Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer's Skirts

You wanted everything, to hold it all: the precise
measure of tears filling each eye, to ingest
parts of a concerto into the body; you want
a locked box for the scraps of paper, that recipe

of ideas; a treasure chest to quarantine your heart -
but already it's the time of dahlias, the ending
of the time of sunflowers; almost the reign
of goannas, when the birds call unmistakable

warnings to one another. You need to zoom in
so closely a sprig of lavender becomes myriad
tiny blooms bursting in spirals; you had to lick
the knife blade. Waking cut like a sword,

clambering from the dream of a soldier leaving -
she was pressing her cheek against the cotton chest
of a tall man, faceless, inhaling serenity and amaranth;
the lull, the surrender into a dark smudge of sleep:
and now a honey flesh shines through cracked bark.

The ardent harbour exploding with infinite stars:
you tried to hold it all, like the knife between
your teeth, it's a trapdoor into the night now:
under the clipped fingernail of a moon, you find
yourself staring straight into the eyes of an owl.
-Ardent, Jane Gibian

It's one month minus a day till my birthday, just before we head into those thick days of summer where the flowers are all rotting with the heat, skin is peeling and we've all but had enough of the pools and tank-tops, grass sticking to sweaty bodies, and all those things that go with summer-- even the dark night (speaking of which: I've had dreams about going to see The Dark Knight two nights in a row. My excitement overcomes my dreams) trips to ice cream stands are getting old. We're not there yet but it's almost here and I'm already feeling itches to throw off those dresses which are so full of summer, to slide into sweaters and tights under dresses who are clever enough to breech the seasons.

That said, I ache so much for breezes on the oceans, looking at the dunes and thinking of running through then before remembering how angry my dad would be for doing such a thing and potentially ruining their majesties. I haven't been to the beach in so long, years, and if you had told me so when I was younger I would never have believed. My family is from Long Island, and we feel such ownership and territory over things like Montauk and Fire Island and Cupsogue, that they have been invaded! We are terribly snobs, really. But, you know, like the movie or the band that becomes famous who you want to say, I liked them first!, that is how we feel about it. It is terribly snobbish and embarrassing, but what is one to do? Abandon summer and roll in fall.


  1. Hey, just found your blog & I love it. You have a great ear (?) for good poetry- the last stanza of the one you posted is gorgeous, a lovely sense of style (I love how vintage it all is, very classic and feminine), and musing similar to my own. I'm already growing tired of day after day of sun, dressing is more fun with layers. I'd love to keep reading your awesome blog, and would like to trade links?

  2. Btw, as I was glancing back at your previous posts, I noticed some of the books on your shelves in your "5 things" post. I just recently finished "Brideshead revisisted" have you read it yet, if so what did you think? I'm really interested in the film. Oh and I have the marie antoinette biography as well, but I haven't gotten myself to read it yet haha. What's your favorite book (I realize this is an irritating question for anyone who really reads, how can you pick just one!? haha)?

  3. Oh I'm fine with replying via each others comment walls, frankly if you were to respond to a comment I had made on your comments page I wouldn't probably read it haha...anyway

    That's so cool brideshead is your favorite, funny how that was the one book I picked up from your photos and it also happens to be your favorite! How did you pick it up (since you and your mom watch that massive mini series together, is it a family thing?) and what do you love about it? I found it due to the fact I was interested in the movie and wanted to read it before seeing it, plus I'm a huge anglophile so basically anything about a hypocritical British family I love haha. speaking of those, my fav. is probably Ian McEwan's "Atonement", I read it before the movie was out and just loved the love story, writing, and twist. I also am a major HP addict (I still think the 3rd is my favorite). And the last book I read and loved was Michael Chabon's "The Amazing adventures of kavalier & clay" (it was addicting, fascinating, and I really loved every character). Sorry if these comments are so gargantuan, its just rare to find someone who also loves to read :)

  4. I ache for dunes and ocean waves as well! But after three years of life in Hawaii I am terribly spoiled and these east coast beaches seem so dull and dirty!
    I have not tired of the summer heat yet though, maybe because I spend all day at work in air conditioning...

  5. Oh, dear,
    I must know where that Alice in Wonderland dress is from. Really. It's important to my sanity.

    Your blog is lovely by the way. It's in both my Peaceful,
    Calm bookmark folder and in my Fashion bookmark folder.

  6. Gosh, there are so many pretty things in this post, what a visual delight.

    Your blog is ever lovely.

  7. That bedroom is just gorgeous, it looks like something out of a picture book.
    Beautiful, romantic pictures, thank you.

  8. Thank you Thank you for the info on the Alice in Wonderland. I have matching dishes, so I might have to buy the dress and have a tea party with myself.

  9. Beautiful post! I'm already organizing my fall clothes:)
    But before summer is over, I hope you get to visit the ocean.
    Ps. Have you read Sylvia Plath's Ocean 1212W?

  10. Can't wait for Dark going to see it with my BF and best friemd Sat..counting down the days..we already paid for tix online!

  11. If I am correct your birthday must have been yesterday? Happy belated birthday then! I hope you had a jolly good time and enjoyed the day!!

  12. hey kater, i just gave you the brilliante blogger award, check my blog for deatails :)

  13. Not so many bloggers can point things well and cleverly like you do, that's why I love to read you :-)

  14. I got hoarding from my father as well! My mother LOVES to throw things aways--especially other peoples' things!

  15. i love all these images and have also given you a brillante award!

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  17. Who is the artist of the second picture?