Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miles of Memes.

(Oh no! I disappeared again, this seems to be a bit of a habit! Let's just ignore it, shall we?)

In the meantime, I was tagged by the absolutley divine and wonderful Thumbelina:

Six Random Things About Me:
1.I spell things on stairs. I've done this for about as long as I can remember, which I guess is since I could count and spell, and I also discovered that my dad does the same thing. Each stair is a letter and usually I spell my name. Most of the time I can't finish it, because there aren't enough stairs and when I hit a new set of stairs I have to start over again. I usually spell going up and count going down.
2. There certain fabrics that I absolutely cannot deal with. This is sad, because they are always pretty ones that I would like to love. They bother me because there is a certain feeling one gets when one rubs them so that the fibers touch the under-parts of your fingernails, or the noise that nails along them make. These fabrics include, but are not limited to: velvet, flannel, and certain silks.
3. I am deeply socially akward. Most of the time I ignore this, but it tends to come out in odd ways. Like, I sort of go through life hardly talking to anyone, and then when someone makes the mistake of approaching me I tend to blather on and on and wave my hands around like a strangely animated bird. I am also an odd paradox of loving being alone and hermity and feeling a great need for all sorts of companionship.
4. I don't eat the middle of things. Mostly this applies only to sandwich type foodstuffs (burgers and the like). I don't like the middle, I like the edges. Part of this is because the crust is the best part of the bread but mostly it has to do with ratios. I am very particular about food ratios. The ratio of bread to meat and things must be right, or else I can't eat it. Generally speaking, the middle of sandwich type things have more insides than bread and this is a problem for me. However, most of the time if I am eating just bread (at say, a restaurant) I don't eat the squishy middle.
5. Sometimes I get so involved in a book or a movie, or something along those lines, that I try really hard not to think about the regular, real world and it really upsets me when I have to. It happens a lot, and it tends to feel—to be dramatic—like a kind of depression where I am sad because the world I live in is not like this one or that one.
6. Similarly, I spent most of my childhood looking for the hidden doorways, portals, magic incantations, partitions in the air and even just a secret garden or place, only to be terribly disappointed. It's my great tragedy (heavy on the drama today!) and I think it's a horrid unfairness of childhood that people always say that if you believe hard enough you'll find it.

Six Random Things I like:

1. Tootsie-rolls.
2. The neatness of unopened boxes.
3. Notebooks!
4. Tiny, tiny figurines of animals.
5. Putting on nail polish.
6. Hallmark made-for-tv movies.

Six Random Things I don't like:

1. Horror movies.
2. Incorrect pronunciations of 'caramel'.
3. Self-conscious pretension, although I think that phrase is an illustration of it.
4. Driving.
5. Being/getting/knowing drunk(people).
6. Zucchini.

Six blogs that I will tag:

1. The Life Aesthetic
2. The Capricious Club
3. The Girl Who Married a Bear
4. A Cat of Impossible Color
5. Fröken Lila
6. Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination

(I am dropping parenthesis like mad, but no fear! We will be back to regular posting this week lovelies!)


  1. I like that you count stairs and like to be deeply involved in books! I also highly dislike driving.

  2. oo love this post! you're one quirky girl, but I love you all the more for it :) and i actually do mispronounce caramel haha

  3. Thanks for tagging me. I totally agree with #3 in the first section. I often long to be with people, but I usually end up wishing I was alone, anyway. It's so strange. Also, #5 is totally me, as well. It's easy to think that this world is so disappointing, but then I realize that all those imaginary worlds that I'm in love with are products of this world--because what else can literature (and film) be than a product of our experience. Haha, self-conscious pretension.

  4. "I am also an odd paradox of loving being alone and hermity and feeling a great need for all sorts of companionship."

    I love this sentence! Maybe because i'm the same way.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  5. oh, thank you for tagging me - now i do feel honoured, so i will try and not forget about it and do it as soon as possible..
    have a great week!

  6. oh, i am so very much with you on #3 and #5 on the first list.

  7. We are so alike it is astounding! The fabric thing and the stairs thing especially made me giggle. I DO THE SAME THINGS.

  8. Thanks for the links to some great blogs I haven't checked out before! Lovely stuff.

  9. Wow, I can identify with so many things (especially No. 3)

  10. Yay, thanks for the tag! This is always fun. :)

  11. ah, I love notebooks as well.
    I always carry a pen and a notebook with me, if not, I get hysterical about losing possible thoughts. aj, quirky.

    anyways, I have to tell you that I am so impressed by how amazing you look lately!
    your style eveloped so much and I love you with some more makeup on- you look like one quirky, beautiful character out of a tim burton movie. which is meant as a compliment!

  12. #3 on you first list is how i feel so often!

  13. Ha-ha, now I want to know what you consider an "incorrect" pronunciation of caramel is...

  14. i finally managed to post all those random things about me. thank you again for tagging me, it was a lot of fun doing the post!

  15. I spell when I go up the stairs too. I think of a sentence before going up and if the number of steps equals the number of letters I feel really good. Most of the time I cheat and change the sentence along the way so it'll be right.

  16. I don't eat the middle of things.

    That's weird, because I almost always don't eat one corner of any sandwich or burger - I call it the "butt" of the sandwich.