleasures, eh?

  14. what? your boyfriend is a gift god!

    also, i think it's perfectly ok to wear something all the time as long as you're not bored of it yourself (how can you be given how fabulous the scarf is?). i've noticed that other people don't ever pay attention to minor detail as others' scarves.

  15. You've been given an award on my blog :]

  16. I've never been one for paisleys, but I love how you mixed them here. It makes me want to give them another chance. Oh, and I love the alliteration in your title :)

  17. Pretty paisleys! Perfectly pristine, positively pleasurable. :)

  18. I love paisley prings and your blog :-) Very nice.

  19. New to blogging and unsure how I managed to stumble upon your blog, but love your brilliant writings...

  20. That coat is lovely! As are you. Happy spring!

  21. I love this outfit! I love the dark colors & the paisley print :)

  22. I super love this outfit. You look so chic and there's something almost equestrian about the look. Funny...I used to hate paisleys, but they grew on me.

  23. I love the blazer!! And I love your blog! I spent hours upon hours reading through your posts when I discovered your blog.

    I swear, I'm not a stalker...

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  25. Hello there Kater,

    I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I've nominated you for the "I like your blog" award


  26. How lucky you are to have such a smart boy friend with such impeccable taste <3! That blazer was truly made for you, and I love how you paired it with that scarf and belt, quite inspired. I definitely understand how it can be when you get a new item that you cherish and want to wear it everyday! I probably have about fifteen scarves and yet I only wear about two of them, haha. Also, I love your outdoor pictures as well--it looks like you live in such a cute little neighborhood so don't worry about not taking the pictures in the studio (although, your studio is AMAZING!).
    Okay, well I hope you are well, and sorry if this comment was a tad on the lame side, haha.
    Ciao ciao dear <3