Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Dressed Fall in a Skirt and Twirled Her Around.

Every year I wait for fall with such anticipation that it's a wonder I survive the rest of the year at all. Most of the outfits I plan or devise and then never wear are thought up with the idea of fall weather. And yet, when it arrives I panic. I am afraid I am wasting the days! I feel as though every outfit must live up to the expectation of the weather, leaves, air, pumpkins, and food. I am convinced that the season is constantly slipping away from me. There is a sense of urgency in the leaves the second they start to change, the visual confirmation that it is all going to be gone very soon and it will be bitter bitter cold. It is all gone so fast, slipping through my fingers before I can enjoy it! I feel like I ought to be out in it every day and that moments not doing so are lost and pointless.

The wonderful Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Color (don't you just love her blog's name? It's just too perfect!) gave me a wonderful award! This is very exciting because I feel as though her blog is big and important, and I constantly agree with so much that she says, not to mention admire her glorious style!

I would like to give my piece of this award to:
Thumbelina, who I believe has already gotten this award, but her posts and blog fill me with envy and love! So it is important and necessary, you see.

And also, Plain Jayne, because her thoughts are so mind-bogglingly thoughtful and inspirational! I am constantly raiding her posts for ispiration!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blissful Brogues

(I am wearing jeans! Can you believe it? I'm not sure what to do with myself.)

A few weeks ago, maybe it was only two but I can barely remember now, I was contacted by a lovely Danielle of Solestruck.com. Someone liked my blog and wanted to bestow some wonderful shoes of my choosing on me! At first, I was skeptical, but promptly realized my initial reaction was terribly wrong. As it turns out Danielle was lovely and not at all someone creepy! After much hemming and hawing I picked out Jeffrey Campbell Steppin in a brown shade.

Originally my boyfriend disagreed with my choice, and condemned them as Witches (or rather, witchy, but it's much more dramatic if I cast him as a witchfinder in this funny little tale, so that the shoes might be in danger of being burned at the stake, and also so that I may make inapropraite jokes) but has quite seen the genius of these little beauties! They are so comfortable I almost want to die, with the perfect heel height and all. It was quite a hard choice to make however, since I had quite the little list of shoes to choose from. On the upside, they do offer free shipping, and so providing the financial structure that surrounds us does not collapse and force me into clothing-destitution, I may have to reward myself for something innane in the near future!

And, I know, jeans! It's the weirdest feeling, wearing pants. I forgot the difference it makes in things, how much more strangely exposed they make me feel, but in the past few weeks I've been--gallently I think--trying to challenge myself into working with them. I've always admired women who are able to effortlessly compile outfits that look put-together and right while wearing jeans. I am sure that is a statement that goes against all kinds of fashion magazine rules, since a good pair of jeans are always on the must-have list, but there you have it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daily Boots

Lately I have been allowing myself to repeat outfits. Three year or so, it might and probably was before that, I decided that I was going to wear a different outfit every day. Part of this was a stunning realization that I had piles and piles of clothes, mountains really, that I hardly ever wore and this fact was tragic. This is not to say that every outfit was earth-shatteringly wonderful or different, but it meant that a little something ought to be changed anyway. Loads of things were still repeated but I tried to make them different.

This has gotten very stressful. As of late, I've relaxed a bit. It was a habit I hadn't even realized I'd fallen into, as is the way with most habits, and it's been rather nice to let things be. The last dress in this strange promenade of morning pictorials has graced my body two days in a row, as have the boots (which I have become almost totally inseparable from. I love them, I love them! I would write a sonnet to them, if I had the gumption to really do so). I've taken to repeating things, not worrying if someone might--as narcissism makes me wonder--notice that I've worn one or two dresses several times. This assumes that the world is paying much more attention to me than they probably are. I know there is a phrase for this, but I cannot recall it at the moment, and so I shall not be bothered!

I've spent very little on clothing lately. This is a great feat, but I admit it is partially from a lack of time and partly from unhappiness generally with the offerings this fall. My usual haunts are not as productive as usual and my favorite second-hand and thrift stores close before I am out of class! Truthfully as well, I have car payments which are cutting terribly into my spending money--responsibility!--and I am just now on the brink teetering between jobs (I have a new job, it's rather nice, but there are those weeks between paychecks which are terribly stretched). As such, it has been an adventure to make do!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dark Days.

“I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple; garlands from window to window; golden chains from star to star, and I dance.”
-Arthur Rimbaud

(I know I posted a bit of Chaplin a while ago, but I confess proudly confess, I prefer Keaton!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outfits in Stairwells.

(I have been decapitated!)

Once again, I return to taking pictures in the stairwells around my campus. I'm not as pleased-as-punch as I was last semester with the whole ordeal, or rather the results. I have a different camera, and over the past few weeks I've become slightly disillusioned with it. Poor thing, it does try its best, but just the same it isn't.

I am also still petrified of being caught! I've devised a system now where I procure a bagel and tea for myself and then go find an empty stairwell. This has worked well so far, since it is in the middle of classes so hardly anyone is coming-and-going. I did almost get caught again today though, and I still don't quite know what to do about it! I tried to take a picture in our underground tunnels, but they're too dark and people on strange electric cars are always driving around almost hitting people.

My real point today though, is candy. I love candy. I have an enormous sweet tooth and terribly gullible self-control. I have mostly gotten out of the habit of eating candy for breakfast, but I still snack throughout the day on things I shouldn't be. At the moment I am filled with elation over candy corn! I love it, although it's so sweet and disgusting that I'm not sure why. But I've eaten my way through mountains of it already, although I have managed to save myself one sleeve of the pictured candy buttons (even though one always eats more paper than buttons). Clearly, it is candy that is sugar in it's purest that I am after! It is not surprising then that I am constantly comparing items of clothing, shoes, jewelry to food. Everything, or most things, tend to look like food or candy, or remind me of it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Fall, Please Come in, I Love you So.

It's humid as sin outside, but I know better. It smells like fall, the edges of the leaves and little patches of here and there are starting to be ever-so tinged with color. This week it was chilly enough to wear a jacket and tights, and the familiar feelings of autumn are making everything wonderful and excited. I don't even mind breezes so much these days!

Appropriately, I have been discovered the school libraries again. I'm not sure why, but the kinds of treasures lurking in the shelves constantly shocks and excites me. I especially like the versions of books that University Libraries seem to have since they are often not only older, but they are that nice cloth cover with pretty embossed text, minimal designs, and amusing colors. Add to that the interesting things I never thought would be out in the open in a library where other people could touch and breathe on them, the doors being a student opens to books and papers and pamphlets, and I sometimes think I might perish on the spot.

The Princess Marries the Page is one of these things, with it's glorious illustrations and funny little pictures (it's Edna St. Vincent Millay, of course, because I cannot oppose my phase-obsessions). It is kept in a strange folder-case on the shelf which Velcros shut so that it doesn't get damaged.

There was also this weird biblopgraphy thing that appears used to be in the college at Vassar library. It's got the thinnest pages ever that crinkle like mad, and it's not particularly interesting, but something about it appeals to me.

These two I just liked. The top one I can't read, but I liked it's title (I thought some friends might lolcat over the Tim Gunn reminder) and the simplicity of it. The second I liked because of the blue color, it's my favorite, and the light-gold text. It had a funny design on the cover, but I didn't get a shot of that.

And now, most importantly, a new friend! I have amassed a small collection of finger puppets, and this one is one of my favorites. I've been keeping him in my bag or pocket, and occasionally he pops out, although I haven't the nerve really to let him out during class or around fellow classmates.

He hasn't a name, but I'm quite alright with that for now. Every now and then my brain finds something sort of on the edge that it wants to name him, but for now he's just the bunny in the hat who hangs out with me while I'm all by me onesies on campus drinking tea and eating bagels!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

These Days: Packages, White Dresses, and Other Things to Love.

First, I must apologize with all my soul for once again being absent without any word! The boyfriend whisked me away on a weekend trip, silly me didn't take any pictures, and since then it's been work work work and school!

But most importantly, I must tell you about the most exciting thing that arrived in the mail! A few weeks ago, the every-so lovely Sally Jane Vintage ran a contest on her blog, and my stars must have been lucky because I won! After exchanging a few e-mails to determine taste and size a splendid package arrived for me! I opened it with my mother and it was just like a birthday, or a holiday, or something else exciting! The box was all Mary Poppins and seemed never to end, being filled with all kinds of lovely treasures: tights and dresses, scarves, sweaters, gloves and tiny purses, and even a funny little book that I've been flipping through! I am so overwhelmed by her generosity, it was just the greatest treasure! Or, is, rather.

(Isn't this just the sweetest card! It's so clever and wonderful I almost can't stand it!)

I can't wait to integrate all these goodies into my wardrobe, especially for fall! The boots in the picture above were also in the package (they are comfy as ever and perfect perfect perfect for traipsing around campus--just as I did today!), as well as a terribly intelligent black dress that I can't wait to wear to my new job (exciting! It's still something in retail, but a change is nice, and it is for the best really)!

Thank you so much, <3333!