Monday, July 28, 2008

Things of Happiness: Bubble Gum

I have recently re-discovered the wonders of bubble gum. I sort of forgot about it in favor for sugar-free after-meal gums, not to mention the general tragedy of entering adulthood that often leaves things like the joy of candy by the wayside (I have never stopped eating plenty of candy, we have a lot of it and I have little-to-no self-control, but not with the wonder and gusto of a kid).

Bubble gum however, is awesome. I love it. It tastes sublime, and there is hardly anything so deliriously fun as blowing bubbles. I really like when you can magically blow one that is bigger than your face, and it pops and does that delicate deflate.

1. Bubble-gum Box Head Boy, 2. Bubble Gum Bear Sculpture, 3. bubble-gum, 4. Fleer's Dubble Bubble Gum ad, 1960s, 5. Bubble pop electrik, 6. Huge chewing-gum Bubble (:

It also makes me want to wear almost nothing but pink. I don't actually own a lot of pink, although I ought too since it is one of those colors that is very flattering on my skin tone, mostly because as a child I was a staunch hater of pink. I suppose this is part of my reasoning for adoring it so madly now. I was a girly child too, I just didn't want to like pink. It is something I will have to investigate. I am especially fond of very light, dusty pinks. If only I had pink walls!

Pink is For...

She is neither pink nor pale,
And she never will be all mine;
She learned her hands in a fairy-tale,
And her mouth on a valentine.

"Witch Wife" Edna St. Vincent Millay


  1. i still cannot blow bubbles haha, the downfall of my life ;) jk and i had a huge aversion to pink as well as a kid, no idea why, but it's an okay color now

  2. i don't like bubble gum, which is weird because i chewed on EVERYTHING when i was little.

  3. I can't blow bubbles either, but it's one of my lifetime goals to learn! There are so few things that one enjoys now as much as they did as a kid. Sometimes, especially in the summer, feels like what you're really doing is just trying to recreate the way it felt to do something: swim in the lake at night, eat strawberries for lunch and dinner and so on. Sigh

  4. Oh I love bubble gum! I always get it for when I'm flying :-)