Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outfits in Stairwells.

(I have been decapitated!)

Once again, I return to taking pictures in the stairwells around my campus. I'm not as pleased-as-punch as I was last semester with the whole ordeal, or rather the results. I have a different camera, and over the past few weeks I've become slightly disillusioned with it. Poor thing, it does try its best, but just the same it isn't.

I am also still petrified of being caught! I've devised a system now where I procure a bagel and tea for myself and then go find an empty stairwell. This has worked well so far, since it is in the middle of classes so hardly anyone is coming-and-going. I did almost get caught again today though, and I still don't quite know what to do about it! I tried to take a picture in our underground tunnels, but they're too dark and people on strange electric cars are always driving around almost hitting people.

My real point today though, is candy. I love candy. I have an enormous sweet tooth and terribly gullible self-control. I have mostly gotten out of the habit of eating candy for breakfast, but I still snack throughout the day on things I shouldn't be. At the moment I am filled with elation over candy corn! I love it, although it's so sweet and disgusting that I'm not sure why. But I've eaten my way through mountains of it already, although I have managed to save myself one sleeve of the pictured candy buttons (even though one always eats more paper than buttons). Clearly, it is candy that is sugar in it's purest that I am after! It is not surprising then that I am constantly comparing items of clothing, shoes, jewelry to food. Everything, or most things, tend to look like food or candy, or remind me of it!


  1. I love how clean these pictures look with the plain white background. Both outfits are great--I love the cardigan and tights in the first, and the white skirt against black tights in the second. I also like the picture up the stairwell. Candy corn is amazing. I don't think I've ever had the buttons, though.

  2. your outfit is genius! i dunno what it is specifically- but it just all works perfectly together. i think the white skirt in front of the black opaques is a great pop and the light weight skirt with the tough jacket is also awesome, basically amazing look!

  3. I'm so self conscious when taking pictures in a public place, it's ridiculous. I remember taking pictures in the park the other day and feeling all weirded out.

    The truth is, as artsy type people we should feel shameless and not care what people think! Ugh, if only we had permanent camera men to take pictures for us!!!


  4. I love both outfits and the collage of pictures is so charming! Getting caught taking pictures is always so embarrassing!
    And your candy corn picture is making me hungry. My mother's a diabetic so we have no sugar in the house and she's trying to cure me of my gigantic sweet tooth...

  5. Love it, can totally see shyness in the photos and it's beautiful. I don't even have the guts to take my outfit pics in hallways!!

  6. I love your leather jacket... may I ask where it's from? And I love love candy corn... there was a bowl of it at the antique mall last week and I couldn't keep my paws out of it. (the candy corn was not itself antique...) never could get into the button though they sure do make a lovely photo. ^^

  7. candy. i'm obsessed. i draw it,
    take pictures of it, eat it, horde it, bring it to school in little bags...haha
    i'll certainly be blogging about it soon.

    great blog!

  8. Oooh dot candy! I haven't seen those in forever! Candy from your childhood is always great!

  9. I have a clothes/food obsession too but, weird enough, I don't eat candies and "bold colored" things!

  10. Oh, I love those pictures. So, so pretty. And the candy buttons - my sister brought me back some for her trip to America when I was 12, and I ate them all in one sitting and was incredibly ill. Ah, memories...