Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smartie Pants.

On Saturday I couldn't decide if I felt like dressing like a boy or a girl. I'm aware how strange and loaded that statement seems to be, particularly for someone minoring in gender studies, but I don't honestly mean anything by it except just that. Instead I went for a strange kind of mixture that isn't exactly androgynous, in fact I'm sure it's still quite girly, mostly by virtue of pants.

(Could I look any more posessed?)

I have a whole bunch of pins that say odd things like this, a word and a little picture to make a whole word or phrase, and I love them to bits and bits and bits! Because the internet is wonderful, I may now point you to Jane Jenni! I thought I was only able to get such things in a little gift/stationary shop by my cousin's college, but I ran into some the other day more locally and just about died of happiness (!!) and bought a funny little cup. No idea what I shall do with it, drink orange juice from it one would think, but I'm afraid to use it. It's made of plastic so it's not like it's particularly precious, but still!

Today at work, a girl bought a bunny at the pet shop and was walking around with it in her arms. I almost lost my mind! In my head my brain and heart were screaming "BUNNEH!" but I had to keep my cool. This didn't really work as I rose up on my toes and got all squinched up in excitement. I love bunnies!


  1. I love the peter pan collar of your blouse!

    And ahh, bunnies! They're one of the reasons why I'm appalled by anything fur..

  2. I love how you look in this picture!

  3. I love the blouse, the necklace and the mug. lol, Bunneh!

  4. Such a great, weekend look... Love it! :)

  5. aww i thought the little animal on your mug was a lamb! i used to collect lambs when i was a baby.

  6. You look adorable, as always :D I envy your pseudo-androgyny!

    Oh bunnehs.

  7. it's quite strange to see you in such an androginous outfit, yet you still look lovely. I think it's great to mix around with traditional gender roles - specially when it comes to clothes.

  8. I adore your necklace.
    Geeky chic.

  9. I can't quite see the detail of your shoes I but I believe I had a pair just like them when I was in primary school!
    Bunnies are gorgeous, specially white ones.

  10. BUNNEH! I may have died had I been in the position of being exposed to bunneh and having to keep my joy inside, so I am glad you are okay.
    Aside from bunnies, I really like the androgyny. I now have the urge to start dressing like a British schoolboy, circa 1959.