Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Bits of Clothes and Poetry.

The shape of her soul is a square.
She knows this to be the case
because she often feels its corners
pressing sharp against the bone
just under her shoulder blades
and across the wings of her hips.
At one time, when she was younger,
she had hoped that it might be a cube,
but the years have worked to dispel
this illusion of space, so that now
she understands: it is a simple plane,
a shape with surface, but no volume—
a window without a building, an eye
without a mind.
Of course, this square
does not appear on x-rays, and often,
weeks may pass when she forgets
that it exists. When she does think
to consider its purpose in her life,
she can say only that it aches with
a single mystery, for whose answer
she has long ago given up the search—
since its question is a word whose name
can never quite be asked. This yearning,
she has concluded, is the only function
of the square, repeated again and again
in each of its four matching angles,
until, with time, she is persuaded
anew that what it frames has no
interest in ever making her happy.

-She Considers the Dimensions of Her Soul, Young Smith

Hello dears! Thank you all for your thoughts and advice, I'm sitting with my laptop watching movies and eating lots of cold, squashy food and snuggling up with an ice pack. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as bad as I am anticipating, since today has gone much better than originally thought. The upside is I am so bored and dull that you will be suffering under a barrage of posts! I am working on several (but then again, let's see if I make good on my silly little pie-crust promise and actually post them!), although I am afraid they will be about strange thoughts and pseudo-essays rather than daily outfits or the like.


  1. i hope you feel better after being cosy in bed!
    also, those clothes are absolutely gorgeous, where on earth are they from!? i love the peter pan collar :]

  2. Oh, I covet the shape of that second outfit.
    I hope you're feeling better about everything (your mouth doesn't hurt, your classes rock, and unemployment isn't so scary). :)

  3. Love your looks and hope you feel better soon :) Beautiful poem too!

  4. i love these photographs!

    i too hope you feel better soon!

  5. oo strange thoughts and pseudo essays sounds good! lovely poem, I adore the concept and eloquent language

  6. I just love that poem!
    Hope you feel better!

  7. love the pictures, the model has such exquisite features!

  8. what an inspirational poem!
    the clothes are delightful,how i wish they were mine:)

  9. That poem is amazing. It's totally my style--I love it when math-y things like shapes are made poetic. Where are these pictures from? They're fantastic. Feel better soon.

  10. hi,ive already posted a comment but i was erm wondering if youd like to exchange links?
    i mean i love your style and your way of writing and it would be an honour,really
    much love

  11. Where are the clothes from? That black dress is just beautiful!

  12. i hope it is better now... i wish you quick recovery... take care :)

  13. Fabulous pictures. Feel better soon, please :)!

    P.S. I have been a sort of "ghost reader" of your blog for awhile. But now I have finally decided to comment :).

  14. I like Bea Szenfeld. I already make a post about her, too. I like your blog!

  15. Hi Kater! I'd love to do a little unique interview of you for my blog and feature some of your outfits. If you're interested send me an e-mail at:

  16. Love the blue dress. Lovely poem and hope you feel loads better!

  17. Gorgeous blog, I knew I had to have a read-through after your interests included dorky harry potter fangirling...
    I'm curious about the name - all this happiness - a Sondheim reference? If it is I think we just might be soulmates.
    I hope you feel better soon.